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Dating scammer Anastasiya Sadkova


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Name: Anastasiya Sadkova



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This is Anastasiya Sadkova. Obviously asking for money for a plane ticket and I needed proof of her travel visa to come to me and airline flight information. I also wanted to see her on webcam. All of my requests were ignored. %100 scammer.

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2013-01-27, 13:15:07
DOC from United States  
Rheal from Canada,

Your doing a great job with this thread! Thanks! Please continue to post the info on this scammer.
Good to hear you know scammer tactics, anyway this is a good thread for newcomers to read.
In future posts you could replace anonymous with a nickname so we know it is you.

Regards, DOC
2013-01-27, 14:27:54
OJAS from United States.. my friend check this out..i found this pic of a man looking for dating..girls..pillock of the day....check the heirdo out man..scam buster....from the uk

2013-01-27, 14:39:22
OJAS from United States my frend please check this out to please....i say no more just let you check her out....was asking for money off me...but i think you know I NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANY WOMAN. THIS WOMAN WAS COMEING ABIT STRONG ON ME FULL ON..BUT I WAS NOT GOING TO LET HER HAVE.....Scam buster...pritty...but i am not a fool....
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2013-01-27, 16:23:38   (updated: 2013-01-27, 16:31:50)
OJAS from United States  
Thanks 2013-01-27, 14:39:22 anonymous
Asking money from strangers = Scam! http://ladies-russi../Scam.php
Reverse image hit on 2013-01-27, 14:39:22 anonymous
2013-01-27, 17:14:44
OJAS from United States. my friend i also got this pic from the same woman.....can you check please.....scam..buster....let me know if you still want me to post any more...i want to try to help you...Thanks to you and the Team...i do have the email but i will say no more...

2013-01-27, 19:02:00   (updated: 2013-01-27, 19:08:30)
OJAS from United States  
Reverse image hit on 2013-01-27, 17:14:44 anonymous

Looks like Juliet, will try to post the long URL, copy these 2 lines to a single line without space to get the full URL: mbs/1496/


Useful reverse image search tools:

Grande Finale articles start with http://www.delphifa..htm#168643
2013-01-27, 19:05:01
OJAS, The photo that was sent to you of the guy with the weird hairdo looks almost like Paul McCartney with his original Beatle moptop hairdo. To anonymous 2013-01-27 14;27;54, nice pic. That is a beauty.
2013-01-27, 19:41:23   (updated: 2013-01-27, 20:12:29)
OJAS from United States  
2013-01-28, 00:55:21
OJAS from United friend its the SCAM BUSTER...will you want me to still work for you on..scammers...can you ask all the team and the runner of the site. that i will be participating host voluntary work..on this site to help victims. so thay dont lose any more money. if we all work together we can totally disrupt their system...we can crack it. because they are not as clever as you time to stop all this...let know brother...moptop hairdo it is a let me know if you want the email address of that woman..say no more....
2013-01-28, 07:58:01
anonymous from United Kingdom  
OJAS from United States. Got this pic my friend today. i Know its a Scam hey man. that bit of kit is well good......i will not say any ask me what site i got it from? and i let you know okay...The Names....Scam Buster..

2013-01-28, 10:24:09
OJAS from United States  
Thanks S Buster from UK.

Only scammer details not good to post are those under investigation by law enforcement authorities.

As for the rest, keep posting their info:

1) Stolen pix
2) Dating site link to their profile (or how you met "her")
3) A copy of "her" profile
4) Pix from the profile
5) "Her" email address
6) X-Mailer and Sender IP traced from the Headers
7) "Her" emails at least up to the money letter (and further if you keep marching them to Moneygram, it is preferable to Western Union, they cannot check MTCN online)

The more they are exposed, the more likely search engines will expose them, since there are more data on them to search.

2013-01-28, 12:00:00
OJAS from United States  
2013-01-28, 12:27:20
anonymous from United Kingdom  
OJAS from United States. my friend this is The Scam Buster..uesing that pic thing. i found the woman in the cam okay. i have got her real name she lives in the USA...she is a very slipprey and snide shady women..all seid dangerous on all records. what is raising concern to me she's involved in fraud...i will not post her pic or name on here..ALSO.number two. today i also had a background check on me by a south african. what was really bad it came to me by spam email..i may have to inform the metropolitan police about it..but with that woman i mentioned about should i inform THE FBI AS WELL AS Get support as a victim of crime - GOV.UK..that all i can say brother. its rather worrying on both cases please please understand me...i will come back to see what you think and may help in any way...please..i dont care about my self. its my family i care about....
2013-01-28, 13:09:12
OJAS from United States  
Run an IP trace on the "South African" background check.

A few weeks ago, I received in my spam mail from "FBI" that they have the warrant to arrest me, and I should get back to them for my own good.

That mail had a .vn for top domain = Vietnam. FBI uses .gov, won't send email like that, but use official US Government envelope, LOL!

That IP traced to somewhere I think in Nigeria, another LOL!
2013-01-28, 14:12:46
anonymous from United Kingdom  
OJAS from United States..yes my brother i got that..just gota say about that woman from the USA. Thank god i not got her here with me...with all them profiles on her..all i can say my friend..SHE is your gonna love this...Slippery Sneaky Slivering Slivering Carnivaleing Cow..and think by the looks of things. She will be going inside for a 5 or a 10 i say not all US girls that..thanks for being understanding....Scam buster...p.s cool words..that woman in the cam....also with all them profiles on her. she would not be allowed entry into the united kingdom..
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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