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Dating scammer Rose Miller


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Name: Rose Miller



Other Comments:
Has anyone seen this picture?
Apparently looks like Raven Riley?


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2012-04-09, 23:25:56   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-05-27, 13:21:51   (updated: 2012-05-27, 13:26:10)
Just ended this shit with her.
Whoever gets involved with her be very careful she is kind of smart but will start asking for money when she is supposed to be getting an inheritance.
2 guys she names 1. David Andrews (name sounds familiar) and 2, James Hillard (also familiar
James is supposed to be an attorney for a fabric company (forgot name but is also known for scams)
Who knows maybe shes doing both of them cause she got 300.00 from each and she claims they helped her...ha ha bet they did help her. All seems funny to me
2012-05-27, 19:04:54
Hard to tell from such a small print, but pic does look like Raven Riley. Do you have a larger picture ?
2012-05-27, 21:16:31
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  
2012-06-04, 10:48:09
No I do not have a larger picture but I have seen this picture before via Raven Riley google search and it's there.
She hads also sent me 2 more pictures that are definitly Raven Riley that I'll put up here as well.

2012-06-04, 10:49:41
Here's another picture from Rose Miller.
I know this is not her but is of Raven Riley.

2012-06-04, 10:56:30
anonymous from United States  
Here's another Rose Miller uses for her yahoo profile picture
kind of small but the best it can be.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rose Miller

2012-06-04, 10:56:31
Here's another Rose Miller uses for her yahoo profile picture
kind of small but the best it can be.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rose Miller

2012-06-09, 21:00:28
This Rose Miller now claims that her family has money and she is in Nigeria to claim her late dad's inheritance. Now iof her family had money why is she asking for money?
Also claiming to need 1,500.00 for BTA which this I dont believe her at all.
Just be careful with her she can be smart but really doesn't make sense as to what she says, you know says one thing but means another.
Now is telling me ehe is going to sell her body? Well I think she has been doing such
2012-06-10, 01:14:36   (updated: 2012-06-10, 01:15:50)
2012-06-09, 21:00:28 anonymous - Here's another Rose Miller uses for her yahoo profile picture kind of small but the best it can be. >>>

Oh my... don't fall for that bullshit ! The tiny pic you posted belongs to Raven Riley one of the most popular porn sluts on the internet today. Here's a full size pic of the one you posted.

Raven will be in Las Vegas this summer at the annual porn film gala; and if you stop by her booth and purchase a CD then you get a ticket to put in a box and at the end of the show, there will be a drawing and some lucky guy will get to fuck Raven Riley.

Don't miss this chance to get some of this stuff..... LOL ! See you there !

2012-06-10, 09:21:29
Here is an address that Rose Miller uses:

Rose miller
453 yemisi olatunji block 5

She tried to get 700 from me the other day so I decided to delete my yahoo messenger and her did away with yahoo account also blocked her from my live email so I have no contact with her anymore.
2012-06-10, 11:37:58   (updated: 2012-06-10, 11:53:34)
-------------, millerrose54

--------- BUZZ!!!?
millerrose54: BUZZ!!!? BUZZ!!!? Why you don't want to talk to me? So why quiet? Not going to cgat ?
millerrose54: Am here honey
millerrose54: I miss you a lot Yeah now you are Oh reall) :-?
millerrose54: How are you Ok why don't yu send me your real picture and not that of this fake one if yoi wish to ake it up to me? How are you?
millerrose54: Where are you ? Where else I'd be?
millerrose54: I can't find the one by the xmas tree love Where are you?
millerrose54: You know i will if i have camera with me love
millerrose54: Trust me for that, did you tell me to send the one by the xmas tree before i send it to you
millerrose54: Am in the room laying down on the bed and chatting with my loving husband Ok so you send me tese 2 not of you? :-? Ok An here at home
millerrose54: thought they are my pictures, am sorry i did a big mistake could have check before sending to you
millerrose54: Did you have enough rest love Nope A big mistake you say?
millerrose54: Am sorry for that love What other mistakes you made I don't know of? Hmm?
millerrose54: No other mistake love
millerrose54: You don't trust me anymore why that love
millerrose54: You know you are the only man i want and I will never love another man but you Well put yourself in my place what would you do or think?
millerrose54: I know but am sorry i made a big mistake
millerrose54: I love you sal :-? Ok I'll give it some thought! Ok?
millerrose54: What are you doing today ? Lying on couch you? I work today Have that 3 hour drive again
millerrose54: Ok honey
millerrose54: How many hours are you working today Not long
millerrose54: Ok
millerrose54: When are you leaving now ? No about 6 or 7 am
millerrose54: Ok
millerrose54: What time is it now You know th disturbing thing is you sent the picture by mistake but how can you send a picture not knowing it was yours on your pc? 2:19am
millerrose54: Was little tipsy Oh?
millerrose54: Why oh? Nigerian bf with you at the time or David was? Thinking?
millerrose54: No one with me because i was thinking about you then
millerrose54: So i decided to take a little bear
millerrose54: You made me think and call me a lot bad names Haha thinking of me so sent the wrong picture? Great! Excuses, excuses
millerrose54: You call me a bitch, call me a lair,
millerrose54: Call me many names What should I think after this 'wrong picture'? Who else you sent those too?
millerrose54: I should be the one to tell you that you are treating me wrong
millerrose54: You don't treat me like a queen
millerrose54: But remember you promise me to treat me like a queen When you tell me the 'TRUTH'
millerrose54: I don't send anyone ok, I deleted it on my pc
millerrose54: No pictures on my pc now, just have your pic, mom pic, Louis pic, duke jr pic
millerrose54: That is all i have on my pc now love Ok hope you understand why am upset?
millerrose54: Yes i do love You know you have already let me down once and now this so tell me what otger surprise is going to come up?
millerrose54: Please don't upset with me again, I don't feel good when you get upset Then start being honest with me then?
millerrose54: The surprise is that I will be in the plane Really?
millerrose54: I promise i won't let you down love Should I believe this, this time?
millerrose54: Honey please send me 50 so i can buy food :-?
millerrose54: Not eating much making me feel sick
millerrose54: and having headache love
millerrose54: I will be honest with you all the time How were you making dinner last night?
millerrose54: Please send it to my name love When I have it
millerrose54: Yes that is the last food i have here love Hmm ok
millerrose54: Remember have been telling you this couple of days ago Yeah
millerrose54: Send it to 0rose miller
millerrose54: Rose miller Sure
millerrose54: Address: 453 jakonde street block 555
millerrose54: City: Lagos Ok
millerrose54: Country: Nigeria
millerrose54: Zip Code: 23401
millerrose54: You got it now
millerrose54: But honey do you think it would be enough me
millerrose54: Please think about it, if i have enough food before i leave here it would be nice because i don't want you to send me anymore money for food till i be in the plane to arizona What you saying now? You know you instilled some doubt in me right? I'm not happy at all right now!
millerrose54: Am sorry am not making you happy
millerrose54: David caused this, I should have not allow him to use my pc in the first place
millerrose54: I promise i will always be honest with you love
millerrose54: And I will always be loyal to you Not going to be easy after this and wgat you said so what do you think I should do?
millerrose54: Please i want you to make it up to 100 so i can buy enough food and make my nails too love Want me to make it up? Your the one that needs to make up for all the false pictures and untruthfulness Not 100 sorry
millerrose54: BUZZ!!!? What? BUZZ!!!?
millerrose54: Please
millerrose54: I will always loyal to you What is the real truth here? Right
millerrose54: Please give me the last chance and I promise to make it up to you love Nope Not until you tell me the real truth
millerrose54: That's the truth love
millerrose54: I don't lie to you
millerrose54: I was a little a tipsy then love
millerrose54: Trust me, I don't feel good right now yeah right I am supposed to feel good?
millerrose54: Please understand the way i feel, I don't feel strong, headache since last night
millerrose54: Had a rough night You did this to yourself ok? Oh with who?
millerrose54: I understand you don't feel good to, I promise to make it up to you this time ok
millerrose54: I swear with my life
millerrose54: Headache could not let me sleep love :-?. :-?. :-?. :-?. :-? Neither would he huh? You know as they say 'what comes around goes around'
millerrose54: No one, I swear with my mom grave Don't use my moms grave for your untruthfullness
millerrose54: Never had sex in 1year 8months now
millerrose54: You ?
millerrose54: I belong to one man
millerrose54: Have been waiting for you for a long time
millerrose54: Trust me love You want me to believe this too? Brb
millerrose54: I will always be honest and loyal to you love Hahahaha. :)) Thank your honey David and you untruthfulness Good night Maybe you should go stay with the man? Don't you think?
millerrose54: I love you forever I don't even know what's fuckin true anymore!
millerrose54: Will never love another but you, you can see i don't talk to anyone but you How would I know this?
millerrose54: You are the only man have been searching for, no looking back and no regret If you say so!
millerrose54: Is you i want to spend the rest of my life with Really? Why? Should have thought of that before doing what you did! I really need to think ok?
millerrose54: Yes believe me love Reason why?
millerrose54: :((
millerrose54: :(
millerrose54: I won't ever stay with him love
millerrose54: I don't want to see him anymore
millerrose54: That's why am telling you all this
millerrose54: Now you don't trust me anymore :-?
millerrose54: I trust him before
millerrose54: But don't trust me anymore
millerrose54: Oh would you let me buy the phone so i call you love
millerrose54: I want you to know am telling you the truth
millerrose54: Am not here to fool you around, am too old to tell lies, I need a man in my life, a man i can spend the rest of my life with like you
millerrose54: You are my God's gift love :-?
millerrose54: I swear with my life, I should die if i lied to you Am not EVER going to be hurt again OK X( Sorry! Gots to be this way thank you
millerrose54: I won't hurt you ok
millerrose54: And I promise not to hurt you ok
millerrose54: You'll will never get hurt ok, I promise i won't let you down ok I don't know! :(
millerrose54: I wouldn't have come here to chat with you if i want to get you hurt Then why you come here to chat with me?
millerrose54: Because i love you
millerrose54: I need you so bad with me We were ok until you lied about the pictures so now am not sure what to think or believe yet? Don't worry ok?
millerrose54: Believe me that i was a little tipsy then
millerrose54: I have deleted the pic on my pc whatever ok?
millerrose54: thank you for the trust What trust?
millerrose54: I love you forever, I am nothing without you love
millerrose54: Still feeling headache love I can trust you but will have 'doubts' in my mind
millerrose54: Don't have doubt love Can't be helped!
millerrose54: If you have doubt that means you don't trust me
millerrose54: Trust is the key to a relationship, you know i trust you and you will never let me down, I want you to trust me that i will never let you down Ok you should have thought of this before all this happened! :D
millerrose54: am sorry, that was the mistake i did Why did you do that?
millerrose54: I promise this will not happy again Yes after its been done right?
millerrose54: am sorry
millerrose54: Forgive and forget love Now whatever picture you send me I shouldn't believe its you? Maybe don't know yet
millerrose54: But you going to see me in person
millerrose54: In person and pic which one you prefer to see love Hope so!
millerrose54: Still feeling headache please show some care love
millerrose54: What you doing Falling asleep again You?
millerrose54: Headache love
millerrose54: Please let me go get the food stuffs so i can get back ontime love Ok Am going back to sleep
millerrose54: I need the info to pick up the money love Honey can't do it today didn't you read the message a bbit ago? Remember I paid the rent?
millerrose54: ok any amount love
millerrose54: Yes i know Have nothing all this is costing me
millerrose54: If it's 50
millerrose54: It's ok with me Don't have that!
millerrose54: Honey 50dollars
millerrose54: Ok Don't have it Beginning to make me wonder about thiis Nigeria shit
millerrose54: Ok then
millerrose54: What about about ?
millerrose54: Why can't you just make me happy for a second and stop talking about this nigeria shit Not my fault is it?
millerrose54: I told you what else i need to get me over there
millerrose54: You don't need to stress yourself, I surely know i will be the in plane
millerrose54: 100%
millerrose54: 100% Guarantee Ok
millerrose54: Yes not my fault either but i have to do this and am happy i have all the papers and the credit card with me Ok
millerrose54: You know what is keeping here now Can I get to sleep a bit please? Yes
millerrose54: Don't you
millerrose54: Now am feeling sick and I have headache nothing to say about that
millerrose54: Do you care at all ? What can I do from here?
millerrose54: My body is getting hotter Hmm pregnant? Lol
millerrose54: And feeling too cold
millerrose54: I don't force you to send me money ok, if you know what you are doing is right keep doing it and you will surely see the result Sounds likke flu but there probably Malaria
millerrose54: Ok go get some sleep ok Keep doing it what?
millerrose54: I think is flu
millerrose54: Don't like malaria Happens there
millerrose54: Really
millerrose54: Malaria happens here? Yes Get it from mosquitos
millerrose54: Omg crying, I don't like this to catch me here love, I have to get out of here soon I know
millerrose54: Please get me out of here love
millerrose54: I want to be with you, don't want to die of malaria here
millerrose54: They get malaria from mosquitos
millerrose54: Omg am scared now love
millerrose54: I don't want malaria on my body.. You'll be ok
millerrose54: I don't want this on my body
millerrose54: I have to get out of here fast love You'll be fine relax
millerrose54: This country is a shit, I never try to come here anymore till i died
millerrose54: Die Need to sleep honey have 2 hour sleep left You will be fine trust me
millerrose54: Ok
millerrose54: Without no food
millerrose54: ? I have none myself! ?
millerrose54: Ok I understand Ok
millerrose54: Sleep tight
millerrose54: Wish am there with you :x Me too Buzz you when I wake up
millerrose54: Ok Love you BUZZ!!!? BUZZ!!!? No point in buzzing you when I wake up right? See what appens when you buzz me!
2012-07-31, 02:05:07

2012-07-31, 04:14:28
Here's a link to the blond haired floozy ...

Amanda Levesque (ღ ~SHiMMiE~ ღ) on
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Amanda Levesque (ღ ~SHiMMiE~ ღ)'s profile on Myspace, the leading social entertainment destination powered by the passion of our fans.

2012-11-04, 21:10:32
here is an updated crap Rose Miller tried to pull today saying they can get 10,000 usd on my credit card but am not that stupid cauise a credit card has it's preset limit and doesn't change unless credit card company increases it.

millerrose54: i want to message him to come online that your online waiting for him
millerrose54: honey this is what he sent to me

Spelling as far as maiden name came from her so called 'Uncle' or scammer in crime (partner in Crime) a John Stewart aka johnstewart179 is his messenger id.
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