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Gold digger Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine


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Several users on this web site posted comments about
Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine, after they found out that she is a gold digger.

Here is some identifying information:

Valeria Novitskaya
12 Prodolnaya Street
House 44
Flat 91
Nikolaev City
Mobile number +380633513531
D.O.B.. 30th October 1985 


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2018-02-18, 04:16:09
Good news guys. Western Union have extended the date to May 31st 2018 to put your fraud claim in.
Remember to claim against all those you sent money to that are associated with these scamming vermin. Friends, relatives, agents, accomodation etc. Lets put these parasites out of business.
Valeriya is already blacklisted on Western Union and Moneygram if you have used any other method to line this thief's pockets inform them of what she is.
Valeriya we know you read these posts you worthless peice of shit. Your a disgusting creature and a useless mother without your looks your nothing and you will soon loose your looks, the sooner you get whats coming to you the better.
2018-02-25, 16:08:03
Scammers like Valeriya are always thinking of new ways to get guys to part with there cash. There is always some medical emergency or debt that needs to be paid. Basically they are prostitutes. Does Valeriya still charge $500 a night. She wanted $500 from me for us to spend the night together after i had taken her on vacation in 2015. I did not pay, so she just packed her bags and vanished. Probably to someone else who she had waiting.
2018-03-04, 06:55:57
She is a very manipulative woman. She is very good at making you believe she loves you. .... Like hell does she. The only thing she likes about you is your money and the gifts and vacations you give her. The women is a brilliant LIAR. She will even look you in the eye as she is telling you more bullshit..
2018-03-16, 19:18:56
Guys you should read some of the posts about Valeriya that have been put on Delphi page 491 Is this Russian girl scamming me.
I did not know Valeriya was working as an escort for a London (England) escort agency, that supplied prostitutes for rich Arabs. Always thought she would say and do anything for money. But never expected her to work as an escort/hooker. Is she still working for them? As i have not heard from her or seen any pictures of her since early 2015.
2018-03-16, 21:33:41   (updated: 2018-03-16, 21:35:54)
That was an old pix of Valeria when she worked for the London escort agency. The top escort agencies in London do a booming business in the Middle East especially during the two official holidays in Islam, Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha.

Ukrainian long-legged blonde feminine women have always been the object of many oil-rich Arab's sexual fantasies. Women in their home countries are often dark-haired, swarthy, overweight and more importantly lack sex appeal. And of course, they pay generously for their services without commitment through one of the many escort agencies.

The light-skinned blond Ukrainian/Russian models are the ones most preferred by the oil-rich free-spending sheikhs from the middle east, and the most popular playgrounds are around the posh private islands at the tip of Abu Dhabi on the Persian Gulf and the Egyptian resort Sharm el Sheik on the Red Sea. These girls can rake in hundreds of thousands if well connected.

2018-03-17, 21:16:07
You could never trust her.... Once a whore, always a whore. If she could find someone richer she would be gone. Her only love in life is money. and lots of it.
2018-03-17, 21:32:20
anonymous from United States  
Hum ...didnt know see worked as an escort. She made so much scammung she didn't have to open her thighs. ... wouldnt doubt it though esp with Arabs ... she told me she hated them but was always going to Egypt.4867 4
2018-03-18, 15:58:11
She told me the same thing. That she hated Arabs and she wouild never date an Arab or Muslim.
But i should have guessed everything she ever says is a lie. She has made a fortune out of being a liar, so why would she change. One day her daughter will read about her and what an evil bitch she is. Wonder how she will explain that to her daughter.
2018-03-18, 16:27:13
What the post basically says is........

When Valeriya Novitskaya worked for an international escort service in London.
Her stats. Age: 24. Hair: Bleach Blonde. Eyes: Blue. Height: 5'5'. Weight: 110lbs. Cups size: 34C-26-34.
Ethnicity: Ukrainian!!! Blonde Explosion.

She is a real time bomb waiting to explode. Valeriya is the HOT BUSTY BLONDE you have been dreaming of. And you pay your model gratuitous fees for services mutually agreed upon.

Arab pimps at Egypt's top resort 'Sharm el Sheik' arrange for luxury prostititutes for sex addicted Muslims. Some girls do prostitution raking in hundreds of thousands in months.

Arabs are the most generous people in the world 'Luxury Prostitutes' earn BIG MONEY per night on yachts.

2018-03-19, 16:48:47
Yep, still a beauty, but unfortunately may be past her prime for earning the big bucks paid for flings at the Arabian yacht parties. It's a gritty reality these girls face once they age past their mid twenties. Always there is a bevy of younger recruits on call for the yacht parties.

During certain holidays, it's a tradition to bring along their young teenage sons to be initiated into manhood. The girls paid the big bucks are expected to provide sexual experiences for the young boys, which becomes a cultural celebration for their rite of passage into manhood.

According to sources, these girls will return after spending only a few days on the yachts a little loose and wobbly, but with lotsa loot after their yacht party escapade. After a stopover in London for a yoni massage, that tightened the sacred space and clears any negative emotions, she's back home after a short business trip as the demure young lady that has promised to remain faithful.
2018-03-20, 18:41:42
Its possible she still looks good. But once those tits head South she will not be wanted so much. I'm sure the rich Arabs prefer younger models than Valeriya. One thing she will never do is stop telling lies and scamming (stealing) from men. She has probably already started lieing to her daughter. Being a lieing whore has made Valeriya a fortune.. But karma will come to her one day.
2018-03-20, 20:26:25
Karma doesn't lose an address !
2018-03-22, 20:33:52
Valeriya has many addresses's. She now has many business interests in Mykolaiv as well as other Ukrainian cities.
Would not suprise me to find out that she was one of Zuckerberg's (Facebook) prostitutes. Once a whore always a whore.
2018-03-28, 18:59:56
A clever whore who knows how to play you. Her excuses for needing cash are endless and convincing. A brilliant LIAR who would never be with a Western male, unless they had millions that she could fleece them of.. Does she still look the same? And is she still working as a Prostitute.? Anybody know.
2018-03-29, 18:12:57
The poison dwarf is a Western Union agent. She uses her travel agency as a front. Just proves that even though they have got to pay out over $500 million in compensation. They don't give a fuck. People should boycott Western Union.
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