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Dating scammer Pamela Appiah


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Name: Pamela Appiah


Accra, Ghana

Other Comments:
Claims to need financial assistance for her sick mother, and that her deceased father left gold bars in storage and she needs money to pay for the back storage so she can get these out so she can marry you and give the gold bars to you.


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2012-02-24, 22:15:26
anonymous from United States  
2012-02-28, 19:50:24
hello to all
well this woman called pamela appiah she didnt come on webcam for me she didnt.she had her link or internet turned off of bills.i am happy of it.i am done i am and delete her off my list and emails i delete her off.i am done and moved on and found new life at the start and end.
2012-03-12, 16:07:27
This Particular parasite has another Alias that she likes to use, she told me that was from Ghana and her Family had stake in gold there, She said she was working there as a nurse for a man named Musah Kofica, at her family's Gold mine..ha!!! I met encountered her first on a site called fast flirting, and I wish I knew then what I know right now she hit me for 1500 dollars, and then claim that she had been arrested and that customs was handling her baggages, that was my first clue that she was not who she was, and then she called and I noticed she had an accent and I asked her about it, and her reply was ' I have been living and working here so long that I have one', so as I began to pick her story apart, I began to notice little grammatical mistakes, and one again she had a story about that saying' I always make mistakes in grammar when I am tired.' this woman has spread across the internet like a case of herpes, also as I was investigating her I found posts about her on WWW.ModernGhana.Com, and a busy little bee she has been still playing the same game. Today was truly a day of revelation when I was surfing the web and found that the images she sent me were that of a web cam model who's name and reputation are probably being ruined because of a low life in a frakked up thrid world country who is to lazy to get off their ass and get a job or try and better their self. These Ghanian, and Nigerian Parasites must be stop and shut down. the best advice I can give is this if you feel you have been scammed, and you have already wired money contact western union, or money gram and give them all the details, and that way hopefully whatever Alias the are using is flagged and they are brought to justice. I see that this image has been on several social sites including,, folks let's join forces and show these scumbags we mean business and we are not going to tolerate them preying on innocent people any longer.
2012-03-13, 02:00:40
2012-05-30, 19:50:48
anonymous from United States  
more pics of what seems a scammer
This image was also posted here:
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2012-05-30, 21:24:26
well she is back now on with new pics of her out she is bsck and out there now til things get back to order.her email address is watch out on emails and chats from her.
2013-01-23, 22:25:16
anonymous from United States  
She got to me two weeks is Diana Damalie. Under diannana229 at yahoo! I was very lucky and very suspicious right away but still very convincing!! Just look at the fake photos thi king its her and its very hard to say no!! She also used a fake web cam stunt to make me belive that it was really her! I called him or her on it and totally deny deny deny!! I just confronted her saying no more!! And even until the end she was sweet talking!! Used baby and my love and sweetheart....very good but the truth is its a web model and has no Involvement in this scam at all!! As I told the scammers off I wished them all a life term in prison! All these reports, just imagine who hasn't come forward about these thieves?? This has to be a syndicate! No way can one person do all this havoc! And why should the country stop them?? It's bringing money into the country!! I don't see this ending and see it spreading!!
2013-01-24, 06:45:19
hello to all
well she back again on here.well the post might help but new and old pics of her.
if you get a email from her delete it and if she comes on messenger delete her off.
read her new post it will scay you it will.
2013-04-09, 22:41:44   (updated: 2013-04-09, 22:52:32)
anonymous from United States  
Diana Damalie from Ghana had me going big time I thought I was falling in love with her it all seemed to good to be true and it was. Thanks to this site I realized my concerns that this wasn't real. Same thing happened to me with the web cam and everything. Seemed to be legit. A couple of days after meeting her I became aware of the Ghana scams but I really thought this was different. I wanted to believe so badly that Diana was in love with me because her picture and the web cam model looked like they were possibly the same person. Very beautiful woman. She sent me a picture of a very pretty girl on a boat with a beautiful sunset behind her and her shirt says these brown eyes will break your heart! Isn't that the truth! What man wouldn't want her to be real! Luckily it never got to the point of her asking for money. I was weary of that anyways but this still broke my heart cause I wanted it to be real. She said she was a Red Cross nurse and she only had a couple months left before she was free to go wherever she wanted and that she wanted to be with me. I was just waiting for her to ask for money for airfare but it never got to that point. As of this posting she doesn't know that I'm on to her. I am currently thinking of ways to mess with her to get her back but I have allready wasted too much time talking to someonr that doesn't exist. Beware of and I'm sure any of the other sites because after finding this out I went to and I ran into four others (in a row)claiming to be from the US but are currently in Ghana working. They IM you without being matched and I asked them right away 'where are you chatting from' and two in a row said they were in Ghana! People, there is nobody in Ghana that is your SOUL MATE!!!!
2013-04-09, 22:54:08
anonymous from United States  

2013-09-15, 15:54:53
anonymous from United Kingdom  
There are NO good looking white girls in Ghana i worked there for 6 months & hated it. Anyone sends you a pic of a nice white girl from Ghana/Nigeria. ITS A SCAM. just block them & move on.
2013-10-19, 16:40:44
anonymous from United Kingdom  
hi i have also been involve with this woman she goes on skype by the name of vanessa wallace what a scammer she had money of me how silly i was
2014-01-27, 14:15:21   (updated: 2014-01-27, 14:18:36)
anonymous from Canada  
I got scammed by someone using Karen Dreams photos I caught on to there scheme this person goes by the name Jennifer Amamoo this is her yahoo ID her address is Accra Ghana zip code-0023 p.o. box114 Kaneshie Accra telephone -233-577-021-406 this person can be found on facebook Jennifer Amamoo all pics are stolen from Karen Dreams galley this person uses different names pics are of Karen Dreams beware this person as a lot of victims and still scamming Accra Ghana is nothing more than Scam Nation drop a bom on that place and found others there that tried to scam me did not work I let my guard down on this one scam me once not going to scam me twice need to be taken to back of forty of no return so beware and thanks to this site and other sites for keeping us informed and exposing these people
2014-06-01, 22:21:14
I have been scammed by this person here is the proof

2014-06-02, 05:05:51
Romance Scam • Scammers with pictures of Karen Dreams / karendreams › ... › White Females
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