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Dating scammer Yana Indah


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Name: Yana Indah


Jakarta, Indonesia
Last seen in Youngstown Ohio, Austin Texas, and New Jersey within 3 months. Just look for a fool and his money and she will be there taking him to the cleaners.

Other Comments:
This girl's a clever gold-digger and she will play you for as long as she needs to. Her weakness? She cannot stop lying!. I exposed her by taking everything she says and writes seriously, All the time. Ask questions all the time, re-phrase same questions at different times. She will slip-up. You just have to confront her at a rate beyond that which she can handle. If you feel her panicking, bombard her with questions and concerns of yours. She is a coward and therefore does not handle confrontation very well. If you want to confront her for the first time, to check your suspicions, i would suggest you do it by phone, and that you are very serious in your tone. You will notice immediately how she is panicking. But remember, she is very clever, and therefore very quick! Dont be fooled by the sweet-talk. She has an adorable voice with an asian accent which really makes it hard to doubt her. This psycho will not only break your heart, but she will ruin you for other women. It will be almost impossible for you to be able to move on and trust another woman on the internet. Be careful! She's only after your money!

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2013-02-25, 16:51:17
To Yana Indah.......there comes a time that God will even ask these things. Yana, why have you used men so much? Why have you used your body so much? WHY have you used relgion to abuse others so much? WHY have you used your family so much?

There becomes a time the WHY's won't save her. Yana Indah has used them to much. the devil, and her evil, has already won her soul.
2013-03-09, 05:11:45
anonymous from United States  
Yana is not seeking redemption and has no remorse for the men she preys on and crushes . She enjoys outsmarting men with her cunning deceitful ways and uses sex as a tool to break men down. Even when she is used and slutted out and discovered it does not faze her. She is willing to go through as many men possible to find that ultimate sucker with enough cash to take him to the cleaners shred him to pieces dump him and reap her gain.
2013-03-10, 07:59:46
Very, Very True. Yana Indah has no soul. A true user. The problem is alot of men do not research her past and sees all the men she goes through. I wonder if she was sexily used by her father or brother when she was young? She treats men as dirt until she can take all she can from them. A man might someday just beat the shit out of her or just kill her
2013-03-11, 01:06:55
Awal bulan ini, seorang malaikat tertangkap pada video televisi sirkuit tertutup di Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. Penampakan bercahaya bercahaya yang muncul pada video hitam dan putih kasar pasti memiliki semua keunggulan menjadi seorang alien yang sebenarnya. Ini tidak mengambil imajinasi untuk melihat bahwa olahraga makhluk alien putih sayap besar terlihat di sisi tubuhnya. Tampaknya untuk turun dari langit entah dari mana dan menghilang secepat ia datang. Seorang wanita bernama Yana Indah mengomentari acara menyatakan: Sepupu saya berada di Cilandak pada malam itu dan orang-orang yang menyaksikan itu berbicara tentang hal itu sepanjang malam. Mereka melihat ini cahaya terang turun dari langit, menyentuh tanah, kemudian lepas landas.

2013-03-11, 02:44:53   (updated: 2013-03-11, 02:47:50)
A fool and his money are soon parted - click on the thread below ... LOL !

2013-03-11, 11:37:33
anonymous from United States  
Even though Yana has broken hearts and spirits of several men it would be wrong to advocate or propose any violence against her in any way. I believe she is just a confused pathological liar with unknown motivations why she does what she does. I don't know if she will ever mend her ways but let her conscious of those she hurt and her own be the punishment for her and send her home back to Indonesia violence against her is not the answer.
2013-03-13, 07:18:38
Yes, I hope no one hurts Yana. However, Yana is a true BITCH !
2013-03-20, 22:47:33
anonymous from United States  
Yana is hurting herself, her lifestyle is serving her justice. The viruses she carries is destroying and deteriorating her physically so her scared body is not attractive. Her attitude and hate for men has destroyed her heart. She is getting older so that she can no longer easily attract or prey on any victims. She has live so many lies and been used by so many men she can never find a true love because she could never be true to anyone because of the lies she has lived. So she is managing her own downfall so no one needs to punish her any further she has done the deed for herself.
2013-03-22, 06:40:38
anonymous from United States  
Congradulations Yana. You have given a new definition to the word lowlife. You will collect your just rewards.
2013-03-22, 06:52:18
anonymous from United States  
yana is a total loser, I agree. Think about this......yana did not come over here to USA until 42 yrs old and did alot of damage and used many people.. What other country and men did she use in her first 42 yrs ???
2013-03-23, 08:11:51
anonymous from United States  
Yana is a desperate lady way past her prime'Perawan tua or Old Virgin is a name given to those Indonesian women above 30 whom hasn't got married yet'. In Indonesia she is a scorned lady and outcast being both unmarried and not a virgin. This is why she came to this country to find a mate/sucker to end her misery. In Indonesia women like her are bar girls/prostitutes who prey on foreigners when they visit the country. I have visited Indonesia and have experienced first hand how these women operate. They are skillful in the art of seductive manipulation and managing multiple men at a time. They fake innocence and helplessness to lure their victims into their web. They have no heart or concience and will strip a man of his possessions in a blink of an eye. They either send money back home to family who they must care for by custom or for their own selfish desires. The ultimate goal is to land the big fish who can support their greed but they will consumes a many little fish as required along the way and discard them mercilessly as part of the game. Yana is more a predator than a scammer. Women who are scammers dont really plan to meet with you. Women who are predators plan to meet with you they have stalked you and sized you up to strip you. So be warned the Internet is her tool to find a fool.
2013-03-27, 06:46:34
anonymous from United States  
I found it funny when I saw her middle name. If you split it up into segments, it is Pus(for vagina), dika(for penis), wati. Or put together it is Pusdikawati. Thank God, my dealings with her were before she contracted herpes. She left me while I was at church. She did not go with me saying she was sick. When I returned from church, she was gone with all her belongings. She is such a c-hunt.
2013-03-27, 07:14:44
anonymous from United States  
wow- yana did something similiar to me too and i talked to another of her victims and she did the same to him. Yana reads the Bible but does not know it's meaning, only uses the church to set her men up and make them look bad until her needs are met taking as much money as she can get- then takes off.
2013-03-29, 01:10:14
If all the young ladies were winds of the sea, I'd be a sail and I'd let them blow me !
2013-04-11, 11:41:06
anonymous from United States  
It makes me feel good that a lot of men have opened up and keep Yana fresh on this site so other men she her user techniques and become aware of her true goals. Yana Indah is a very good scammer / user
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