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Dating scammer Elena Matiash


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Name: Elena Matiash


Ukraine, Poltava, Frunze str., 61/72

Other Comments:
I was dating in Poltava summer of 2012 and met a lady who was gone after 3 days. It's ok. Then I accidentally met Elena who was 'guide' and who showed me around town, several days for free. After a few days she would be friends and gave me a kiss? I was surprised and fell in love with her. I gave her some small gifts and she was happy. We agreed to meet again and this time we traveled around the city every day and spent money all the time. She invited me to her home for a visit with one of her girlfriend to 'pancake dinner' First she had to buy food at the store and I had to pay!
She invited me on Photo sessions and we got a lot of nice photos together.
I really thought she was interested in me and invited her to Brazil for the Christmas holiday.
When I said goodbye and went home we kissed each other and I felt she loved me. We also wrote email´s to each other almost every day for several months.
I was probably too nice and gave her a lot of gifts, etc. I also paid for her English school for half a year even I thought she was good at English!
We agreed a new visit. Only for 4 days. This time I was disappointed because I left to live in my own apartment again, which she arranged. I searched the internet and saw that I paid her nearly double the price of what it cost! We were also on a Tenor concert and she said to me a price that was three times as high as the real price. I thought we would get closer but she kept a cool distance. I get upset and crying, and told her all my feelings. I've had a hard time in several years due to divorce and another failed relationship.
We said goodbye and saw each other again in Kiev when we were traveling to Brazil. I figured that she must be interested in me, and now we live under the same roof!
I lost my suitcase in the Kiev airport and was quite angry. She could not bear it and sat alone in the aircraft to Brazil. Did not say a word to me! When we got car in Salvador, she sat on the back seat and it offended me. I said; Queens sits behind! Then she wanted to go home? The trip cost me $ 10,000 so I told her I could not afford to buy another ticket so that she could go home! I'm not a millionaire but just an ordinary man with some money in savings.
In Brazil, she was impossible to communicate with. All I said was negative and uninteresting.
It was purely the act of a hell for me. I tried to break the silence and said that with my feelings for her, she was a woman I would do anything for! She liked it and said she wanted some jewelry the next day. She got it plus several gifts. She even said no thanks for this gifts! I also had to buy a new suitcase to her! Only when we went shopping she smiled and was happy, behaved like a child of five years old. She got them and was happy. I idiot showed her an extra gift as I said she maybe could get to her birthday. She pushed to get it immediately. It was a diamond to almost $5000! It was actually intended as a gift if we were engaged! But it's easy to push a man who is in love and mentally at the bottom. I would come to her birthday on February 9 but was told that I could come the next day because she was having a party for her family and friends???? Thanks it's fun, who am I? Not even a friend! I met her once but only for an hour. I said she could give me the diamond back because she just used me. She did not understand what I said and I went my way. Afterwards I get another person to call her and explain the situation. Elena was impossible to talk sensibly to, and said she had sold the diamond when she did not like it and it was small??
It was a half carat and good quality. Thank you Elena! You were very kind to me. Gifts she got: Laptop, jacket, jewelry, money for English school, clock, suitcase, a trip to Brazil, many dinners ......
Her last words to me: It shows your real personality. My feelings to you were only friendship, no more, but I am don't want to be friend with such petty men. Paying for the ticket or a gift you automatically don't buy the woman's heart. I will show all your threats to my friends and parents; they are able to provide protection for me. It is so low from your part; you aren’t to be called as a man.
I have many emails from Elena where she gives expression that she want more than just friendship! She denies this, in her last email to me.

Some letters:

Letter 01:
Dear XXXX, thank you for compliments about my English. Certainly I would like to improve it, often. I can't find proper words or expressions..... Yesterday I was at this English school which was advised by XXXX. It is good school with a communicative method of studying in small groups, also on Saturdays a
spiking with Englishmen. But certainly 150 euros per month it is a bit expensive for me, only if
you can support me with this. In any case I already paid for some lessons, but if I continue they will
give me books and disks. So you see. Of course your English is much better, because you use it for many years; I need to teach it still. Thank you once again about your words about true love, for me it is very important.I wish you nice day,I send you some photos, I thinking of you....... Elena

Letter 02:
Hello dear XXXX!
Thank's for the letter, yes, trip to Dubai it will be wonderful! About Brazil we can learn for insurance
together when you will arrive. Also I would like to go with you on a concert of the Ukrainian tenor Vladimir Grishko which will take place on November 30th in Poltava. But I don't know what to do with tickets, It is better to buy them in advance, these are 80 euros for two person, inform me if you want. Today I was in bank with question about 20 euros each time. There is one good person with whom I consult all the time. He explained me that with other payments from clients of my office there are no problems. It means that your bank in Norway selected the most expensive and not a favorable for me way of transfer money, through intermediaries therefore I lose 20 euros each time. So it is better to you to find other bank or to send in dollars through the Western Union.
Dear Kenneth, have a good day,
I thinking of you!

Letter from my ex-wife 23.11.12:
Sendt: 23. november 2012 16:41
Emne: my mom called to Poltava!
My mom said it to you XXXXXX.. WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
here is information about the tickets:
[8:03:55 AM] Зоя Просникова: с трудом дозвонилась до полтавы, билеты на гришко стоят от
50 до 100 гривен, это от 200 до 400 рублей а в евро от 5 до10 евро, первые ряд стоят 100
гривен (это 400 рублей), отношение рубля к гривне мне сказали в кассе кон.зала Листопад,
их тел: 810380532275019,, еле дозвонилась.
XXXX, you can transtale her message in English but basically what she is saying is that tickets
cost from 5 til 10 euro on this tenor concert. So... your new girlfriend is a simply a lier. My mom
said you should never go for this ukranian woman, just because she is a gold digger! No doubt
about that. You should end this relationship as soon as possible! Until it is too late! Really..
XXXX, seriously, watch out! She will take as much as she can from you and leave you with a
broken heart.

Letter 03:
Hello dear XXXXXX!
Thanks for your letter and special words for me!
I already reserved the apartment for you, these are 10 minutes by a taxi from my house. This apartment has all necessary, also the Internet wi-fi. I think there you will feel very comfortable, a beautiful room, a terrace, a big bathroom and nice kitchen with a heated floor.
The price is 264 euros per four days. I hope everythinh is well, if yes, you can send me money for my
bank account in Privatbank. I thinking of you, Sincerely Еlеnа.
Here is the apartment online: http://welcome-topoltava.

45$ a day I see online !! 264 euro = 344 $ / 4 = 86 $ a day so Elena stole from me 164


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2013-03-23, 10:51:00
Очень плохой историей

2013-03-23, 12:35:34
DOC from United States  
2013-03-23, 15:29:26

i looking for a real and nice love .
2013-04-15, 03:28:26

2013-04-15, 03:42:21
anonymous from Norway  
She likes gifts

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