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Dating scammer


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2013-01-20, 17:54:03
anonymous from Canada  
Thanks for the info.
2013-01-20, 18:01:59
anonymous from Canada  

Robb, helloooo... My dearest friend! My Robb, I don’t have

good news today. My joy and my happiness changed by desperation and
fear. I have tears on my face. Robb I didn’t manage to get a loan
at the bank. I addressed at several banks. I visited 7 different
banks. Can you imagine this? They all have given refusal in those 7
banks. I told them I have a job abroad. I just need to fly to my job
so my company will return the money for my expenses. So I won’t have
problems with returning the loan to the bank. But they all were
determined. They refused to me. They didn’t give me a loan. That is
terrible! I am in a very difficult situation now. I don’t know what to
do. I don’t know how I will proceed. I didn’t inform the agency about

my problem. I have a fear. I can lose my job. They can cancel the

contract. In this case I will lose all my money which I have already
paid. Those are the conditions of the contract. I have already written
about this. I paid all my money to sign the contract for my new job.
That was all my savings. My friend Robb I am in deadlock. I don’t
have any idea where I can money. My friend here can’t also help me.
Pity! Very pity! I think it is a dead end. This is the end for me. O
my God! She suggested asking your help yesterday. But I couldn’t do
that. I think this is wrong to ask your money. I tried to find them on
my own. It was a shame for me to ask your help. But today I don’t have
any other choice. I have to ask your help. My dear Robb! My dear
friend, maybe you can help me with money? I need 800$. The whole price
of my contract is 1460$. I paid 660$ when I signed the contract. I
told them I will pay the second half of the sum when my documents will
be registered. But now I can’t do that. The banks refused to give me
the loan. I can’t find 800$. It is impossible for me. My dear friend
Robb please understand me. I am so sorry to ask your help now.
But there is no other choice. I am in helpless, lonely position. I
don’t want to lose my job now. I have been dreaming about changing my
life always. Now I can lose this chance. I can lose my chance only
because I have not enough money. Robb I can rely only on your
help now. Robb please understand me. Please help me with money.
Please! Please! Please! Robb I will return all money when I get
to Canada The company will reimburse all my expenses.
I will give back to you even more money. I will thank you personally!
Please help with money now. Please lend me. Ok? Please tell me your
opinion. Will you help with money? Will you give me 800? Can I rely on
your help? Robb I have to pay the other part of the sum tomorrow.
Only you can help me. Please think about it! I have only one hope.
This is you my Robb! My dearest friend! Please help me. I hope
you very much! I hope only you! Please write me your answer soon. O'k?
I will wait for your answer. I hope you! I hope you! I hope you!
Please don’t give me up. Please don’t leave me in this situation! I
need your help very much!

Your Julia forever...

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2013-01-20, 18:10:39
anonymous from Canada  

2013-01-20, 18:12:03
anonymous from Canada  

2013-01-20, 18:13:34
anonymous from Canada  

2013-01-20, 18:14:19
anonymous from Canada  

2013-01-20, 18:17:43
anonymous from Canada  

Hello my Robb! Hello my knight! Knight because you conquered my
heart! This is true. From now on you will stay in my heart. I am
happy! You are the man I can rely on. You are the man who can offer a
help in difficult situation. You are my real friend! Thank you, you
didn’t leave me in that bad situation. You are really my knight. Thank
you! I really don’t know I can thank you now. This is a noble deed. I
thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you! Thank you! You will
help with money. It is a magnificent miracle! This is the action of a
real knight. You are really the BEST! Thank you! Thank you Robb!
Thank you my dear friend Robb! Now I can pay for my contract! I
won’t lose my job. I will come to your country! I will see you! I want
to leave Russia as soon as possible. I want to be with you there. I
ought to thank you personally! I want to tell you 'Thank you very much
Robb ' looking in your eyes. I am sure I will have tears of
happiness at that moment. Now you are helping me to bring my dream to
life! I don’t know what to say. This is wonderful! Thank you very
much! Robb I am be happy to have our first meeting together. I
hope you agree with me. It will be an unforgettable meeting for us. I
am sure! I thought about the fact that you help me with money. Please
forgive my impudence. Of course I couldn’t know your answer. But I
thought about the way you can help me. I didn’t want to lose time. We
are short of time. You know about this. That is why I found out about
the way of sending money through such a huge distance. My friend told
me about the system Western Union. We saw bright advertisement
billboards of system Western Union outside when we walked around
Moscow. But I decided to find out more information. I can’t do any
mistake. I went to the bank and told with the bank’s manager. She
listened to me and advised to use the system Western Union or Money
Gram. She told these systems are safe and reliable for the fast
transfer of money through such a distance to each other. I will get
money just after one hour after your visit to their office. The
manager explained to me all the conditions of those systems. These
systems are very similar in sending money. I hope you heard about
Western Union and Money Gram. Am I right? Do you know about them? I
hope! She told you can find the office of Western Union and Money Gram
in a bank or in a post-office. I am sure you can easily find the
offices of Western Union and Money Gram in your city. Please do it as

soon as possible. Robb please use systems Western Union and

Money Gram for sending money. Ok? Do you understand me? I hope you
very much! Robb, I will write to you my full information now.
You need to know my full information for sending money through Western
Union or Money Gram. So you can easily and fast send money for me. Ok?
You need to write them carefully. Please don’t do mistakes. Check them
attentively. OK? I hope you! Here is my information:

My name: Julia
My surname:Bazhenov
My address: Russia, the city of Nefteyugansk, Gagarin's street 13-38

Now I can get your money without any problem. I hope you can
understand me right. And you can send money for me very soon. Please
hurry up. Ok? Please write me your full information connected with
sending money. Write me your full name and surname. Your country and
city. Your money transfer control number MTCN. They will give some

kind of control number after receiving money. Of course I have

information about your country and city. But I don’t want to make a
mistake. That is why I ask you to write your information again this
letter if it is not difficult. Ok? I need to know all information
about transferring money. It will help me to receive your money
without a problem. I hope you can understand me. Robb write me
soon! Write me as soon as it is possible. I am waiting for your
answer. Write me the information about transfer of money as soon as
possible. I hope you! I hope you very much! I kiss you for success.

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2013-01-20, 18:32:32
Miss Marple from United States  

The phone number you posted is this your private number? ,if it is edit out as this is a public forum and you can get calls from scammers or who ever and you might not want push the edit button you see it on the right below corner on this last posting you made and edit out the number now.
2013-01-20, 21:22:14
Miss Marple from United States  
Robb,i see you where not logged in when you posted thats why you where not able to see the edit button on the right below corner and when you are posting next time and see something you want to correct you have 1 hour to do that,i deleted your posting and reposted the mail here and i have edit out your info.

2013-01-20, 18:19:54
anonymous from Canada
My most expensive person on the earth-Robb. I have been disturbed by
problems with banks which refused to give to me of money, for this
purpose that I would arrive to your country and at last have seen you.
Therefore I did not answer your questions, I for days on end cried and
did not know what to do, but here recently you have told, that can
help to carry out to me my dream!!! Robb, I am very grateful to you
for it!!!

My dear Robb, I I have fallen in love with you, I adore photos which
you to me send, I look every day e-mail and when I see the letter from
you, I rejoice, I am in the seventh sky with happiness!!! Robb, you
have written recently that with someone slept, it has afflicted me,
but you the man are your requirements, I am all perfectly I
understand, but for me it is very insulting....

Robb, I called to you yesterday, but you had an answering machine. I
have been grieved by it... I again will call today on number
xxxx and I hope, that we will talk to you =) Word Crasotka in
the name of my mail box designates beautiful, attractive, Robb or you
do not agree with it??? =) Successful day Robb, I hope for you and on
that that we will soon meet, I kiss you!!!
Your Julia!
2013-01-20, 21:41:51
Miss Marple from United States  

You wondered that this scammer is not reported no where,scammers changes photos and emailaddreses very often to avoid get caught ,but you have to know that only scammers asks for money from strangers so thats why we know this is a scammer ! A genuine girl from Russia do not ask for money .A real girl from Russia is not desperate to come over to Usa or this continent ,it is not that simple for a Russian to just travel to this continent.

2013-01-21, 08:56:15
OJAS from United States  
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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