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Dating scammer Brenda Braddock


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Name: Brenda Braddock


Brenda Braddock, Mississippi 38633
Hickory Flat, MS
Moved here from Cuba 3 years ago
Father passed away
Mother remarried and lives in Texas
Lawyer in Florida needs her to come to Florida (where) to sign papers
for her fathers things.
Send Send Money Gram to Brenda Braddock, Mississippi, 38633

I found this young lady on OKcupid. I reported this person to the site. After I logged to report this person, the invited me for a web cam shot. These people.

Other Comments:
Here is todays story: 5-10-2012

denny4wheels: Hi Brenda It is 3 O'Clock and I just wanted to say hi.
denny4wheels: I will check back around 5:30 Brenda.
brendabraddock1: Hello, i am right here
brendabraddock1: Havent been on the site, will try check on your messages now
denny4wheels: Hey, about to go walk the pups.......How was your day?
brendabraddock1: My day has been hectic, Just get out of shower now
brendabraddock1: Feeling much better
denny4wheels: Ok. Bet that is a pretty site
denny4wheels: I am glad
denny4wheels: I had a good day
brendabraddock1: I havent been on the site for days now
denny4wheels: I have only been typing you
brendabraddock1: you discouraged me from going there
denny4wheels: Don't be silly
denny4wheels: LOL
brendabraddock1: I am serious here
denny4wheels: I want to get to know you better
brendabraddock1: Already found it very interesting to get along with you from the onset as a serious man who knows what he want
brendabraddock1: But
brendabraddock1: Hmmmmm
denny4wheels: I believe you ae serious
denny4wheels: There is that bit 'but'........LOL
denny4wheels: big but
denny4wheels: sorry
brendabraddock1: lol
brendabraddock1: why the big but
denny4wheels: That is a joke
brendabraddock1: You hiding things from me
denny4wheels: LOL
denny4wheels: no
brendabraddock1: I like people who are open minded
denny4wheels: I am certainly that
brendabraddock1: I try to be me no matter what
denny4wheels: Yep
denny4wheels: What did you do today?
brendabraddock1: Visit some places about personal things
denny4wheels: You hiding things from me?.......
denny4wheels: LOL
brendabraddock1: hahahaha
denny4wheels: just kidding
denny4wheels: Did you not work
brendabraddock1: ok its about what my dad left when he was alive
brendabraddock1: Are you okay now
brendabraddock1: Yes i do work but trying to get a big store for me soon
denny4wheels: I am fine. I understand how that goes..........
brendabraddock1: Thought you said you were going out just now
denny4wheels: I lost both of my parents
denny4wheels: Well, I was until you responded
brendabraddock1: ohhhh
denny4wheels: I thought we would chat for a few minutes
brendabraddock1: Sorry
denny4wheels: Sorry about what?
brendabraddock1: Loseing your bothe parent
denny4wheels: Oh
denny4wheels: Thank you
brendabraddock1: I still have my mom alive but we dont get along
brendabraddock1: It pains to lose people close to us
denny4wheels: I noticed that you live alone. Where does she live?
denny4wheels: What is the matter between the two of you? Just Mom and Daughter stuff?
brendabraddock1: She lives in texas with her husband
brendabraddock1: Nop she treated me so bad when she left my dad
denny4wheels: When did she leave you father
brendabraddock1: about 10years
denny4wheels: What did she do Brenda?
brendabraddock1: Its a long story
denny4wheels: Ok
denny4wheels: Maybe over dinner?
brendabraddock1: what she did bad was cheating on my dad
denny4wheels: Ok. Seen that before
brendabraddock1: How far do you live from me
brendabraddock1: You knows the hours
denny4wheels: 249 miles
denny4wheels: about 4 hours
brendabraddock1: ohhh
brendabraddock1: I am a shy lady and i dont like meeting someone just like that if i havent get to know them very well
denny4wheels: did you read my message about staying with my friend in Florence, and driving over to see you. YOu live about 1 hour and 15 minutes from his house
denny4wheels: I understand
brendabraddock1: ohhhh when did you send the message
denny4wheels: I sent it last night
denny4wheels: I thought we could meet for lunch, and see how things go
denny4wheels: Then I could drive back
brendabraddock1: Its not something hard for me, Going through some things and i need to get it fixxed
brendabraddock1: If you observed you will hardly meet me on line
denny4wheels: What do you need to get fixed?
brendabraddock1: Thought i told you
denny4wheels: What kind of things are you going through
denny4wheels: No, you did not tell anything about that
denny4wheels: Are you there?
brendabraddock1: Dont want to inconvinince you, Well its like this, My dads lawyer is in Florida right now and he asked me to come down so i could sign some papers in other to have full possession to things dad left but my finances is bad for now
denny4wheels: That is no problem Brenda, that can be handled through the mail.
denny4wheels: That is how I did it.
brendabraddock1: If it can be handled he wont ask me to come down
brendabraddock1: Well forget about that
denny4wheels: Gee. Do you have a way to get there? do you have money for a flight or something.
brendabraddock1: Dont feel comfortable telling you
brendabraddock1: will get a solution to it
denny4wheels: I could drive over, have lunch and get you some money if that would help
denny4wheels: Ok, well you do what you think is best.
brendabraddock1: Thanks for your concern, Already told you that i still want to get to know you more but because i needed something you want to make me feel cheap
brendabraddock1: Sorry if i sound this way
denny4wheels: Cheap? What does that mean?
denny4wheels: I don't understand..
brendabraddock1: You said you could get me some fund if you come have lunch with me
denny4wheels: It would be a good way to meet; I can do what ever you want to do if you have a better idea
denny4wheels: What do you want to do?
brendabraddock1: Your message dont sound like the man i saw in the picture
brendabraddock1: I just felt i am chatting with a young guy in 30s
denny4wheels: I don't understand
denny4wheels: Same guy, in the photo. I just feel like I know you better now.
brendabraddock1: Your messages looks like its been written by a young guy
brendabraddock1: Whats your age again
denny4wheels: Young guys are not this
denny4wheels: 59
brendabraddock1: smile
brendabraddock1: Funny you
denny4wheels: Did you reed my profile
brendabraddock1: Yes i did over and over
brendabraddock1: I knows you are 59
brendabraddock1: Its just very easy to chat with you, As we started exchanging messages on he site
brendabraddock1: the
denny4wheels: When do you need to go to Florida?
brendabraddock1: Before we fought
denny4wheels: lol
brendabraddock1: lol
brendabraddock1: I need to go tomorrow thats why i have been running around for funds
denny4wheels: How do we do that Brenda
denny4wheels: How much do you need
denny4wheels: ?
brendabraddock1: I needed 950 but a friend promised me 300 tomorrow morning
denny4wheels: So you only need 650 dollars?
denny4wheels: that's all?
brendabraddock1: Yes after getting the one my friend promised to give me
brendabraddock1: I used to be the one helping people in my life
denny4wheels: How can I get it to you. I can easily do that Sweetie!!
brendabraddock1: I hope i am not making you feel uncomfortable
denny4wheels: Of course not. Why would you say that?
brendabraddock1: Ok i have a money gram not far from me and i will pay you back the fund soon
denny4wheels: Ok. What do I do?
denny4wheels: How do I get it to you. It is getting late.
brendabraddock1: do you have a moey gram close to you
brendabraddock1: It takes 10 minutes to get to me
denny4wheels: Yea but it closes at 6, and it is 5:30 already
brendabraddock1: you can still get it done in bigger store
denny4wheels: I will need to hurry!!
denny4wheels: Brenda, Sweetheart, just tell me where to send it!!
brendabraddock1: ok
denny4wheels: I have to get the money first, then take it there.....
denny4wheels: My fast typing LOL
denny4wheels: mistakes every where
brendabraddock1: yes
brendabraddock1: If you have a bigger store they might close late
brendabraddock1: this one closes around 9:00pm
denny4wheels: Brenda where do I send it Sweetie?
brendabraddock1: brenda braddock Mississipi 38633

denny4wheels: Okay
brendabraddock1: Are you helping me with all
brendabraddock1: cos i am not very sure of my friend
denny4wheels: Now exactly how much
denny4wheels: 650 is all?
brendabraddock1: Its 950 all
brendabraddock1: Dont worry i will pay you back
denny4wheels: G O T T C H A!!!!!!!
denny4wheels: I said I would get you scammer
denny4wheels: You best log off now
brendabraddock1: what you talking about
brendabraddock1 is typing...


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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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