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Dating scammer Alina Frager


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Name: Alina Frager


Trinity Street
Los Angeles, CA

Other Comments:
This person came to me out of the blue on my yahoo messenger. She asked me to add her. She came on with some sort of lesbian message. I was mortified seeing how I am not a lesbian or female. She kept sending request asking who I was?
I finally gave in and started talking to her. She said my email kept coming to her. I had already been scammed on so I am now more cautious.
She talked to me for days and we were like friends on the other side of the world for a few days. Well she said she received an email from her daughter who lived in Texas and her husband worked for an embassy. He was in Nigeria working on their embassy.
She was so upset he didnt have money for the rest of his stay and she had spent her money already. So she asked me for $650.00 for money to send him. Turns out its a Nigerian scam. Well it didnt stop there. She asked me for more money for him to get home after she said she didn't need my money. She claimed she was a custodian at an elementary school. She wasnt smart enough to realize you could check that stuff out.


2012-09-01, 19:38:57   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-09-01, 19:38:57   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2012-09-05, 09:10:54
anonymous from United States  
THANK GOD she has finally been exposed! The Embassy - what a crock of BS!!! She is one more sweet talker, I give her that! BUT, in the the end she just wants some poor lonely soul to send money to Nigeria. WHAT???? So glad her scheme is here so others can read and beware of her lies. WHOEVER you are, thanks again for coming forward to expose Miss Alina. It seems they all start out $650.00 - coindence? Don't think so, just a game to see if fools will play along! Thankfully, I read this and did not send money! I am tenderhearted and to tell the truth before I read this I was thinking about it?
2012-09-05, 18:33:35
anonymous from United States  
She got me too guys on yahoo messenger. She was rentless in having me 'talk' back to her. I fell for it! Things were going good until the school could not identify her as an employee and the fact in less than 1 week she was hitting me up for money. I have been scammed numerous time, I must have sucker written all in my profile and in messages to this women. I have been scammed out of so much money! I am ashamed to tell you how much I have been taken for. AND, you are right, $650 is the magic price!! STICK A FORK IN ME, I'M DONE with this online dating bull s...t!!! I need to look a woman in the eye, face to face, get to know her and possibly form a relationship....who knows maybe fall in love. This online mystery stuff is fantasy, these gals know what you want to hear and they do not mind pouring it on hot and heavy. Wanted to share and perhaps save you some hurt feeling and money at the same time. STAY OFF ANY ONLINE DATING WEBSITES. THEY ARE FULL OF LIARS AND SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-09-19, 19:29:56
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Thanks you all.
2012-09-19, 20:13:45
anonymous from United States  
Hi guys I just found her on here today and yes she is a scamer. she has told me the same story about her son in law also being in nigeria and needing money I checker her out at the school and she did not work there. She also asked for $650 from me also. same this as the first guy on this fisting same every thing just like I was reading my own notes Her son in laws name is sopose to be Richard Badmus daughters name Antoniette 30 years old and her daughter is also sopose to be pregnet now .her dad died 23 years ago. If any one needs the school nimber it is 323-232-2358/ but you will not find her there. She told me Monday she got fired and I was the reason for that. her husbands last name is Hartwick she also is sopose to have 1 brother that lives in Texas also. if you run her emaile in should come back to San Jones Ca. The IM is . Her birthday is sopose to be August 23n and is now 52 her address is sopose to be 3707 Trinity street La. California90011. This is if any of the info she has gived is true. I have ran many thing on her in the past and could not find any thing untill now. I have talked to her for about 3 weeks the first time and had gotten a virious from the Mate1 dating sight and they also hacked my computer. But this sight notified me and I got every thing changed before they were to get any thing from the bank .I have added a idenity protection plan on me at the bankjust being safe. I wish I could tell you more about her. I am not on any more and never will go back there. I have ran into many scamers and have added to the listings on here. Guys be carful if you are talking to any one on Mate1 you are more than likely talking to a scamer or one that is wants to take you to a sex chat room. that is all I have found on there in a little over 3 mounth on it. No one on here is real I do not think I have found scamers that asked for money with in 5 minutes of talking to them. Good luck again.



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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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