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Dating scammer Kristina Korolevskaia


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Name: Kristina Korolevskaia


kyrgyzstan 720080 . SITY Bishkek . street: Profsouznaya 21l3

Other Comments:
Came into contact with her through Elena's models, seemed like a nice girl. Told me she was going 'to the mountains; with friends, all lies, she was really dating a Turkish guy there (she has a few options apparently and is known in the city for this). She has an answer for every question, and does not like you talking to people in her inner circle.
'OK listen ! what i did to u its verry bad , bad i mean that i go to turkey , and luing , there is no excuse to me , i am understand this , BUT i never cheat on u , can u understand thıs !!! NEVEEEEEER !!!! erdem is my friend u understan or not ! stupid'
She calls the current foreigner of choice her 'pocket'. I found out only by chance, she took one of her friends boyfriends and out of spite this girl snitched to me.

Date of Birth 26th February 1988

Telephone +996555 020252

She is demanding for presents like ipad/iphone (good taste I guess). And if you are foolish enough to go
there and meet her, most of her not so close friends are in the know for what she does.

I have email trails, detective reports linking her to 'sponsors' in Turkey who paid her to go and stay with them, she is very clever at what she does.

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2013-09-17, 05:50:16
anonymous from Kyrgyzstan  
This girl is an absolute piece of trash. She is spreading disease every time she sleeps with an unknowing man, which is very, very, very often. She IS a liar and thief, as well as a prostitute and slut.

2013-09-19, 06:40:16
Just ask the bar staff of the bars in Bishkek, like the American Pub, she is well known for what she does.
2013-09-19, 14:44:37
Bull shit !! Thats is not true ! I know her long time ago ... Very normal girl
2013-09-19, 15:23:46

Не стесняйтесь грешить, это тоже ведь опыт.

Тот, что дарит покой, очищенье для тех,

Кто пришел все-равно, сквозь препятствия к Богу,

А не ждал в клетке рая, ничего не успев.

2013-09-20, 03:09:08
I don't know why people are posting in Russian here, this is an English language site?
2013-09-20, 08:46:03
Miss Marple from United States  
Isn't that better when you understand the Russian language better that someone posts for you in Russian also ? People comes from every corner in this world and makes their postings here ,you know scammers are also international why do you hide your self behind anonymity? are you not coming from a English spoken country then?
2013-09-20, 09:28:00
OJAS from United States  
anonymous 2013-09-20, 03:09:08,
this is an English language site?

No, the Admin has already answered it (in German, FYI) http://www.delphifa..=14#43094

We don't tell others which language they shouldn't use! And, nobody objects when readers use translators like

Not all victims are comfortable with English, scam gangs are in general from 2 regions, FSU and West Africa
2013-09-20, 10:55:30
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
Hi there

I am the original poster and I would agree with OJAS and Miss Marple, some people have emailed me in Russian, and I just used Google translate.

People may find it difficult in the English language, so we should be open and not closed to other languages.

Just my thoughts. I have done what I believe to be the right thing and warned others, and as I did, other victims came out. And I don't mind what language they write in :)

Kind Regards

2013-09-20, 13:48:25
OJAS from United States  
No probs, Alan.

A link you could share with UK friends

2013-09-21, 06:15:56
Кто этот Alan ?? Походу девушка жестоко его кинула ! Красава , так держать нахуй этих насранцев !!! Wa haha ! Не понимаю на что надеются лоооозеры !

2013-09-21, 06:27:19

2013-09-21, 06:27:19

2013-09-21, 10:20:30
OJAS from United States  
I am the one who posted the dailymail link above, I did not hide my country.

If someone did not like that link, here's another

If you prefer Cyrillic, enjoy!

2013-09-21, 11:34:54
OJAS from United States  
2013-09-21, 12:03:46
anonymous from United Kingdom  

I think this started with the chats I published, putting evidence 'out in the open' so that what happened cannot be denied.

I am getting more nasty mails now also :) But I don't care ;-)))

They cannot deny the scammer's own words, so her friends just have to post abuse in Russian it seems.

Thanks a lot for the link from the Daily Mail, I have shared it with some UK friends.
One thing for sure, seems this post is causing some reactions :))

Kind Regards

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