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Dating scammer Yana Indah


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Name: Yana Indah


Jakarta, Indonesia
Last seen in Youngstown Ohio, Austin Texas, and New Jersey within 3 months. Just look for a fool and his money and she will be there taking him to the cleaners.

Other Comments:
This girl's a clever gold-digger and she will play you for as long as she needs to. Her weakness? She cannot stop lying!. I exposed her by taking everything she says and writes seriously, All the time. Ask questions all the time, re-phrase same questions at different times. She will slip-up. You just have to confront her at a rate beyond that which she can handle. If you feel her panicking, bombard her with questions and concerns of yours. She is a coward and therefore does not handle confrontation very well. If you want to confront her for the first time, to check your suspicions, i would suggest you do it by phone, and that you are very serious in your tone. You will notice immediately how she is panicking. But remember, she is very clever, and therefore very quick! Dont be fooled by the sweet-talk. She has an adorable voice with an asian accent which really makes it hard to doubt her. This psycho will not only break your heart, but she will ruin you for other women. It will be almost impossible for you to be able to move on and trust another woman on the internet. Be careful! She's only after your money!

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2013-02-10, 23:02:58
anonymous from United States  
Do not worry. I pray for Yana. If she contacts me, God will keep me safe
2013-02-11, 14:45:00
anonymous from United States  
Yana is not as bad as the other scammers here. They try to suck money from men with no intentions of meeting or giving anything in return. Even though she is a gamer she puts out sex like a steamboat and will do anything you ask her to do sexually. She is a total sex freak that just loves a buck. She also gives a great massage but she gets plenty of practice seeing clients on the weekends.
2013-02-12, 15:50:00
You state Yana is not bad....your screwed up....She steals your money. destroys your name and leaves you with herpes. Wake up......Yana Indah is truely a scammer and bitch. She seems to be in Austn Texas passing on her evil to amy man stupid enough enough not to research her past. She has done major damage to alot of men.....WAKE UP...Yana is one of the worst scammers. If your stupid enough to believe is your problem, your health and your future
2013-02-14, 18:30:38
anonymous from United States  
Yeah stay away from that scammer bitch. She is a great storyteller saying that its the guys that are abusing her and that she is the innocent victim. She has more
Emails names than yahoo and more phone numbers than att. She lied to me about her real name but I found out. I met her online and she would strip for me on Skype before I met her in person. She invited me to spend the night in her hotel last night found out she had been texting several guys already told me she would do anything for me if I gave her some money. She is desperate and on he move I have her a facial and got out of there did not want any contact with her. I told her I know about all of her games and manipulation. I did not give her any money even though she did a fetish i always wanted to try that girl is anything goes freaky I would say that a fluid gulper. Beware fellows.
2013-02-16, 16:06:44
Hey, I hooked up with that bitch, and everyone that she has ever fucked over, I took their anger out on her. She gave me a great massage, then we started kissing and off came the clothes faster than a N.Y. second. Then I had to hide my penis so she would not see. I got out some KY and greased her vagina really well, and then I gave Yana about half of my hard penis. She was pleased, and we were going pretty well until I gave her the other half. I held back 2 inches because I did not want to have to take her to the hospital. She screamed with pleasure and pain, as I went faster and all into her. I then rolled her over to do doggy, and surprise I did anal and she took all of my 13.5 inches in her ass. I had to hold her still from squirming away as I kept doing her anal. After I pulled out to do her vagina she stopped me and ran out the door naked. I put onmy clothes and went looking for her, but never did find her. So I hope I gave her a scare. I was really amazed that she could take 12 inches without feeling pain. But the last inch and half was another story. Anyway, I used her for about 2 hours before she ran out the door.
2013-02-16, 18:16:08
anonymous from United States  
Looks like Yana is getting screwed after screwing so many guys over. Justice is being served on her for messing up so many good men. she is just a run of the mill massage whore tramp now. Where did you hook up with her at? What city I hear she is still in Texas somewhere. I would like to give her a payback visit.
2013-02-17, 04:57:00
anonymous from United States  
Yana is a runned down whore. I don't understand why guys still want her massages, she is older now. There are so many younger massage woman in americai. look at her photos . yes, she has taken alot from men that cared. Also, looks like she took alot in her from just men wanting a piece of ass. Yana, having viruses, would scare me away-condom or not, At least this bitch is getting her payback now and this site is helping alot of men to beware of her.
2013-02-18, 03:10:35
Newsflash; you're not the sun, I'm not the earth and life doesn't fucking revolve around you. I'm Yana's best friend and she hasn't changed, she just stopped putting up with your pointless bullshit. So if you dream about somebody it means they miss you? I just didn't realize all the creeps and crazed clowns were included. My middle finger rises up to salute you !

2013-02-18, 06:27:08
not dreams, nightmares thinking she gave me viruses. Is that the finger you put up her ass?
2013-02-18, 12:57:15
anonymous from United States  
You claim to be Yana's best friend but yet you don't hold her accountable for her actions. She is on this board because of her actions. None of these guys including myself would have known Yana has they not been approached by her. Yana is a liar and manipulator she strings multiple guys along at a time. She uses her fake innocence and uninhibited sexual openness to get a person believing her. She always has an agenda or ulterior motive. She is always looking out for the next big sucker. Yana trolls the dating sites under multiple guises always in search of the next sucker. She paints herself as the helpless victim of bad relationships but when she gets into one she is the one who is unfaithful. She plays with the church as a means of feigning innocence but its just a game to her. What amazed me is how easy she could jump from one guys bed to the next without any reservation or concience or regards to her health both moral and physical or regards to the men either. Yana is a true scammer I once loved her know I loathe her. So if you are her best friend as you claim and knowing the type of person she is and you are giving us the finger what does that say about you and your character. I cared for Yana and treated her with respect and in return she cheated on me and lied. She is just a middle aged aginging sex addicted pathological liar who needs help or maybe you should give her the finger let her sit on it and hope she will awaken to the reality of her bad behavior.
2013-02-20, 10:14:23
At least men are realizing Yana's sickness. She turned my church away from me with her soft spoken asian lies. Used sex with me to concel all her plans to take my money. Fortunetly the bank manager was wise and knew my family. She ran immediately hooking up with another man that dumped her after weeks. Everything wrong about Yana has been stated on this site. She is that bad and evil
2013-02-22, 17:41:20
anonymous from United States  
Yana is very clever and smart that is why she can keep entrapping men. She scans websites religiously and meticulously sizing up her prey. She acts naive and helpless but she has a brilliant calculating mind which keeps her a step ahead of her victims. Lets face it there are a lot of gullible guys on those websites to keep her going forever. While not attractive she is sexy and is a uninhibited anything you desire (anal,oral, bi, massaging, exhibitionist...etc...) sexmachine that's programmed to capture fools. When you finally discover her game it's generally too late because she has already lined up the next couple of targets so booting her out is no issue for her. As a matter of fact Yana reads this blog and when you see replies from so call people who say they are coming to her defense who do you think is writing that...She is sitting back laughing at all of whine in our sorrow and misery...
2013-02-23, 00:50:16
minggat semua yang Anda pengeluh

2013-02-23, 10:27:07
Yes, that looks like Yana Indah....hehehehe.....looking at us from Hell !
Legs still spread wide as usual
2013-02-25, 03:29:50
To Yana's friend. Is that your age or IQ? If you were Yana's friend, you would get her the mental help that she needs. I wish I could be there when she has to face The Lord and answer to her sins. If Yana is reading this I hope you repent. There will be a judgement day.
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