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Dating scammer Achina Celestine


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Name: Achina Celestine


Abeka road 23
00233 Accra Ghana
+233-54921 14064
IP nr.

Other Comments:
8:28:54 PM hossainhusky: today you makes very bad because no answer
8:29:27 PM hossainhusky: I hope you understand that
8:30:53 PM tinaslove89: Yes i told you i was at the embassy
8:30:53 PM tinaslove89: so i could not take the call and my phone to got low
8:31:21 PM hossainhusky: that i also believe
8:31:41 PM tinaslove89: yes my love so i just got home and want you to know
8:32:09 PM hossainhusky: slowly i'm happy again
8:32:25 PM hossainhusky: so what happen at embassy
8:33:25 PM tinaslove89: Yes babe it went okay but still i have to pay for the mandatory before i can take it
8:33:51 PM hossainhusky: so how mutch it was than
8:33:54 PM tinaslove89: and it cost almost 357 and almost 400
8:34:19 PM hossainhusky: ghana money?
8:35:17 PM tinaslove89: yes babe i was there and i got your message so i run to pick it up and got back to the

ambassy that is why i was late honey
8:35:48 PM hossainhusky: so what is the totall cost than?
8:37:35 PM hossainhusky:
8:38:32 PM tinaslove89: it was almoost 200 the total i got is 134 euros my love
8:38:38 PM tinaslove89: sorry i was to take water
8:39:59 PM hossainhusky: Oke if you say so. First you telling 400 than 200 euro.
8:40:32 PM hossainhusky: YOU LIE doing because it is only 140 USD
IM Mar 19, 2012 9:04:46 PM
8:41:07 PM tinaslove89: babe you did send it in euros for me
8:41:08 PM hossainhusky: ADM fee for new passport is 25 USD. Renew is totall 140USD.
8:41:42 PM hossainhusky: I not send in euros. Because you can't takes euros and usd also not.
8:41:57 PM tinaslove89: No babe i had the passport and need to renew it honey
8:42:12 PM hossainhusky: You are real SCAMMER so We Stop. Sorry for this.
8:42:42 PM hossainhusky: Thats wy I give you as donation 15o euro's Because this moment we no
8:42:45 PM tinaslove89: what do you mean my dear ???
8:42:56 PM hossainhusky: YOU read it babe.
8:43:00 PM tinaslove89: what are you talking about
8:43:16 PM tinaslove89: i have saved your money dear
8:43:39 PM tinaslove89: i did not know what you mean if it is for my passport or what
8:43:52 PM tinaslove89: i dont know what you are talking about
10:24:09 AM tinaslove89: i was thinking about you alnight and i told my phone cannot on again i had to change the

battery or buy a new phone that is it so if you try calling me and you did not get to me that does not mean am

avoiding you
10:25:48 AM hossainhusky: thats no problem about the phone. I understand that you not avoiding me
10:26:37 AM tinaslove89: then why are you talking to me like this
10:27:40 AM hossainhusky: wait 5 min. I open the shop
10:27:57 AM tinaslove89: okay
10:33:33 AM hossainhusky: look you have manny diffent emailadress and mail with different mans. so what meaning

10:33:50 AM hossainhusky: you living where? usa ore ghana
10:34:02 AM tinaslove89: am in Ghana dear
IM Mar 20, 2012 10:54:24 AM
10:34:37 AM hossainhusky: are u a realy us citicen ore not?
10:35:42 AM tinaslove89: Yes dear am a citizen of us
10:36:28 AM hossainhusky: where you living in the usa
10:37:37 AM tinaslove89: Yes i was at the houton texas dear
10:39:40 AM hossainhusky: witch school there
10:40:03 AM tinaslove89: houstone university my dear
10:40:44 AM hossainhusky: than you know also the adress?
10:42:50 AM tinaslove89: babe to be hones to i came here so when i was 15 and a half years old but i estimate it

as i to leave here for about 13 years
10:43:38 AM tinaslove89: and you mean my house address over there ??
10:44:10 AM hossainhusky: oke what is youre birthday than?
10:44:37 AM hossainhusky: you have youre houseadres?
10:45:16 AM tinaslove89: actually i dont think because we never own a house there i know
10:45:25 AM hossainhusky: so what els?
10:45:44 AM tinaslove89: am here with you
10:45:59 AM hossainhusky: most people in us have own house
10:46:16 AM hossainhusky: I been about 3 times in usa
10:46:36 AM tinaslove89: Yes and may be my mom never want me to go back to the state then she told me we never

own a house
10:47:20 AM tinaslove89: like babe if i know then she give me the address back i can be there i will not be

living here but she want me to live with her
10:49:00 AM tinaslove89: and now am grown enough to marry and i never want to marry here to my dear
10:49:08 AM hossainhusky: oke do whant make an appointment with an friend off my in Ghana
10:49:42 AM tinaslove89: no i told you am no interested to leave here anymore
10:50:00 AM tinaslove89: i need a man in my life that i want to be with
10:51:06 AM hossainhusky: i ask you simple qestion
10:51:38 AM hossainhusky: I'm not there for veryfication everything
10:52:13 AM tinaslove89: and to me wh should i need an apartment i gont need any apartment here
10:53:08 AM hossainhusky: I'm not talking about appartment. meaning appointment with my friend in Ghana.
10:53:24 AM hossainhusky: He helps you with paperwork etc.
10:53:42 AM tinaslove89: oh okay and what paper work is that
10:54:09 AM hossainhusky: like visa, traveldocument etc.
10:54:24 AM tinaslove89: hmmm okay
IM Mar 20, 2012 11:03:41 AM
10:54:38 AM tinaslove89: if is true that is what he does
10:55:05 AM tinaslove89: i dont want to be in trouble and never want any connection dear
10:55:21 AM hossainhusky: do you know how mutch is the flightticket?
10:55:52 AM hossainhusky: in connection what means?
10:55:59 AM tinaslove89: i dont know dear but if i can estimate it is about 1800
10:56:13 AM hossainhusky: 1800 what euro's
10:56:50 AM tinaslove89: i mean i had my passport at the embassy and have been there yesterday because of you and

i just need to pay the money and take my passport that is all
10:57:02 AM tinaslove89: yes
10:57:25 AM hossainhusky: oke thank you bye
10:57:59 AM tinaslove89: okay if that is what you mean am telling what i have been through
10:58:31 AM hossainhusky: talk you in the future, hope you life is oke.
10:58:52 AM tinaslove89: hey what does that mean
10:58:57 AM hossainhusky: You and me never gone work. You know why?
10:59:11 AM tinaslove89: no i dont know why
10:59:14 AM hossainhusky: I don't like that peope whant to fuck
10:59:47 AM hossainhusky: If fraud whant making you making fraude for big amount not for only 200o euro's
11:00:14 AM hossainhusky: We close this please delette my.
11:00:27 AM tinaslove89: hey watch your self and dont insult me okay
11:00:49 AM tinaslove89: everything is just simple with you and you dont understand me
11:01:09 AM hossainhusky: maybe not
11:01:15 AM hossainhusky: thats the life
11:01:38 AM tinaslove89: i just have to pay for the passport and buy my ticket that is all you dont understand ?
11:01:50 AM tinaslove89: okay i wish you a happy life
11:02:12 AM tinaslove89: for how i bacame tenderly soon in love with you
11:02:32 AM tinaslove89: okay i go to bath and go to see my mom
11:02:42 AM tinaslove89: talk to you soon my dear
11:02:57 AM tinaslove89: if you like to talk to me
11:03:10 AM tinaslove89: so that is all you men also do
11:03:28 AM tinaslove89: so yesterday you just wanted to see me naked that is all
11:03:41 AM hossainhusk

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2012-04-18, 03:49:35
anonymous from Netherlands  
I know she is not Karen Dreams.
100 %. Here name is Achina Celestine. This name i sendit the 100 euro.

Garanted i know never i gone send some internet person annymore.

Now i chat on normal way. She knows that im back with my wife.

2012-04-19, 13:30:31   (updated: 2012-04-19, 13:31:15)
anonymous from Netherlands  
Hi People Today i WIN YES YES YES.
My sweet words was also working. It cost me total about 300 euro. but it was worth.
Wy because i change here mind and i hurt here back.
She also using the picture of raven rily, she show me to short the cam after she show the orginal person please readit. AFTER al what i did i think. I fixit for my self.
BECAUSE I HAVE THE pics of the orginal scammer. THATS WHY I win
cool or not haha ( sorry have fun)
IM Apr 17, 2012 10:52:10 PM
10:39:31 PM marlonjansen889: understand?
10:39:55 PM tinaslove89: yes babe
10:40:10 PM marlonjansen889: but i always gone chat with you.
10:40:23 PM marlonjansen889: and still i hope i gone see you 1 time
10:40:26 PM tinaslove89: yes also
10:41:27 PM marlonjansen889: i know you and me understand us
10:41:53 PM tinaslove89: yes babe
10:42:09 PM marlonjansen889: so i hope if you have something in your mind you tell me about it
10:42:18 PM marlonjansen889: maybe i can help
10:43:09 PM tinaslove89: are you sure babe ?
10:43:39 PM marlonjansen889: hey babe not about money okay
10:44:37 PM tinaslove89: hehehhehe yes i know babe
10:45:25 PM marlonjansen889: so i help you
10:45:34 PM marlonjansen889: yes iam sure
10:45:46 PM tinaslove89: yes babe i want to be with you that is what i want
10:46:59 PM marlonjansen889: good than we know that also
10:47:25 PM marlonjansen889: okay kind of hobby you have
10:47:57 PM tinaslove89: you said what kind of hobby i have?
10:48:09 PM marlonjansen889: yes
10:48:37 PM marlonjansen889: what you like
10:48:50 PM marlonjansen889: what kind of food you like
10:48:59 PM marlonjansen889: we never talk about this
10:49:36 PM tinaslove89: i like singing and dancing
10:49:57 PM tinaslove89: i like valley ball babe
10:50:24 PM tinaslove89: i like fun also to make people happy
10:50:54 PM marlonjansen889: i can't dance litle was always shame
10:51:15 PM marlonjansen889: when i was kid i write songs
10:51:32 PM tinaslove89: wow and what about now ?
10:52:02 PM marlonjansen889: hypnose, medition,
10:52:10 PM marlonjansen889: tarotcards reading
IM Apr 17, 2012 11:02:10 PM
10:52:16 PM marlonjansen889: thats my hobby
10:52:19 PM tinaslove89: oh okay babe
10:53:04 PM tinaslove89: so
10:53:28 PM tinaslove89: so what are your favorite things babe
10:54:16 PM marlonjansen889: I like color blue blach red
10:54:50 PM marlonjansen889: i like driving in car. i never walk. (market etc shopping ofcorse)
10:55:02 PM tinaslove89: wow yes i also like blue and voilet
10:55:04 PM marlonjansen889: i like music
10:55:22 PM tinaslove89: why you never walk because you have a car?
10:55:32 PM marlonjansen889: lazy
10:55:54 PM tinaslove89: oh no dont say that
10:56:07 PM marlonjansen889: car is more fast
10:56:14 PM marlonjansen889: save time
10:56:25 PM marlonjansen889: like holidays
10:56:37 PM tinaslove89: oh okay babe
10:56:37 PM marlonjansen889: and rest
10:57:04 PM tinaslove89: okay babe
10:57:05 PM marlonjansen889: i like clasic and rb music
10:57:29 PM tinaslove89: oh okay do you like going to class also ?
10:57:52 PM marlonjansen889: study class
10:58:02 PM marlonjansen889: im not going outside
10:58:28 PM marlonjansen889: dancing club is young people 16/22 years
10:58:49 PM marlonjansen889: so what i do there?
10:58:57 PM tinaslove89: hahahahahh me?
10:59:21 PM marlonjansen889: tel me. I think you go
10:59:51 PM tinaslove89: nope am old enough to marry so i dont go babe
11:00:28 PM marlonjansen889: so what you do in youre life ? computer only and internet?
11:01:08 PM tinaslove89: no i just came on internet not long and i met you
11:01:32 PM marlonjansen889: okay
11:02:10 PM tinaslove89: so i was a cheff as i told you
IM Apr 17, 2012 11:07:30 PM
11:02:30 PM marlonjansen889: forget babe
11:02:55 PM tinaslove89: okay babe
11:03:18 PM marlonjansen889: <ding>
11:03:24 PM tinaslove89: <ding>
11:03:40 PM marlonjansen889: so tell me more
11:03:56 PM marlonjansen889: youre cam is on?
11:04:12 PM tinaslove89: no babe
11:04:20 PM marlonjansen889: bad babe
11:05:15 PM tinaslove89: dont worry next time babe
11:05:26 PM marlonjansen889: okay babe
11:06:04 PM marlonjansen889: so talk later babe. i whant to sleep okay
11:06:26 PM tinaslove89: okay babe we talk in the morning ?
11:06:35 PM marlonjansen889: okay
11:06:50 PM tinaslove89: okay goodnight my desire
11:06:53 PM marlonjansen889: bye babe
11:07:12 PM tinaslove89: bye and kisssssssssssssssssssssss
11:07:15 PM tinaslove89: kisssssssssssssss
11:07:21 PM tinaslove89: sweet dreams
11:07:30 PM marlonjansen889: thanks same babe
IM Apr 19, 2012 1:21:44 PM
1:21:38 PM marlonjansen889: babe I know youre there
1:21:44 PM marlonjansen889: later than okay
IM Apr 19, 2012 4:05:03 PM
4:04:57 PM tinaslove89: <ding>
4:05:03 PM tinaslove89: babe am back
IM Apr 19, 2012 6:45:48 PM
6:09:57 PM tinaslove89: <ding>
6:10:04 PM tinaslove89: hello babe am here
6:36:04 PM marlonjansen889: hi babe
6:36:11 PM tinaslove89: hi my dear
6:36:18 PM marlonjansen889: you okay
6:39:02 PM tinaslove89: <ding>
6:39:06 PM tinaslove89: yes babe
6:39:23 PM marlonjansen889: cool iam also only little bussy
6:39:41 PM marlonjansen889: because my work need finish before 30 apr.
6:39:55 PM marlonjansen889: last month to much bussy with chat.
6:40:17 PM marlonjansen889: so daytime im working and evening i gone some chat.
6:40:35 PM tinaslove89: oh okay babe
6:40:38 PM marlonjansen889: so what you did today
6:41:26 PM tinaslove89: hmm was just at home that i wake up and i came online
6:41:58 PM marlonjansen889: okay so sleeping hole day???
6:42:31 PM tinaslove89: not whole day babe
6:42:50 PM marlonjansen889: so what doing daytime than?
6:43:27 PM tinaslove89: watching movise
6:43:40 PM marlonjansen889: oh thats is fun
6:44:02 PM tinaslove89: yes babe
6:44:18 PM marlonjansen889: so what kind of movie
6:45:09 PM tinaslove89: i was watching the legend of the seeker
6:45:16 PM tinaslove89: have you watch it before ?
6:45:27 PM marlonjansen889: okay no never
6:45:48 PM tinaslove89: oh okay babe
IM Apr 19, 2012 7:01:07 PM
6:48:15 PM marlonjansen889: so anny news
6:48:56 PM tinaslove89: hmm am waiting for you just i want to be with you
6:49:23 PM marlonjansen889: yes babe same this side. but cannot fix it.
6:50:11 PM tinaslove89: oh okay so how are we going to do that babe?
6:50:27 PM marlonjansen889: what i doing
6:51:35 PM tinaslove89: you know about that but you want me to tell you again?
6:52:09 PM marlonjansen889: no need babe im tired about it
6:54:11 PM marlonjansen889: you did not cache it what i told you. and give the gift.
6:54:19 PM tinaslove89: why are you saying that babe ?
6:54:25 PM marlonjansen889: okay talk you tomorow. i start again with work
6:54:26 PM marlonjansen889: okay
6:54:42 PM tinaslove89: okay do you want to see me now babe?
6:55:20 PM marlonjansen889: i don't know. same face?
6:55:41 PM tinaslove89: no babe it is me you know now i have to be honest
6:56:04 PM marlonjansen889: okay
6:56:28 PM tinaslove89: and will i see you too ?
6:56:38 PM marlonjansen889: yes okay
6:57:42 PM tinaslove89: okay open yours
6:57:56 PM marlonjansen889: why dificult
6:58:47 PM tinaslove89: hey your shop you are working at?
6:59:04 PM marlonjansen889: yes babe
6:59:08 PM marlonjansen889: so open than
6:59:43 PM marlonjansen889: oaky wave
7:00:08 PM tinaslove89: why ?
7:00:13 PM marlonjansen889: raven rily
7:00:22 PM marlonjansen889: wave than
7:00:32 PM tinaslove89: who is that dear
7:00:39 PM tinaslove89: okay
7:00:54 PM marlonjansen889: you try it again
7:01:07 PM marlonjansen889: its not working for you. you still not understand that
IM Apr 19, 2012 7:09:18 PM
7:01:30 PM marlonjansen889: but it dosn't matter you allready know
7:01:40 PM tinaslove89: wait babe i can see now you
7:02:07 PM tinaslove89: wait babe a munite
7:02:17 PM marlonjansen889: okay
7:03:03 PM marlonjansen889: <ding>
7:03:28 PM tinaslove89: wait okay to be honest with you you will see me and if you like me then
7:03:45 PM marlonjansen889: okay show me than
7:04:03 PM marlonjansen889: it is an man?
7:04:32 PM tinaslove89: no babe
7:04:41 PM tinaslove89: i want you to see me if you like me then
7:05:15 PM tinaslove89: but i know am not beautiful but it does not mean that you dont love me then
7:05:21 PM tinaslove89: will you say that
7:05:33 PM tinaslove89: then i will show you my self okay babe
7:05:41 PM marlonjansen889: show me than
7:05:48 PM marlonjansen889: iam waiting
7:06:31 PM tinaslove89: will you stop chating with me if you see me ?
7:06:41 PM marlonjansen889: why?
7:06:48 PM tinaslove89: am affraid but to be honest is good so i will show you
7:06:53 PM tinaslove89: tell ,e
7:07:00 PM marlonjansen889: if you don't want no need than
7:07:03 PM marlonjansen889: bye than
7:07:28 PM tinaslove89: no wait
7:07:37 PM tinaslove89: i will open now okay
7:07:44 PM marlonjansen889: okay
7:07:44 PM tinaslove89: be patient with me babe
7:07:50 PM marlonjansen889: okay
7:08:45 PM tinaslove89: i was not having light so i cam to a cafe and would you like to that place too babe
7:09:09 PM tinaslove89: <ding>
7:09:13 PM marlonjansen889: okay bye
7:09:18 PM tinaslove89: wait
IM Apr 19, 2012 7:16:42 PM
7:09:32 PM marlonjansen889: i do the same
7:10:03 PM tinaslove89: can you see me
7:10:04 PM marlonjansen889: you trying be many smart
7:10:21 PM marlonjansen889: this way it is good to telling bye
7:10:23 PM marlonjansen889: i know
7:10:31 PM tinaslove89: wait pls
7:10:36 PM marlonjansen889: you doing this purpose
7:10:51 PM marlonjansen889: look for the money im not mind okay
7:10:59 PM marlonjansen889: thats not my problem
7:11:03 PM marlonjansen889: i told you that
7:11:12 PM tinaslove89: pls i cant do it so someone is helping me pls
7:11:23 PM marlonjansen889: yes i know
7:12:45 PM tinaslove89: can you see me now
7:12:48 PM marlonjansen889: you all the time was in the cafe
7:12:55 PM marlonjansen889: you it is not change
7:12:56 PM marlonjansen889: it
7:13:03 PM marlonjansen889: i know from the beginning
7:13:17 PM marlonjansen889: you IP is an lan connection
7:13:49 PM marlonjansen889: you stopped again
7:13:50 PM tinaslove89: can you see me now
7:13:51 PM marlonjansen889: standard
7:13:54 PM marlonjansen889: bye than
7:14:01 PM tinaslove89: wait pls
7:15:11 PM tinaslove89: can you see me standarding now
7:15:25 PM tinaslove89: <ding>
7:15:56 PM marlonjansen889: look i allready know that you was this
7:16:08 PM marlonjansen889: I told you from the begining
7:16:15 PM tinaslove89: yes
7:16:31 PM marlonjansen889: youre voice is not an europ. ore english woman
7:16:42 PM tinaslove89: can you now help me to come
IM Apr 19, 2012 7:24:40 PM
7:16:49 PM marlonjansen889: and still you try to lie
7:17:04 PM tinaslove89: no
7:17:06 PM marlonjansen889: why?
7:17:20 PM tinaslove89: am not lieing
7:17:30 PM marlonjansen889: you didn't try with me
7:17:36 PM tinaslove89: why are you saying that
7:17:43 PM tinaslove89: why
7:17:50 PM marlonjansen889: we talking now 1 mond
7:17:53 PM marlonjansen889: month
7:18:06 PM tinaslove89: yes
7:18:08 PM marlonjansen889: okay show me you cam again
7:18:15 PM marlonjansen889: and onestly
7:18:42 PM tinaslove89: ok
7:18:51 PM marlonjansen889: okay
7:19:13 PM tinaslove89: can you see me
7:19:40 PM tinaslove89: what do you want me to do for you to no is me
7:19:53 PM marlonjansen889: wave
7:20:11 PM tinaslove89: can you see that
7:20:20 PM marlonjansen889: yes
7:20:23 PM tinaslove89: ok
7:20:28 PM tinaslove89: what again
7:20:48 PM marlonjansen889: need close goo
7:21:32 PM marlonjansen889: later
7:21:54 PM tinaslove89: why
7:22:02 PM tinaslove89: so what time again
7:22:11 PM marlonjansen889: son is missing
7:22:50 PM tinaslove89: call me when you come online
7:23:17 PM tinaslove89: now thatt you have seen me can i come to you
7:23:55 PM tinaslove89: <ding>
7:24:40 PM tinaslove89: later
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Achina Celestine
Dating scammer Achina Celestine

2012-04-19, 13:31:55
husky1971 from Netherlands  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Achina Celestine
Dating scammer Achina Celestine

2012-04-19, 13:32:25
husky1971 from Netherlands  
Scammer 2
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Achina Celestine
Dating scammer Achina Celestine

2012-04-19, 13:33:06
husky1971 from Netherlands  

2012-04-19, 13:35:24
husky1971 from Netherlands  
okay i have more photos so how i put here
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Achina Celestine
Dating scammer Achina Celestine

2012-04-19, 13:36:51
husky1971 from Netherlands  
okay i have more photos so how i put here
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Achina Celestine
Dating scammer Achina Celestine

2012-04-19, 13:37:21
anonymous from Netherlands  
Achina Celestine
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Achina Celestine
Dating scammer Achina Celestine

2012-04-19, 13:41:06
husky1971 from Netherlands  
more pictures
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Achina Celestine

2012-04-19, 14:03:52
husky1971 from Netherlands  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Achina Celestine

2012-04-19, 14:28:19
OJAS from United States  
Thanks husky.

Are the times your time in Holland? To make it easy for newbies, post the corresponding time in Ghana / Nigeria

2012-04-19, 16:16:45
anonymous from Netherlands  
The time is dutch time the netherlands.
2012-04-19, 17:42:54
Good job landgenoot
2012-04-21, 07:35:31
husky1971 from Netherlands  
Thanks everybody. Now i know after publishing the scammer
that she is an scammer.
My question is who actually give money too the scammer.
I DID. I fight with here and try make angry. IT works for me.
I send more than 200 sms. I don't care about the money. But i care how the way they stealing. I gone break them to put all the pictures on xxx website and promote the site.
That gone hurt theme. I kno that. So I need pics. Send me
2012-09-20, 08:29:22
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I have been contacted by a girl that uses Karen Dreams pics. I challenged her about them and she said that a guy took the photos and she didnt know what they would be used for,lol
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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