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Dating scammer Yana Indah


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Name: Yana Indah


Jakarta, Indonesia
Last seen in Youngstown Ohio, Austin Texas, and New Jersey within 3 months. Just look for a fool and his money and she will be there taking him to the cleaners.

Other Comments:
This girl's a clever gold-digger and she will play you for as long as she needs to. Her weakness? She cannot stop lying!. I exposed her by taking everything she says and writes seriously, All the time. Ask questions all the time, re-phrase same questions at different times. She will slip-up. You just have to confront her at a rate beyond that which she can handle. If you feel her panicking, bombard her with questions and concerns of yours. She is a coward and therefore does not handle confrontation very well. If you want to confront her for the first time, to check your suspicions, i would suggest you do it by phone, and that you are very serious in your tone. You will notice immediately how she is panicking. But remember, she is very clever, and therefore very quick! Dont be fooled by the sweet-talk. She has an adorable voice with an asian accent which really makes it hard to doubt her. This psycho will not only break your heart, but she will ruin you for other women. It will be almost impossible for you to be able to move on and trust another woman on the internet. Be careful! She's only after your money!

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2012-06-07, 15:26:43
anonymous from Ghana  
I am a professional snooker player
But sometimes I am pretty sad
If only I had a magic cue
My life wouldn't be so bad
The table lights up
With bright white light
It shines down in my face
I can't see a thing
And waiting my turn
I wish I was in another place
You see I get so tired
travelling around
In fact.... i've met the Queen
Then the ref arrives
And smiles at me
But looks so very mean
My throat is dry
And my stomach aches
I think i've had to much to drink
So feeling full
I run to the loo
Must have another...... pee
Now you can see
My life as a snooker player
Can be pretty sad
If only I had a magic cue
My life wouldn't be so bad
2012-06-08, 15:13:02
Ivan160694 from Kuwait  

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2012-06-11, 17:39:53   (updated: 2012-06-11, 17:42:33)
anonymous from United States  
Beware of gold-diggers !

Here's the difference ! The gold-digger will actually meet you unlike scammers, who only promise to do so. But gold-diggers have no intentions to have serious relations with you. She will play a skillful game of falling in love; she will carry this out even through engagement, right up to marriage provided you have included her on a joint banking account, set up a trust fund and named her the beneficiary of your financial estate upon your death. All she wants is money, gifts and your estate !
2012-06-20, 14:39:48
anonymous from United States  
Also beware of the Venus Flypussy !

Not much difference ! Except the 'Venus Flypussy' is a very hot, beautiful, manipulative woman who lures men into her 'honey trap' and then devours them, and by devours, this means financially, or by turning them into slaves who will do anything for her. She enjoys financially ruining men or turning them into groveling slaves, and then moving onto the next victim due to her insatiable appetite. Oh yes, her MO [modus operandi] is similar to the gold-digger, but more dominant, cunning and in control of the weaker male. Always looking for weak wimps with money to financially drain and turn into slaves.
2012-06-20, 16:39:52
Yana Indah is quite the exhibitionist loves to show her credentials. A wise man by the name of Master Wu in the 4th Century BC states that 'Asian Women are indeed a beautiful flower... just like a Venus Fly Trap'. The difference being the Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula) is only interested in small insects. The Asian Vagina (Dionaea moneybox) is interested in anything with money !

2012-06-20, 16:46:56
anonymous from United States  
'Liar, liar pants on fire' is an old playground taunt some of you may remember used to indicate when someone was suspected of lying.

Know what I hate ? LYING !

Especially the kind of liars that are so very good at it that they suck you in; convince you they're normal, grateful, caring members of society, then you discover they were lying right to your face the entire time. They're just so good at it ! You get sucked in, wanna help, create a real-life connection and a soft spot in your heart, and then WHAM-O ! You find out you were scammed !

Not by a Nigerian lottery agent, a timeshare sales force in Vegas; but an unassuming little twerk who wants you to pay for her airtime card, then hits you up for an internet connection... $500 for her sick Mom to get out of the hospital, or treatments for her little sister that's sick, or lotions and potions... then a passport, visa and airline fare. Those I can see coming a mile a way and can successfully, most of the time, avert-avert-avert.

But then the lies flow from her pretty red lips like last year’s honey. Slow and deliberate. She toyed with her hair, twirling the curly lock that hung over her left cheek, first winding it one way then the other. Then in front of the webcam, she uses her hand to pick imaginary lint from her sweater; complaining the lint makes her nipples get hard and poke through the sweater, as she begins to twitch pushing her boobs even closer to the screen, so you can see the image of her erect right nipple she has rubbed with her finger tips underneath her sweater. But her words are cold. Colder than a well-digger’s ass in Idaho !

Below is the perfect penalty. Face those you have conned.

2012-06-22, 11:01:52
anonymous from United States  
Yana Indah is truely all above what men are saying. Having been one of her victims she uses lies and especially her body to convince you of her love. Unfortunelty, after telling to many lies, theu catch up to her. That is why she then tries to strip you of all your money. It only takes months before she disappears running for another sucker. Men, please stay away from her....she is that dangerous. Has been with so many men she probably carries diseases now
2012-06-27, 08:47:06
I know this asian girl Yana. She's a hooker working in the Austin airport area under pretense as massage girl at nearby body rubs parlour. I paid her outcall fee of 100$ plus another 100$ she did everthing I asked. It was at night and I thought she could use a good cleaning. Haaa, maybe it was because she had several appointments before me that's why she smelled a little funky! She was no amatuer when it comes to performance that's for sure! Overall a good time for the money but I wouldn't trust her beyond a good night of sex only. She looked like the photos plus a little wear and tear after her performance. I'll probably look her up earlier on my next trip while she still has a fresh smell.
2012-06-27, 11:33:55
anonymous from United States  
Yana, always loved having nude photos of herself taken. Especially after hot flicks.
She will do anything if it brings her money

2012-06-27, 11:33:58
anonymous from United States  
Yana, always loved having nude photos of herself taken. Especially after hot flicks.
She will do anything if it brings her money

2012-07-01, 16:38:59
anonymous from United States  
Yana-the massagist. met her at my hotel room. She lied about her age and looked even older. She has been through washing machine to many times. Age and to much sex has put her out to dry to long. I could get alot better, and younger, so I threw her out and got a real woman. She wanted paid for her efforts coming there-hehehe. This mare needs to be put out to pasture or the glue plant
2012-07-01, 17:55:40
[hidden] from United States  
Where can I meet her? What massage agency does she work for? I want to find out is she a myth or a legend. Most everyone has rated her sexual appetite and prowess as above and beyond average . I know she is a player so am forewarned so I am only looking for a single romp in her haystack which I would be glad to be very generous for the opportunity to have some pleasure with this cunning mata hari of sinsual asian sex on a onetime basis.
2012-07-02, 15:20:37
anonymous from United States  
2012-07-01, 17:55:40 [hidden] from United States - Where can I meet her ? >>>

It's not a myth... it's the real deal ! Look at the classified ads on Backpage. To find it google Austin and click on 'Body Rubs' on the drop down menu. Scroll down the listings until you find 'Asian' massage or body rubs and look for 'outcalls' if you want them to come to you. You can ask for Yana, but if she's not available, others will be on duty. Usually they post pics of the different girls each day. Below is a pic of one of the girls shown on their current webpage.

All you'll need to impress this Asian woman is to fill her hand with dollar bills and she'll giggle a lot and wiggle nonstop ! It's rumored Asian women have magical Kung-Fu trained vaginas, so prepare yourself for an onslaught of what's about to come ! These girls are highly trained and use artistic expression and nimble body language to get you in the mood. No Viagra is ever needed. In most southeast Asian countries, erotic massage is a centuries old oriental technique of massaging the genitals referred to as 'nin xi huan anmo ma' to enhance a man's virility, or 'da pao' which means to 'blow your cannon'. These girls typically find a level of self-expression in sex suffused with a transcendent quality which is never contrived. Any further description of the activity might violate what would be considered inappropriate content on this site. Enjoy !

2012-07-02, 20:56:06
[hidden] from United States  
I want the legend no substitute. With the prowess that has been describe here I doubt many females can match that. The heart of a cold blooded assassin with the lust and sexual ability and prowess of a nymoho in heat. Somebody lead me to her. Just want to experience just once. But this time I would have the advantage since I know the game. By the way what city is she located. Not that it matters I would hop on a plane to hope in some of what she has. Lead me to her will conquer her his time.
2012-07-03, 20:49:25
hello again
well she is here again baging and phone call so dont go there and dont email me and dont chat witrh her and dont call her she is up to some delete her now of thsi profile she is up to no good she is bad she is.
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