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Dating scammer Yana Indah


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Name: Yana Indah


Jakarta, Indonesia
Last seen in Youngstown Ohio, Austin Texas, and New Jersey within 3 months. Just look for a fool and his money and she will be there taking him to the cleaners.

Other Comments:
This girl's a clever gold-digger and she will play you for as long as she needs to. Her weakness? She cannot stop lying!. I exposed her by taking everything she says and writes seriously, All the time. Ask questions all the time, re-phrase same questions at different times. She will slip-up. You just have to confront her at a rate beyond that which she can handle. If you feel her panicking, bombard her with questions and concerns of yours. She is a coward and therefore does not handle confrontation very well. If you want to confront her for the first time, to check your suspicions, i would suggest you do it by phone, and that you are very serious in your tone. You will notice immediately how she is panicking. But remember, she is very clever, and therefore very quick! Dont be fooled by the sweet-talk. She has an adorable voice with an asian accent which really makes it hard to doubt her. This psycho will not only break your heart, but she will ruin you for other women. It will be almost impossible for you to be able to move on and trust another woman on the internet. Be careful! She's only after your money!


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2012-05-25, 04:22:52
2012-05-25, 21:02:34
It sounds like the typical scenario we often hear from one of these little bimbos; where they've gotten a little older and wanna sweep all their past indiscretions under a rug. On this site, it seems they usually enlist the aid of a surrogate to make some hypocritical display of virtue. The truth is our actions have consequences. What we sow in one season; we reap in another ! The internet is like a superhighway. Fill in this twerp's name in a search bar and the pages light up like a Christmas tree. The idea is simple: Where you see smoke, that means there's a fire ! My advise to the surrogate is stop all this pious nonsense; and tell this little angel to try living in the real world and don't blame others for your bad behavior.
2012-05-26, 23:26:30
[hidden] from United States  
Dear 2012-05-25, 04:22:52,
Yana's character said everything. Her LACK OF ANY integrity, honor, loyalty, care, passion, honesty, openess, or never keeping any of her meaningless promises, is what placed her on this site. Go ahead, take legal action. Her family ought to feel shame that Yana belongs to their family, and they need to disown her. Especially her so called Christian Preb. Preacher brother. He has lied, and withold the truth, for her. She received the best education, but they did not teach her anything about virtues.
2012-05-26, 23:46:10
[hidden] from United States  
Excuse Me for talking bad about your sister. However, in her defense, she did pay her own way to come here and meet me. Before she came, she did promise to be married. We were together for almost 2 years(with her taking time away after the first 4 months, then again at 9 months, and again at 14 months, to meet another man). She was using my home phone to call men from dating sites. She used my computer to troll the dating sites. She made 7 promises and did not keep one. When she left to return to Indonesia to visit she promised to return in 4-6 months. That was 2 years ago. Now, if telling other men about her makes me a sour(you ought to use spell checker because the word is SORE, not sour)sore loser you are a FOOL. I am happy that she left because everyone deserves to find happiness, and Yana can never give anyone happiness. I am also happy that she did not get married to me. So, I did not have to divorce this lame, lying, cheating, stealing, user. If she really IS your sister, why are you shaming yourself by claiming her? She is a disgrace, and dishonor, to the Indah(if that is really her family name) name.
2012-05-27, 20:15:05
This is an evil woman with an insatiable sexual desire which she uses to lure you in, make you feel good, then slice open your heart. We had a relationship for over a year during which time she cheated on me the entire time. She would not communicate with me for weeks; while she got involved with other men she met on dating sites that eventually bit the dust, then she would come back and lure me into wanting her which I always did. She is the most deceptively evil woman I have ever met; and knowing how much I loved her kept me hoping it would work out through phone calls and emails, and even two days before she ended it she told me she couldn't wait to sleep in our bed again. She's a compulsive liar and a serial adulteress. If anyone hooks up with her be careful because she has done this countless times !
2012-05-27, 21:34:48
anonymous from United States  
What better example of a PSYCHOPATH than this ! It's a textbook example of slutty behavior. Psychopathy is a personality disorder characterized by a pattern of disregard for the feelings of others as well as the basic rules of society. They can target men by falsely mirroring our values, interests, goals, philosophies, tastes and habits. Needless to say, these psychos are known to be wily and manupulative, but even so, they unconsciously betray themselves. Bottom line... enjoy the quick roll-in-the-hay, then separate yourself from this little harlot as fast as you can run !

2012-05-29, 22:10:21
anonymous from United States  
Let's call it what it is... after reading all the comments it's apparently another Mail Order Bride episode gone amuck ! Sometimes it worked and sometimes it doesn't. It obviously turned into a nighmare in this instance.

It's said the 'Mail Order Bride' or 'Imported Bride' [which has a more polite sound] syndrome via the internet is a marriage method used by 1 out of 5 men in the USA today. Not surprisingly, young Asian women are the most popular because they're not only willing to accept an older man, but most are skilled in the ancient Hindu art of the Kama Sutra. The acquisition of a pretty Asian bride skilled in the art of the Kama Sutra can turn an ordinary lovemaking session into something soulfully irresistible.

Ahh yes... the little blue pill puts hope back in your rope ! The older guys will get an on going prescription that'll provide some mind-blowing, bed-rattling action in the bedroom for awhile. The downside to the little blue pill is how it effects your ticker after a few months of sizzling action with a young Asian bride 20 years your junior.

The cutie tells her new husband that 'age is just a number' to close the deal before she applies for the green card. So with the green card in hand she's on her way toward citizenship. This free-willed promiscuous woman leaves the older guy for greener pastures; and in her wake she leaves a trail of lovers in tow that reads like Lady Chatterley's Lover.

So my suggestion to those of you who get a chance to get some of this stuff... go for it ! But you gotta make the call and remember you may take a fall. Like a strong ebb tide; it can wash you out to sea. Just be careful...

2012-05-31, 18:22:57
Wikipedia defines a mail-order bride as a woman who lists herself online or otherwise to be selected by a man for marriage.

2012-05-31, 19:46:43
anonymous from United States  
A word to the wise ! If you're considering a 'mail-order bride' then be sure you know what skeletons she has in her closet ! Revisit her past. Like pesky ex-boyfriends, husbands, cultural issues, marital status, family secrets, legal matters, immigration issues. There is a reason why so many of the mail-order brides are mainly from Southeast Asia. Unmarried at 35 is well past an unspoken marriage dateline for women. In most of these South Asian countries marriage remains near-universal, with 98% of men and women tying the knot with little or no cohabitation.

Dissolution of a marriage can be a complicated and lenghty procedure in some of these countries. It's been suggested if you want to marry a woman in a foreign country go there and meet her in person. Thus the majority of burning questions will be answered and your initial information verified. All too often we hear stories where she has used this method for the sole purpose to immigrate and the man turns out to be the pawn.

2012-06-06, 01:13:37   (updated: 2012-06-06, 01:19:17)
Uh oh... how could I not forget this little Asian hottie ! While staying ovenight at a hotel near the Austin, Tx airport recently, I found a classified ad on [Grand Opening-Best Asian Massage] [Outcalls only-Austin only]. I was pleasantly surprised to have this little petite Asian beauty come to my room for a truly remarkable experience. Reminded me of the old Doublemint gum commercial 'Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun !

Except in my case, It was 'Double Your Fee and Double Your Pleasure' ! She was quite flexible in her love-making. We made love in 5 missionary positions and then toward the end she pulled her pretty little legs up to her chest and I deep-penetrated her. OMG ! Within less than 30 seconds the intensity was so great it was all over ! She was breathing heavily. And I was puffing and panting for a minute or two. We got dressed, cleaned up the mess and said goodby with a kiss. All in all, this was by far the most sensual experience I've ever had with a woman. You can call me an idiot, but I can't wait until the next session with her. Geez... I just hope Yana is still there. I'm hooked... plain and simple !
2012-06-06, 08:19:23
anonymous from United States  
Yana Indah is truely an obsessed cronic lier using men. She lies, obtain their trust, then takes them for all she can get. I know this because I was one of those stupid men. She uses innocense and religion to draw you in. Then uses sex to get the things she wants. But soon, you catch on and she takes off with everything of yours she can. Beware, she is with so many men you might catch a virus and have painful memories of her you will never get ride of. She is very clever and will convince your friends, church associates that you are just a pervert. She uses and lies to her family too. She uses everyone to get money. If you take her deserve what you get-thats the plain truth

2012-06-07, 02:01:04
Yana Indah is quite the exhibitionist loves to show her credentials. A wise man by the name of Master Wu in the 4th Century BC states that 'Asian Women are indeed a beautiful flower... just like a Venus Fly Trap'. The difference being the Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula) is only interested in small insects. The Asian Vagina (Dionaea moneybox) is interested in anything with money !

2012-06-07, 02:06:58
Yana Indah is quite the exhibitionist loves to show her credentials. A wise man by the name of Master Wu in the 4th Century BC states that 'Asian Women are indeed a beautiful flower... just like a Venus Fly Trap'. The difference being the Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula) is only interested in small insects. The Asian Vagina (Dionaea moneybox) is interested in anything with money !

2012-06-07, 03:51:39
Sex and lies
Betrayal and alibies
Lays her halo on her pillow
All the while she lies !

Ah yes, that describes Yana Indah and she's a very clever gold-digger ! Don't be fooled by the innocent look in her eyes; the sweet talk and the adorable voice with an Asian accent makes it hard to doubt her. Money and status means everything to these Southeast Asian women because of their culture. Any woman that tells you age is just a number, and tells you lies to get your money and property is a gold-digger ! The only difference if there is any; between a hooker and a gold-digger is the latter plays with your emotions, and she's more dangerous and more manipulative.

This Asian girl worked me like an ATM machine for a few months until I caught up with all her lies. Every few days she would profess love under pretense to swindle funds by means of trickery. Always the suggestive pictures, artful expressions and nimble body language designed to get you hard as a rock. Any further description might be considered inappropriate content on this site.

The woman is a pathological liar ! It was only after I become suspicious, that I learned her true nature as being of the Mata Hari variety with a sexual appetite that reads like the Kama Sutra or Lady Chatterley's Lover. She uses her insatiable sexual desire to lure you in, make you feel good, empty your pockets and then slice up your heart. This little harlot uses various online dating sites to ferret out older men for her victims. Geez... she had three other guys on the string while scamming me, plus two recent marriages we found out about and a pending divorce hearing in Ohio. Be careful she has done this numerous times.

2012-06-07, 15:04:00
anonymous from United States  
this is Yana's Ohio connection, I finally had to say something.. Is she pretty-NO! I she sexy-NO! Is she a good woman-HELL NO !!

Yana uses men, lies to them, lies to other people to get her way (money). I helped her and her family and she kept asking for more and more. When I said enough is enough SHE ran away immediately. Shw ran to alot of other men, several have contacted me (mostly in Austin, Texas). During the divorce hearing all she asked for was money, not help.

When she first came here she was consorting with two others, seeing who would send her the most.
I was the loser-she came here. She was married before (who knows how many times). How many men she cheated on me with only God knows. She has chased MANY men sense.. She is getting old now and trying desperately to find a man she can use consistantly to feed her expensive needs. Her so called brother, who wrote on this site, is lying too?

Yana has NO SOUL or true beliefs, money is her God.

All I want to do her is warn any other man how wicked and sinful she is. She can't stay with one man because she needs to much. I think the longest was her first husband, which was 8 months, until she stole from him (I was only 6 months). She will use her body to get you to give to her. She will use your church to turn people from you. She uses everyone anyway she can. She is a devils child.

What really hurts is all the men that have written stuff about how she used them, then moved on when they already gave her all their money. She has destroyed her family....her dad and mom too.
Men have lost homes because of her, loss respect of family, friends and their church associates.

I am just advising all you men, who think she is sweet and good, she will make you pay dearly too.

May GOD have mercy on her soul-I doubt it

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