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Dating scammer Achina Celestine


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Name: Achina Celestine


Abeka road 23
00233 Accra Ghana
+233-54921 14064
IP nr.

Other Comments:
8:28:54 PM hossainhusky: today you makes very bad because no answer
8:29:27 PM hossainhusky: I hope you understand that
8:30:53 PM tinaslove89: Yes i told you i was at the embassy
8:30:53 PM tinaslove89: so i could not take the call and my phone to got low
8:31:21 PM hossainhusky: that i also believe
8:31:41 PM tinaslove89: yes my love so i just got home and want you to know
8:32:09 PM hossainhusky: slowly i'm happy again
8:32:25 PM hossainhusky: so what happen at embassy
8:33:25 PM tinaslove89: Yes babe it went okay but still i have to pay for the mandatory before i can take it
8:33:51 PM hossainhusky: so how mutch it was than
8:33:54 PM tinaslove89: and it cost almost 357 and almost 400
8:34:19 PM hossainhusky: ghana money?
8:35:17 PM tinaslove89: yes babe i was there and i got your message so i run to pick it up and got back to the

ambassy that is why i was late honey
8:35:48 PM hossainhusky: so what is the totall cost than?
8:37:35 PM hossainhusky:
8:38:32 PM tinaslove89: it was almoost 200 the total i got is 134 euros my love
8:38:38 PM tinaslove89: sorry i was to take water
8:39:59 PM hossainhusky: Oke if you say so. First you telling 400 than 200 euro.
8:40:32 PM hossainhusky: YOU LIE doing because it is only 140 USD
IM Mar 19, 2012 9:04:46 PM
8:41:07 PM tinaslove89: babe you did send it in euros for me
8:41:08 PM hossainhusky: ADM fee for new passport is 25 USD. Renew is totall 140USD.
8:41:42 PM hossainhusky: I not send in euros. Because you can't takes euros and usd also not.
8:41:57 PM tinaslove89: No babe i had the passport and need to renew it honey
8:42:12 PM hossainhusky: You are real SCAMMER so We Stop. Sorry for this.
8:42:42 PM hossainhusky: Thats wy I give you as donation 15o euro's Because this moment we no
8:42:45 PM tinaslove89: what do you mean my dear ???
8:42:56 PM hossainhusky: YOU read it babe.
8:43:00 PM tinaslove89: what are you talking about
8:43:16 PM tinaslove89: i have saved your money dear
8:43:39 PM tinaslove89: i did not know what you mean if it is for my passport or what
8:43:52 PM tinaslove89: i dont know what you are talking about
10:24:09 AM tinaslove89: i was thinking about you alnight and i told my phone cannot on again i had to change the

battery or buy a new phone that is it so if you try calling me and you did not get to me that does not mean am

avoiding you
10:25:48 AM hossainhusky: thats no problem about the phone. I understand that you not avoiding me
10:26:37 AM tinaslove89: then why are you talking to me like this
10:27:40 AM hossainhusky: wait 5 min. I open the shop
10:27:57 AM tinaslove89: okay
10:33:33 AM hossainhusky: look you have manny diffent emailadress and mail with different mans. so what meaning

10:33:50 AM hossainhusky: you living where? usa ore ghana
10:34:02 AM tinaslove89: am in Ghana dear
IM Mar 20, 2012 10:54:24 AM
10:34:37 AM hossainhusky: are u a realy us citicen ore not?
10:35:42 AM tinaslove89: Yes dear am a citizen of us
10:36:28 AM hossainhusky: where you living in the usa
10:37:37 AM tinaslove89: Yes i was at the houton texas dear
10:39:40 AM hossainhusky: witch school there
10:40:03 AM tinaslove89: houstone university my dear
10:40:44 AM hossainhusky: than you know also the adress?
10:42:50 AM tinaslove89: babe to be hones to i came here so when i was 15 and a half years old but i estimate it

as i to leave here for about 13 years
10:43:38 AM tinaslove89: and you mean my house address over there ??
10:44:10 AM hossainhusky: oke what is youre birthday than?
10:44:37 AM hossainhusky: you have youre houseadres?
10:45:16 AM tinaslove89: actually i dont think because we never own a house there i know
10:45:25 AM hossainhusky: so what els?
10:45:44 AM tinaslove89: am here with you
10:45:59 AM hossainhusky: most people in us have own house
10:46:16 AM hossainhusky: I been about 3 times in usa
10:46:36 AM tinaslove89: Yes and may be my mom never want me to go back to the state then she told me we never

own a house
10:47:20 AM tinaslove89: like babe if i know then she give me the address back i can be there i will not be

living here but she want me to live with her
10:49:00 AM tinaslove89: and now am grown enough to marry and i never want to marry here to my dear
10:49:08 AM hossainhusky: oke do whant make an appointment with an friend off my in Ghana
10:49:42 AM tinaslove89: no i told you am no interested to leave here anymore
10:50:00 AM tinaslove89: i need a man in my life that i want to be with
10:51:06 AM hossainhusky: i ask you simple qestion
10:51:38 AM hossainhusky: I'm not there for veryfication everything
10:52:13 AM tinaslove89: and to me wh should i need an apartment i gont need any apartment here
10:53:08 AM hossainhusky: I'm not talking about appartment. meaning appointment with my friend in Ghana.
10:53:24 AM hossainhusky: He helps you with paperwork etc.
10:53:42 AM tinaslove89: oh okay and what paper work is that
10:54:09 AM hossainhusky: like visa, traveldocument etc.
10:54:24 AM tinaslove89: hmmm okay
IM Mar 20, 2012 11:03:41 AM
10:54:38 AM tinaslove89: if is true that is what he does
10:55:05 AM tinaslove89: i dont want to be in trouble and never want any connection dear
10:55:21 AM hossainhusky: do you know how mutch is the flightticket?
10:55:52 AM hossainhusky: in connection what means?
10:55:59 AM tinaslove89: i dont know dear but if i can estimate it is about 1800
10:56:13 AM hossainhusky: 1800 what euro's
10:56:50 AM tinaslove89: i mean i had my passport at the embassy and have been there yesterday because of you and

i just need to pay the money and take my passport that is all
10:57:02 AM tinaslove89: yes
10:57:25 AM hossainhusky: oke thank you bye
10:57:59 AM tinaslove89: okay if that is what you mean am telling what i have been through
10:58:31 AM hossainhusky: talk you in the future, hope you life is oke.
10:58:52 AM tinaslove89: hey what does that mean
10:58:57 AM hossainhusky: You and me never gone work. You know why?
10:59:11 AM tinaslove89: no i dont know why
10:59:14 AM hossainhusky: I don't like that peope whant to fuck
10:59:47 AM hossainhusky: If fraud whant making you making fraude for big amount not for only 200o euro's
11:00:14 AM hossainhusky: We close this please delette my.
11:00:27 AM tinaslove89: hey watch your self and dont insult me okay
11:00:49 AM tinaslove89: everything is just simple with you and you dont understand me
11:01:09 AM hossainhusky: maybe not
11:01:15 AM hossainhusky: thats the life
11:01:38 AM tinaslove89: i just have to pay for the passport and buy my ticket that is all you dont understand ?
11:01:50 AM tinaslove89: okay i wish you a happy life
11:02:12 AM tinaslove89: for how i bacame tenderly soon in love with you
11:02:32 AM tinaslove89: okay i go to bath and go to see my mom
11:02:42 AM tinaslove89: talk to you soon my dear
11:02:57 AM tinaslove89: if you like to talk to me
11:03:10 AM tinaslove89: so that is all you men also do
11:03:28 AM tinaslove89: so yesterday you just wanted to see me naked that is all
11:03:41 AM hossainhusk


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2012-03-29, 20:15:51   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  

2012-03-29, 20:15:51   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  

2012-03-29, 20:15:51   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  

2012-03-29, 20:15:51   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  

2012-03-30, 04:55:55
anonymous from United States  
2012-03-29, 20:15:51 [hidden] from Netherlands >>>

Pics of this little hottie are listed on many different scammer sites with many different names ... check it out !

... SCAM REPORT. Picture. This scammer uses the name 'wantlove2012' on.connectingsingles. ... 'ayisha.fuseini' and 'Mariam-Alhassan'. 'smilesjanet30'

'Karen Strong' aka 'shynlonelygirl'
on.icq.uses the same info
we found these profiles using the same pic
on facebook as
'ayisha.fuseini' and 'Mariam-Alhassan
2012-03-30, 05:36:10
OJAS from United States  
2012-04-01, 08:56:55   (updated: 2012-04-01, 08:58:51)
husky1971 from Netherlands  
Thanks everybody. Now i know after publishing the scammer
that she is an scammer.
My question is who actually give money too the scammer.
I DID. I fight with here and try make angry. IT works for me.
I send more than 200 sms. I don't care about the money. But i care how the way they stealing. I gone break them to put all the pictures on xxx website and promote the site.
That gone hurt theme. I kno that. So I need pics. Send me
2012-04-03, 01:36:03
husky1971 from Netherlands  
Thanks everybody. Now i know after publishing the scammer
that she is an scammer.
My question is who actually give money too the scammer.
I DID. I fight with here and try make angry. IT works for me.
I send more than 200 sms. I don't care about the money. But i care how the way they stealing. I gone break here.

Till today 2 april I hat contact with here.
About 1 week I not see here on the cam.
Yesterday because i was realy trying to stop with. .
I never give here money annymore. First time i did.

This Girl Achina is I think the real name??
She works with here sister. She was thinking i forget here face. But i saved all the webcam pics and photos.
The sister is this photo. I'm shore it is not the same.

2012-04-03, 14:51:52
Dag Landgenoot,

We kennen haar als Karen Dreams. Zie de link van Ojas.

Webcam of Karen Dreams

Photo's webcam Karen Dreams



2012-04-04, 12:30:15 from Netherlands  
one thing i not understand. how posible she show the webcam
I see here about 4 times.

and looks real the same person. because i saw here tatoo.
I checked here ipnr. that was in Ghana.

Karen dream is living where in usa?

English talking is bad.
So not real american

Today was the last day. with here. because big fight.
I not understand the webcam.
please tell me more

2012-04-04, 16:36:26

Read my introduction about fake webcams.

Karen Dreams never lived before in Ghana or in America.
She is an Canadian Model. See her biography

If the English languages is batley, then you deal with an Foreign from West-Africa.

Scammers 4 real.

2012-04-04, 16:49:00
OJAS from United States  
Hoi husky,

We have many articles on this site about fake video cams. They are recorded, cannot synchronize http://www.delphifa..87#216521

You may get spammed if you post your email in public domains. If you want to discuss with delphian by email, I will request my friend Dirk to help you.
When you email Dirk, also request him to connect you with other experienced Dutch contributors, Malek and Theo.

Gr. van VS
2012-04-05, 02:32:47
OJAS from United States  

Two basic facts (disappointments)
① No girl at the other end, you are talking to a MAN!
② No White / Hispanic / Caucasian girls in West Africa, seeking internet dates.

Tot Ziens! :-)
2012-04-05, 07:29:23
anonymous from Netherlands  
Bedankt mensen. Na 4 weken ben ik achtergekomen dat de meeste profielen fals zijn.
Gelukig heb ik er iets van geleerd. En dat is: zoete worden kan een mens gek maken.
En ik had het gevoel weer terug toen ik mijn ex-vrouw heb leren kennen.
Nu weet ik weer dat je na een ruzie. Hoe groot het ook is. Dat je het goed moet maken.
Na bijna 500 sms gestuurt te hebben en dan toch weer chatten met ruzie,
Heb ik begrepen dat ik het weer met mijn ex-vrouw goed moet maken. Ik heb een zoon van 7. Nu begrijp ik meer hoe waardevol dat is.

Bedankt dat julie mijn info snel hadden geplaats.
2012-04-05, 09:03:12
OJAS from United States  
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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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