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Dating scammer Juliet A. Martins


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Name: Juliet A. Martins


126 Leyburn Street BQ 18 N2 in Edmonton London,UK

Other Comments:
Has 2 open Facebook Accounts listed under Juliet Martins from London, UK and is using Raven Riley pics as her own on both accounts. Has already scammed me out of $2300. claiming she needed the money to pay bills ect.

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2012-03-22, 09:01:21
anonymous from United States  
Also extracted this information from additional email:

Authentication-Results:; sender-id=temperror (sender IP is; dkim=pass (testing mode); x-hmca=none
X-Message-Status: n:0:n
X-SID-PRA: Juliet Martins <>
X-DKIM-Result: Pass(t)
X-Message-Info:fgamVN+ 8Ez8Ve0SDa7XlU86U7OrM+NzS8vjgiU+L3GwqZYfoFsOd4x+/rDLA6KKNR9pGfwXFFzVVasrhzxrVbIDEPuqA 7rOjNpdOwtsS5e02Ic1TlduHiLcRlbRlbQJPzvx9VVc6uLsVmQs=
Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.4900);
    Fri, 2 Mar 2012 04:23:49 -0800
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 02 Mar 2012 12:23:49 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 02 Mar 2012 12:23:49 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 02 Mar 2012 12:23:49 -0000
2012-03-23, 10:02:37
anonymous from United States  
Update: Juliet Martins is also listed on Yahoo Personals as 28 years old, living in Irvine, California. This would back up her IP addresses listed in Sunnyvale, Ca. She is also using Raven Rileys picture as HER profile picture.
2012-03-23, 22:42:01
hey dummy you are using the wrong isp sunnyvale is yahoo mail
2012-03-24, 05:44:52
anonymous from United States  
x-store-info:SmXCjkY1Un5L3qlTmewTw2528Vzv4BD3Vwaibh6VsG1UC/ NSWoS+LZhdk8YVdUxNfczmfn0HIfcRhzZstRoOkcunYDi6sDw1CgWZlvIN4jN4jU74l+OWXkMIk0DfI32L
Authentication-Results:; sender-id=temperror (sender IP is; dkim=pass (testing mode); x-hmca=none
X-Message-Status: n:0:n
X-SID-PRA: Juliet Martins <>
X-DKIM-Result: Pass(t)
X-Message-Info:fDFa+ w7oqK+9KtdTT4RrJBdezYjkt17HyaiW359hFgOP0Y95AACcDA7tyS8mxWdYnEGjUjr3glFhbF6g9Q3sLGFlsdXQaDMuqBG/ qqS9TIVaExLSvXuq1ArOn0On05tUffQqW9WDKVqWfKs=
Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.4900);
    Sun, 18 Mar 2012 02:29:08 -0700
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 18 Mar 2012 09:29:08 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 18 Mar 2012 09:29:07 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 18 Mar 2012 09:29:07 -0000
X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: ymail-3
Received: (qmail 10774 invoked by uid 60001); 18 Mar 2012 09:29:07 -0000
DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=s1024; t=1332062947; bh=ImU09ALcGWFnID4Rbse1nbYrWa7pyH8ikPTwa2dn3qoh= X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Message-ID:Date:From:Subject:ct:To:In-Reply-To:MIME-Version:Content-Typb= pEJsXewyOfYDD68+zeKHJIs5W+iRE/TWKwQkIHAq+7tAJ5BjkOVQmYluVoVqBUpli+ JALb4HejgBi1uVd+FsrKiioke4WffIgs3e48dpSvLxQ+FmLJyGEu2CRqonw/ +Qg66Hgdd9zwb4ubcGIaqZ9gON0I10RgdXe2pymg0RwaE=
DomaimainKey-Signature:a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
s=s1024;; h= X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Mailer:Message-ID:Date:From:Subject:ct:To:In-Reply-To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b= X5T3rJgaMnS/BYwGlZqOZcLT0GwrqQzBphENu+KkLGlWpWdJscvm4pM9KPDTdJD2Im5dTpbZOq+ jFgZh68eegTMDlASCgE1edJzuRzkyZEf+EFmUiY0126737DKqcXh+ OOuavFtHDX3aCSXznrqE4fQz+PDdG+yQhWi/N8hujPw=;
X-YM-YMail-OSG: GUlUwIcVM1kdBPKtbcQO0wkR.c08M9jmOu9QTcaZYie1qbD
5JTJyBNv1_bj1MvASVB.3RYAaIiv7ngln7WuOKmJIrWSaehvg4RArl90kNPIDXku0lPyz_6qYN2ZrZtH_VBKoTI1q8M2tHL_6429edy2DZBzVhDym3gxXwTb Tb
iiKk93ibc6QOOXqN8VJZ0SFUD.1dDmCnhKwgfenwtRhfEuiGbLrLVpUmvQ9LoDvx2dZoHftr1WWTbdDf0_KH9rARQpQbQ3nWkq01TllF4NfVF5I8x_JYPjV7 V7RRBboiUBPD9MWCdpoyd1VK4bl1XSWqpGrMeMcyEtaPivFmQJMKjQx
Receiveived: from [] by via HTTP; Sun, 18 Mar 2012 02:29:07 PDT
X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/15.0.5 YahooMailWebService/
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2012 02:29:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: martins.juliet23@yahoo.x- store-info:SmXCjkY1Un5L3qlTmewTw2528Vzv4BD3Vwaibh6VsG1UCeTu
2012-03-24, 06:28:00
anonymous from United States  
Sorry for the California IP, my mistake....I have tracked each origination IP from every email I have from her, there are several from London, UK, however the majority are from Lagos, Nigeria....
2012-03-24, 10:12:00
just for fun i had to contact her heres what i came up with
she is on this site allready her name is omo j olakitan
her sister is also doing this with her
her name is adeola adenuga
and the husband is ebenz
here is her fone number if you want it
have fun my friend
kendra doris lori faith candy jessica janet eniola
beth heidie beckky too many
2012-03-24, 12:20:57
google the name eniolaw2000
thats her daughter she also uses that adress on yahoo
you will be surprised what you see on there
have fun my friend and good luck
2012-03-24, 13:39:35
OJAS from United States  
Scammers are known to use UK, and other country proxies. They are not the best when it comes to configuration! LOL! Whenever they misconfigure, you will see Yoshkar-Ola, Nigeria, etc. Oops! ;)
2012-03-25, 04:40:14
anonymous from United States  
Thanks guys! After scouring through almost 2 dozen emails from her, I tracked her originating IP number to an internet cafe called Starrcomm Int. on Massey Street in Lagos, Nigeria....will keep you all posted...

2012-03-25, 04:41:17   (updated: 2012-03-25, 04:42:37)
anonymous from United States  
Heres another picture.....
2012-03-25, 06:12:38
OJAS from United States  
Identity theft http://www.delphifa..95#198236

2012-03-25, 04:40:14 anonymous from United States, Update Raven Riley thread
2012-03-25, 14:05:26   (updated: 2012-03-25, 14:07:41)
starrcomm int is the telephone service that she uses
not the cafe she uses she uses a smart phone with data service
you should use your time more wisely and try to find her adress
i gave you her real name it is omo j. olakitan
husband is ebenz olakitan
i know her and have talked to her on the phone
but i have cut all communication with her
she is good it took me a year just to get her real name
i never tryed to get her address it wasnt that important to me i hope you get it and post it on here
for all of us to enjoy shit i mite even start to have fun with her again
and yes dude that is her name
she is going by faith_martin now and lori_johnny on yhoo
2012-04-04, 07:26:01
anonymous from United States  
It seems that this same 'Juliet Martins' from London, impersonating herself as an investment broker from TD Bank in London has swindled 5 men out of $10,000 under the pretense they were investing in a promising pharmaceutical company based there in London. One of us has now hired an investigator to look into this matter, and try to find her....
2012-04-05, 05:14:40
omo j. olakitan
ikeja st lagos nigeria

heres where you will find her and her sister and husband eben
2012-07-16, 04:04:15
anonymous from Uganda  
Dearest in heart.

I am very sorry if i may violate your policy or in any way hurt your feelings by intruding into your privacy,actually i saw your profile and i was touched to write you,i am sincerely in need of your assistance.Please don't be offended.I felt i could make a good friend with you.
First and foremost and brief self introduction,I am Miss Miliya Benjamin boye, 25years old and the only daughter of my late parents Mr.and Mrs. Dr.Benjamin boye My father was a highly reputable business magnate-(a cocoa merchant) who operated in the capital of Liberia during his days be he was
poisoned by his business associates in one of their outings on a business trip. Our mother died when we were babies and since then was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by his relatives who was so jealous of his wealth and progress.But God knows the truth!

Before the death of my father in August 2005 he called the secretary who accompanied him to the hospital and told her that he had a sum of $4.5 million US DOLLARS (Four million five hundred thousand USA dollars) in Bank He said he used my name to Deposit the money with the bank as his only daughter, as well as the next of kin to the money.

He also explained that it was because of this wealth that he was poisoned by his relatives, that I should seek for a foreign partner in a country of my choice where I will transfer this money to and use it for investment purposes.
I want you to assist me transfer the money to your account as i explain to you that this money was deposited in the bank and make me the next of kin to the money .I am just 25 years old and a high school leaving certificate holder and really don't know what to do.Now I want a guardian out side Senegal where I can transfer this fund and equally come over to further my education because
it is one of the instructions that my father left for me. This is because I have suffered a lot in my life after the death of my father actually brought sorrow to my life. My dear,I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance in this regards.Your suggestions and ideas will be highly regarded.

Now permit me to ask these few questions:-

1. Can you honestly help me as your daughter or friend?

2. Can I completely trust you?

3. What percentage of the total amount will be good for you after the money is in your position?

You can call me with the office telephone of our Pastor who is in charge of the welfare of the inmates here in the Refugee camp when you call tell him that you want to speak with Miliyan Benjamin boye from Liberia in the females hostel 13. The best time to call according to the regulations here is 12 noon is the telephone number +221-763 873 992.
Please,Consider this and get back to me as soon as possible, as well I will like you to forward your private telephone no so that i will give you the contact of the bank where this money was deposited.I am looking forward to hear from you,please do not turn me down because you are the Gods sent that can help me out.
Thank you so much.attach here is my photos
yours in love Miliyan,

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