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Gold digger Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine


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Several users on this web site posted comments about
Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine, after they found out that she is a gold digger.

Here is some identifying information:

Valeria Novitskaya
12 Prodolnaya Street
House 44
Flat 91
Nikolaev City
Mobile number +380633513531
D.O.B.. 30th October 1985 

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2013-10-17, 18:53:08
anonymous from Torrance, United States  
I think Valeria could fall in love ... she does not use our logic. Ukraine is a messed up country with a messed up set of behaviors.
God help the man she hooks up with.
2013-10-17, 20:42:29
All you Valeriya fans congratulate egyptian Waleed Ali for his devotion to the princess of fame and fortune...

2013-10-17, 21:03:09
I know that look, I know those eyes
She broke you down again
I'm not surprised

Breathe you in, breathe you in, take the spark with the smoke
Breathe you out, breathe you out, feel the rush as I choke
I know it's worth it, baby, even if it's just
Secondhand, secondhand love

My heart has no pride standing here
Good thing I can take the tears
Sew you up as I'm tearing at the seams
It's so good, yeah, while it lasts
2013-10-18, 06:31:19
She looks pregnant ... Old picture though.
2013-10-18, 09:34:03
Ali & the poison dwarf are still an item.? They are hidden friends on VK & use Skype most days to communicate.
I think he was aware of her activities from the start.?

Of course he will still be devoted to her. Its a choice between a camel goat or the princess of darkness. The poison dwarf wins but only just. The other 2 would be more loyal.

I agree with 18-53-08 god (or in Ali's case Alah) help the man who she hooks up with. He will have a devious liar who will take him for everything he has got. he will need psychiatric help when she has finished with him. She will still sleep her way around the world for money. She is one deeply troubled women in the head. Poor Dasha.
2013-10-18, 12:31:41
Ha ha ... the poison dwarf ... he is small looks like about 5ft 4 inches or so maybe 5 6 ... she is small too. It is funny that you mention Skype .. I used to try and get her to talk to me through Skype ... she said what is that? :) I even bought her a computer so she would get off the dating sites that provide the 'free' computer access (free to her very expensive to me). She had me convinced she was computer illiterate ... what a dumb ass I was. She was really good. She ought to be a spy she can keep genuine to her cover story. Kattie and Julia were very good spies with her ... they must have sat up at night and laughed about all of us. I hope they all go broke and have to move in with their parents :) maybe Kattie and Julia are living with their Mommy's.

As I reflect back I am grateful for the painful lesson(s) I learned from her... along the lines of don't judge a book by its cover. She has a good cover but the book stinks. Keep your wallet closed even if you want to help and women can be more devious than you ever imagined.

I haven't thought too much about Valeria in about 6 months ... I wish I could read Russian. I would hack into her phone and computer and Skype account.

I am happily married now to a beautiful woman ... not as cute as the vampire but close. My wife is honest and truly loves me ... she I am a fortunate man My wife is not blonde ... Valeria definitely ruined me for blonde women even gorgeous ones. . I check on this site occasionally because keeping track of Valeria is like watching a soap opera.
2013-10-18, 20:26:11
OJAS from United States  
Visa requirements for Ukrainians http://en.wikipedia..n_citizens
2013-10-19, 12:39:21   (updated: 2013-10-19, 12:40:38)
You are right the cover looks good but the book stinks.
Just look at a few of the scams she has pulled.
Her husband killed in a car crash - She needs thousands of $'s to fight her dead husbands family so she can keep Dasha. If she looses Dasha to them it will be impossible for her to leave Ukraine to live with you. But her ex-husband is alive & well.
English Lessons. - She has had so many courses of lessons she should know the English dictionary inside out.
Car rental - A classic she hires her car to you at extortionate rates & with expensive insurance. She tells you hire cars & insurance are expensive in Ukraine.
Apartments for when you see her in Odessa. - She charges you between 4 & 6 times what they really cost.
Computers - So she can chat with you more easily & she does not have to use agency or internet cafe.
Vacations - She likes these very expensive vacations for her & her friends.
Translation fees - For Kattie & Julia who are in on the scams
Gifts - Lots of them clothes, meals, I-pads, The latest I-phones & much more.
Dasha's illness - She needs to spend time in a warmer climate for Dasha's health like the Crimea.
There are probably many more she has used to. You bet she laughs with her assistants in the scam. She has earnt more money from scamming than she could ever get from honest work.
Like you say she is totally focused on one thing. Your wallet. & getting as much from it as possible as quick as possible.
She is a totally worhless heartless devious excuse for a human being. Guys do not mind rejection if she was honest from the start. Just a greedy bitch who will get her Karma.
As for Ali has anyone heard from him.? Is he part of the scam.? Or has he been fooled more than most.? He has a VK post telling Kattie he stole Valeriya's job. What job.?
Best to keep your wallets closed & avoid the parasite that Valeriya is.
2013-10-19, 18:58:18   (updated: 2013-10-19, 18:59:48)
Adam Kuniskaya's profile has been deleted from VK. Pity a lot of us did not get to see the photo's & comments before it was removed. Hope you sent a link to all of the vampires friends & followers. That would have been real class. I got myself barred from VK some time ago & they still wont let me set up a profile. Have to go to a friends to look. Bet Ali would have messaged you to.

Bet the vampire had a good look at your profile & photo's. Haha Poetic justice.

Scammers burn in hell.
2013-10-20, 18:23:34
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This is Adam ... I had to take my VK account down for a bit. Someone was trying to hack into it; Clever little bastards. I had to tighten things up a bit. I am in England for vacation for a little while. Valeria and Kattie and Julia are a piece of work ... I sent them all VK friend requests and they did not friend me. That made me sad. I am a nice looking guy with a lot of money. I chatted to Kattie for a while on her dating site and I met with Valeria 4 times . ... until something just did not seem right. . I have met Kattie 3 times and Julia once with the vampire VN.

It must be something in my profile that they do not like. Ali has not friend ed me yet :)

I am waiting to be extradited ?

2013-10-20, 18:50:13
anonymous from Australia  
Hi mates.Where is Valeria now ? Is she still in the Ukraine? Or has she married rich?
She was a fine looking woman.

2013-10-20, 18:52:59
I do not think anyone knows where she is now ... she is still on a couple of sites but she doesn't appear to be active. I want to find Julia on a dating site for some reason I think she is cute :)
2013-10-21, 03:23:44
I think she is still working for scam dating sites. But just chatting & writting letters to men under a false profile & photo. She can still make a lot of money doing that & so does the site. With no risk of her coming to any harm. Maybe a P.I could find out.
2013-10-21, 11:37:19   (updated: 2013-10-21, 11:41:15)
You will find Julia Goncharenko on VK. Send Julia a message on VK.
Good luck.
2013-10-21, 12:49:15   (updated: 2013-10-21, 12:57:09)
Julia and the word cute? Are we talking about same liar ? Luckily we all do not like same type of girls, otherwise there would be a rush hour in the front of her 'door' . Who is the first, not me. I would rather jump off from the roof.
I have no idea where she is, have not found her anywhere, including dating sites, no updating in her vk either.

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