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Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 4

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Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 4

Letter 16:

Hi  mine  dear Peter! Have good day! I think. That we should not worry
concerning mutual understanding. I perfectly understand that you write
to  me!  I  now try to improve the knowledge of English language. I am
glad, that my messages pleasant for you. How you feel yourself , dear?
I  - ok. I a little excited, and yesterday I hardly fell asleep. I was
grasped  with  an  idea  about  to our meeting. For me and I have this
joyful  event  from  it much emotions. Such as excitement both the big
impatience  and  expectation  of this day . You have brought the whole
sea  of  emotions in my life Peter, and it is difficult for me with it
to  consult,  but  I can tell, that it pleasantly and gave me new push
and the purpose for life. I think, lovely, that it is necessary for us
to  arrange  our  meeting  so  that  there  were  no  difficulties and
inconveniences  in our affairs. I can arrange on my work, that to have
some  days  free  for me. Peter, and your work will be to allow you to
make it? Probably you have the intense schedule with the work also you
should be absent. Then we can meet more close from you or even I could
arrive  to you on some days. For me there is no problem to make longer
travel.  If  such  way  more  convenient for you and my arrival to not
create  inconvenience for you Peter, let's choose this plan. It for me
even  it  is  more good, because I can see as you live , your friends,
you  can show me the city and various, , that you can loved for you, a
place.  And  if for you it is necessary to visit the work. My work not
so  important  also  can  manage  without me, therefore I do not worry
about  the  affairs. Inform me dear, the opinions! If it is a good way
for  you  too  I  shall  make  preparations  for travel. My kisses and

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 17:

Hi  mine dear Peter! My dear, fine the man! Forgive, forgive me for my
delay  with  the  answer. I have mad days on work! Really it is very a
shame  to  me. But I hope, that you forgive me! First of all I wish to
answer  your questions! With my mum all is good. she sends the regards
to  you!  I  do not like to drink Margharitas. If it is fair, I do not
like to drink alcohol. Though I sometimes presume a glass of red wine.
My  favourite drink is an orange juice. I very much like to sleep! :-)
But  I  work  since morning and consequently should rise early. In the
working  days  I  wake  up  approximately in 6 o'clock in the morning.
Though on days off I like to luxuriate in a bed. Generally I the night
person. As, for example, I can watch on TV till late night interesting
transfer or till the morning to read the book if it is pleasant to me.
I  very much hope, that your problem with rent of your house safely to
be solved. Here in Russia too it is a lot of people who lose sometimes
for last money. For example I am not the hazardous person. By the way,
I  looked  your album of photos. They have very much liked me! Thanks.
To  me  also  it is very pleasant, that you are interested in my city,
that  it is interesting to you to learn about that place where I live.
I  should  you tell, that Kazan is big city with ancient history and a
lot  of  historical  monuments.  Recently  to our city it was executed
1000!  Photo  where  I  am on a background of blue spruces it has been
made  in  Kazan.  At  us  many such trees. But they do not grow in our
woods in a wild kind. They are brought and grown up here as decorative
trees.  Now  concerning  travel.  Your  offer to meet in Germany so is
unexpected.  I  am  not assured, whether I shall have time to legalize
all necessary papers to have time to arrive to Germany. I will need to
make  out  the  visa. I already thought of plans of travel. I thought,
that if I shall make out a trip to you to America I shall have time to
make  it  approximately  to  the  middle  of  November. I do not know,
whether  I shall have time to legalize all necessary papers for a trip
to Germany. But I can learn about this. You as want? Understand, month
November is month very convenient for travel as at this time I without
effort  can  take  holiday.  In December and January it will make more
difficultly  as then I shall be occupied on work. It will be connected
with  New  Year's  and  christmas  holidays.  You know, what in Russia
Christmas celebrate on January, 7th? I very much wish to meet you. And
if  it  is  fair,  I very much would like to make travel with you. Let
small. I now am afraid to state all of you the feelings to you as I am
afraid,  that  it  can confuse you... But I shall not hide that I very
much  wish at to meet you! What do you think concerning my ideas Where
you  wish  to  meet?  By  the way, fur-trees you are excited with this
question  with  my parents there should be no problems. I told it{him}
about  you much. They consider you as the fair, open and noble person.
They  trust  you  and  consider, that I with you shall be in safety. I
already spoke with them about this. Eventually, I already adult woman.
You are not shocked with my boldness. I do not want, that you thought,
that  I Silly the girl who is simple so can depart on a meeting to the
unfamiliar  person.  Simply I courageous, I trust you, I wish to trust
you!  I  want,  that  a line with me was the person whom I shall love.
That  you  will tell about my ideas. We should solve together where we
can meet. I with impatience look forward to your reply.

My kisses and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 18:

Hi  my  Dear  Peter.I ask to excuse me for absence. My grandmother was
unwell  also  I should visit her. I very much hurried up and could not
inform  you about it earlier. Now with my grandmother all is normal. I
think  you  do not become angry with me for unexpected absence? I very
much  missed  without you! Today at night remarkable dream has dreamed
me....  It  was  fine  dream  about us with you. To me has dreamed, as
though  I  and  you walked on quay. We had a bottle of champagne and a
few  fruit. We for a long time walked at territory of the sea, then we
have stopped in one very beautiful place where there was no person. We
have  settled  down  about  the  sea...  We  have  opened  a bottle of
champagne...  Small  balls  of  gas  of  champagne  played as if small
luminous  moths... They were poured on the sun, everyone by the color.
It was magnificent. And during that moment we were the happiest people
in  the  world.  To  us  was so well, that us all world around did not
interest...  Our  hearts  fought  on  one  frequency...  We  embraced,
kissed... We were close on so much, on how many it only is possible...
I  was  happy  that was very good us. But when I have woken up, I have
understood,  that  it  was  only dream. I did not want to wake up.. ..
Because  I  know,  what you are not present now with me beside, but it
will proceed not for a long time as we soon shall together?

Letter 19:

Hi  my Dear Peter. I studied English at school, from the most 1 class.
Then  I  studied  English when studied for work. I from the very first
class liked the English language it very soft, I tried to study German
but  it  has  not liked me, it little bit rough. I can easy talk but I
think  that  English which I studied not such which you speak. I think
that  a  pronunciation  at  me  not  so  good.  Yes sometimes I do not
understand some phrases. Then I should use the dictionary correctly to
tell.  Last night I long looked at stars and thought of you my gentle.
I have named your name the brightest star in the sky. And now if to me
I  become sad simply I leave in the evening on street, I shall see the
necessary  star  and  to me at once it becomes easier love mine. Now I
frequently  shall look at stars may to be to me it will be possible to
think  of desire. I already know that I shall think. It is very a pity
to  me  that we are divided with thousand miles. I so want to feel you
all  body.  I would like to embrace and kiss you. When I close eyes to
me  it  seems  that your hands concern my body. They slowly slide from
the top downward on my gentle skin mentioning intimate places, Leaving
pleasant  sensations. To me near to you I very much would be desirable
to be lovely. I sincerely want to make you the happiest the man on the
ground.  Also  believe  me I can make it because I love you more life.
You  my ideal you the most fine and most gentle person for me. On it I
shall  finish  the letter. I hope you pay attention to these words and
on  my recognition. I shall look forward to hearing from you my gentle
prince. My kisses and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 20:

Hi  my  Dear  Peter! My dearest. I am very glad to receive your letter
and  very glad, That you at me are. Your letter will calm me and makes
by  stronger.  Last  days  I  thought  of us and about our life. And I
understand, that our life leaves also we do not notice it, my love. We
feel like young and we do not notice, that to us already more and more
years. It may very good, that life goes so quickly. But she flows away
as  water in the river and back it to not return. I am very glad, that
I  have  you, my second half, my heart. I want to tell, that only your
letters  support  Me  and  my  good  mood  because I without you so am
lonely.  I  live  ideas  only about you, my love. I so do not have not
enough your embraces and a kiss. But I know, that we shall be together
and  I  very  much  wait for this time, my love. I wish you to lead to
Germany  well.  Send  the  regards to your parents! Happy journey. You
will  write  to me. While you in Germany? Love only for you. My kisses
and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

I had queried Google for the phrase " that to us already more and more" and found this: Letters from Russia. Then I decided to post these emails here.
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2007-05-26, 19:50:01
anonymous from Australia  
She is pretty,but not to good to be true

Keywords: brunette wooden door
2007-05-26, 20:11:56
anonymous from Australia  
Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2007 11:09 PM
Subject: Hi my lovely friend Jason!!

> Hi my lovely friend Jason!!
> Thanks you huge I am very glad for your letters that we to find the
general interests and we to
> start so to write each other!!! Yes at us it is already warm - spring - it
is time to love))
> I was very interesting to read me your letters on some times I re-read
them!!! Once again many
> thanks that I have found such friend as you and it is possible in the
future and more!!!
> And thanks of thanks huge for your pictures - you such beautiful simply
now to look at you and you
> very much to like me!:)
> Know I constantly to overlook to write to you about my family and I to try
to correct such my
> mistake!!!
> My mum call Tatyana and mine the daddy to call Nikolay!!!!
> My mum works at school as the teacher of Mathematics and Algebra and is
fast she to leave on
> pension!! Mine the daddy to work as the engineer on a tree a factory!! At
me very good parents they
> very kind and lovely!! I to live together with them at us 2 room apartment
I to understand that it
> very little but we to live very amicably and to us it is pleasant so to
live!!! And the most
> important at me is my younger sister her name is Alain she my best friend
and the adviser in all!!!
> She to study at university as the doctor of the pediatrist in it 23
years!!! I can share with it all
> problems and she always to help me and to advise!!!
> My parents and my sister to learn that I to get acquainted with you and
transfer you greetings and a
> wish of a sound health!!!
> Know I to want to exchange with you our addresses that we completely were
open among themselves!!!
> My home address
> The Russian Federation
> Republic Mary El
> The city of Volzhsk
> Street River 56-6
> Now I to make a small break I to write to you now from work there has come
my chief and has asked to
> not write to working hours of the letter!!! But know I is simple I can not
to me so to want to tell
> about myself and to ask you!!! It is more and more to me and more to want
to learn of you and to
> read your letters!!!
> And still I to want to tell what very to love to write verses and I am
fast to write to you the
> poems!!!
> And now I to want to write to you a wish to follow it all life
> It will be difficult - fasten!!!
> It will be hurt - do not cry!!!
> There will be a wind - do not bend!!!
> Eye in a palm - do not hide!!!
> If thunder-storms - look!!
> If tears - erase!!
> If it is terrible - keep!!!
> Sincerely, your dear friend ALSU!!!
2007-05-26, 20:13:12
anonymous from Australia  
Greetings, Jason!
How you do? I do fine! Thanks for your answer to my last e-mail. In
mine opinion, it - so is wonderful, what we write each other because
from our messages we learn about the friend the friend more and more,
really? I am interested in our correspondence very much, it Very
interesting to learn about you, about your life in your country, about
you my friend!!! I too with all the heart to hope that to you too to
like to read my letters and you them to read them with the great
pleasure!!! Well, I hope, that it will be interesting to you to study
about my enthusiasm, about my favourite things the whole! From
music??? I like to listen Russian and foreign to musical executors.
From the Russian musical executors I like to listen to songs From
following groups ' Zemfira ', 'Splin', 'Ariya', ' Bismuth 2 ' Alsu,
whether yes to me interestingly is known by you about Russian singers?
And you to hear something from these groups? Well, from foreign
executors I like to listen to ' Check Govi ', 'U2', 'Cranberry',
'Scorpions', ' Elton John ', and so on. In general, I like to listen
good both modern music, and what music does you is similar? It would
be interesting for learning to me about it. Please, tell to me, well?
And my especial hobby is classical music and I to love to visit
theatre !!! How to you my hobbies??? From cinema? I like to look
comedies, fantastic films, romanticism and so on. But very huge
impressions have left to me films ' the Lord of the Ring, 'Harry
Potter'. I hope that you looked these films? But the especial
impression was for me as film 'Patriot' actor Mel Gibson, where war
between England and America described. This film loved to me that this
demonstration of films natural patriotic spirit, love to the Native
Earth! I consider, that it - very important qualities which should
have all People on the world! And certainly very much to like me
Russian films recently I to go to a cinema with the sister on film of
director Feodor Bondarchuka about war in Afghanistan of ' 9 mouths
'!!! To me you are interesting to hear something about this film???
Also I want to tell to you, that I like to read books, especially The
literature of internal authors: Thick, Chehov, Pushkin, and And so on.
But I was in huge admiration from reading 4 books of the writer of the
Lion Thick 'War and peace' very interesting book about war of 1812
between Russia and France!!! Now to give you the little bit greater
representation about itself I to tell to you about that that I to like
to eat!!! You can tell that the woman cannot speak about food and that
it can make look fat the woman!!! As you to see I harmonous and I do
not have problems with weight!! I love much of food but most of all I
love a pizza and I to like her to prepare!!! And for that that is that
I to want I to like to go in for sports!! Every morning before work I
to run 3 kilometers and it very much to help me to wake up!!! In the
evenings I to go on aerobics and when we to be going to play with
girlfriends volleyball!!! Very much to like me an active way of
life!!! I to want to be always young and to present myself to loved to
the man beautiful and harmonous!!! Well I only to want to write to you
it is more but at me to come to an end my put hour per the Internet of
cafe and I to continue to write to you tomorrow!! Have agreed??? I
shall wait for your letter!!!!
2007-05-26, 20:14:35
anonymous from Australia  
Greetings the most dear Jason!
I have received your answer as usually, and I was so happy from your words again! And your new
picture simply a miracle you such beautiful are simple a miracle! Jason, I want to tell to you, that
your messages of steel the important part of me and my life, your e-mails help me to live, I do not
do Have boring mood, but it to happen, when - bad weather in street when - it is cold. But when I
receive your warm messages, me forget about bad mood at once, I have a smile on my person and
magnificent mood from your e-mails. I need in your messages now, Jason. You can see, that I write to
you, it is a lot of in the letter because I want it that we have learned about us directly much. I
think What it - so is important for us Jason, whether not so Jason? Yes I absolutely to overlook to
speak you my second name Alsu so be not frightened well loved? . Jason, I hope, what you know that
our Russian wood is so beautiful, I hope at you there are woods? At us is a pine and beautiful
Russian birches basically in our wood. At us very beautiful places, near to city the river Volga
proceeds, it is one of the most majestic rivers in Russia, these places to be so romantic, trust me
Jason! We - with my family, mine the daddy, mine mum, and my sister on a vacation pack backpacks, we
take the big tent, we take a Necessary foodstuff, and we - together with my family, go to have a
rest on the nature for 1 or 2 days. I love it very much, Jason. Especially, I like to be about our
river, she very beautiful and in it is a lot of fish, mine the daddy likes to fish very much, I -
not the fisherman:, but, As soon as I tried to fish, I could not stop, because it very much
bewitches. In our city it is a lot of people which like to fish. And it is not surprising, because
beside the big river proceeds. And you like to fish? Also you know, Jason, what this foodstuffs
which it is possible to prepare on the nature and it to turn out very tasty, it to not compare to
how you will be going in the house? It - soup from a fish basically. Certainly houses we eat a fish
the tinned foodstuffs. It as is tasty, but with that what to prepare on the nature, it to not
compare, because on the nature fresh air and it stimulates appetite. I like to break camp very much,
Jason and how you carry out your vacation? Tell to me, well? It will be interesting to me.

Well, Jason, on it I the termination of my message to you, congratulations of heat from mine
family to you. I wait your e-mails as soon, as far as possible!!!

Thinking of you, Jason!
My kisses of heat, Svetlana!!
2007-05-26, 20:16:27
anonymous from Australia  
The name Alsu comes up in this email.
Hi my best the man the friend in the world Jason!!
Thanks for your letter of thanks for your words of thanks that you at me is!! I am glad that at you
all well!!! And certainly thanks for your fine picture - at you is very beautiful about a house)))
At me all on former - work and the house!! But me each time all is more pleasant to receive from you
Today it is again hot!!! I now on work!! And I have free minutes and I to want to tell that I am
very strongly glad to your letters!!!
Yes you know mine three times name Alsu and many me so to name!))
At me mum yesterday to bring a Siamese kitten to us home!! You know such beautiful kitten and such
cheerful!!! I even to put it with myself to sleep!! It appears such sleepy!! I to leave for work and
the kitten all slept!! We have named it Barsik the lovely name you agree???
And you to love animals??? You know at us speak that the kitten brings happiness and love in the
house!! And I am happy that it at me to appear that is in my life all to be adjusted!!! My chief to
ask all time of me when I to find to myself the husband but I shall always not speak it that I will
hasten and find really that who to love and respect me!!! But it does not trust that it is possible
so to find the person on the Internet!! Well and let does not trust!! If his opinion it at us what
that the strange person is fair to me not so strongly important and about him to go many any
I was possible for me to write again a poem which to compose yesterday!!! Thanks for the sanction!!!
Only I ask you Jason be not dared in fact to compose I this poem in Russian and to transfer it to
English with the big problems!!!


Anything great but the main thing with all the heart and hearts!!! You agree!!! And still my friend
Jason tell to me even more in detail about a place where you to live and as you to work!!! First of
all I appreciate in the man it is his kindness and care. I think, that these qualities should be in
soul of each man. I do not love when the people deceive each other. In the life I very much
frequently collided with a deceit and injustice. It very much is not pleasant to me. But I think,
that it cannot be avoided in life very much It is a lot of the different people. I to send you a
strong gentle kiss from your good friend and can be and more from the big and mysterious Russia!!! I
with impatience shall wait for your letter and good rest!! I only to write with all the heart!!
Your friend Svetlana!!!
2007-05-26, 20:17:48
anonymous from Australia  
It has installed thanks you for your letter in me of even more
confidence of that what correctly to choose you!!!! I am glad that my
openness before you gives result!!! Once again thanks mine Jason!!! At
me everything is all right!!! A life as at us speak goes on the sly!!!
At me you know all as usually work and the house!!! Yes I still go to
a sports hall where I am engaged in fitness and I play with
girlfriends in volleyball!! Today I to go again to a sports hall!! To
me to like to support itself in the good form is my stimulus on a
life!! You know my father 30 years ago was the silvered prize-winner
of youthful games of the USSR on volleyball. At us his silver a medal
at us in a hall on a wall till now hangs!! It is the big pride of the
father and it since the childhood to speak me that sports it not
meaning of the life and its stimulus!! And now my father is more to be
engaged in fishing!!! It each days off to go in village to our
grandmother where there is a small river but as the daddy excellent
fishing speaks!!! Such father at me and I very much to be proud of
him!! My sister yesterday to tell to my parents that I to find you on
the Internet and they are glad for me!! My parents and my little
sister transfer you huge greetings!!!!! Yes my girlfriend on work a
month to communicate and the man from England both they to grow fond
each other and it to invite her to itself!!! I am very glad for it she
very good person and the fine girl!! You know to me very much to like
but it while it is impossible to name love but to me very much to like
to read your letters and to communicate with you!!! In what that sense
you became very expensive to me!!! Let's learn we each other you to me
very much to like!!! Know I to speak you that I to like to write small
verses on love and I yesterday to write and again to write to you that
you has estimated them! Only I ask do not judge them strictly I to
write in Russian and to represent on your estimation only
translation!!! Well???

What is the life? Sorrows, suffering,
Sweet ignorance, silly dreams,
Pleasure of a new meeting,
Grief at separation,
The happiness and separation is I and you!
What is the happiness? A lovely smile,
Rose and sweets, a cloud of love.
And a ring on a finger, heart a stop-
This our happiness again I and you!!!
What is the pain??? A smoke from a cigarette.
And eyes empty, in heart a cold,
Tears a stream salty, all dreams broken
It will be with us never!!!

Well as - yes I understand that in English is full nonsense but in my
language it sounds very beautifully!!!
Excuse mine Jason but it is necessary to finish the letter to me speak
that my time in the Internet of cafe to come to an end!!!
I with impatience shall wait for your letter!!!
Success and all good also do not forget that you in Russia have friend
and it is possible even more!!!!
Your Alsu!!!
2007-05-26, 20:19:20
anonymous from Australia  
Greetings my lovely friend Jason!!
Thanks you for your letter and for your understanding!!!
You know to me to like more and more and more today at night you Jason
to me even have dreamed!! It was very beautiful and big dream and
it to me to be remembered up to the fineest details!! Want to tell
I to you about it?
And so dream began that we go with you on park and about what that is
lovely to talk!! You spoke me about the life and the best friends and
then to tell very ridiculous jokes and we so loudly to laugh that
passing by people to pass and smile to us in the answer!! Then we to
go in cafe and you to order to us juice to yourself to take a
hamburger or that that of it and I to ask a cake and we it is lovely
to talk!! Then began the most interesting we have gone on an
attraction where to go for a drive on the American hills - you know
was so interestingly and then at me to ring the alarm clock and I
regretfully to wake up!!! I to rise and very to regret that it to me
only to dream!!! And I had to go for work!! Yes I now on work and was
a lot of work but I if is fair as you Jason understand I do not work
and I write to you the letter!! So I hide from the the chief she at me
the woman a little!! Moreover you know last night to me my girlfriend
from school days has unexpectedly called and she has invited to
herself arranged a small banquet for the girlfriends!! It she to
suggest me to get acquainted on the Internet!! She to find to herself
the friend from England both they to like each other and it to invite
her to itself!! She to take off in 2 days and has decided to tell
good-bye to us!! We yesterday till 11 evenings it is a little to sit
at it on a visit and drank good wine!! Also know I to come home and me
began little bit sad to sit down a
table and to write a small poem;

I remember a corner in a garden
That where murmurs water
Where I waited for you
Where I wait
Where I shall always wait for you.
Here the first meeting aroma
And aroma of colors
And secret the first
And a box
Unique words
Here you my friend at one o'clock night
You said goodbye to me
In beams of the born day
Has whispered to me - Wait for me!!!
And again I in the garden
Of your letter it is proud.
Here I waited for you.
Here I wait.
I shall wait here for you always!!!!!

Such verses Jason!! I hope to you they though to like??
Well all right I should to start work a little and that absolutely to
make nothing!! I to wish you a sound health and a wish of all good!!
And still I to kiss you in a cheek!!!
Jason i shall strongly wait for your letters!!!
Yours and only your friend Svetlana!!!
2007-05-26, 20:20:07
anonymous from Australia  
Hi my lovely friend Jason!!!
Excuse that I so directly but to me to seem with each letter that I
love you!!! You will tell it full nonsense to fall in love on the
Internet but I I can not simply transfer those feelings which at me to
arise to you!!! Probably it is love and can I am simple cannot without
your letters without your words!!! But I every day to aspire to see
your letters and to write to you the answer!! Only I ask you do not
abuse me and think of my words!!! I to speak only in all sincerity and
with all the heart which misses on you and under your letters!!! I
really do not have man's attention and love and now I have you!! For
these approximately I to learn and feel 2 weeks I much from you to
learn you and from me to arise feeling!! To you this declaration of
love simply likely has bothered me it was necessary to express and as
speak you to open to you soul!!! I am fair and pure before you and now
I to wait for your letter!!! Know I yesterday to share with mum what
to write to you and you to me very much to like and she very much to
be pleased for me!! She to speak the most important that the person
was good!!! My mum to transfer you huge greetings and to wish a sound
health and good state of health!!! My girlfriend to depart and advise
me to find and wish the good person!!! And to me to seem that I to
find it and that I really to love you and you are very necessary for
me!!! Tell what to think of our attitudes fairly??? Whether tell I am
necessary for you and whether we shall build our serious attitudes???

I to wait for your letter!!!
Only your Svetlana!!!
2007-05-26, 20:23:44
anonymous from Australia  
A change of address...........A word of warning scammers!!!!!
If you lie to people,You must have a good memory!!!!!!
I don't have a need to lie,but I have a great memory for details!!

Good morning my loved mine dear Jason!!
As the days off lovely how to lead weekend??? All is good my love??? The mood I to hope that at you
as good or simply excellent??
Thanks of thanks you my love mine dear Jason for your letter for your answer so is pleasant to read
to me now your words lovely your ideas! ' Such big letters from you - you are simple a miracle my
love Jason so pleasantly simply there are no words! You already forgive that I cannot so frequently
to answer you at me unfortunately there is no Internet of a house and I to write from the Internet
of cafe!
I correctly to understand you to want to send me the letter on my home address - if will be fair to
me very pleasantly and now I again to send you my home address!
My home address
The Russian Federation
Republic Mary El
The city of Volzhsk
Street of the World 53 - 126
I just to arrive since morning from the grandmother from village and at once to come to check up
from you mail - thanks loved! You know your letters to give me a life and if I am fair very much to
wait for them and me it is sad when from you there is no answer - but I to understand all lovely
that you likely are borrowed!
At me lovely as everything is all right - as I already to speak just to arrive from village from the
grandmother - again have a little worked in a garden on to be washed in a bath:) so!) you Know at me
loved all how usually to not know what to tell at all to you interesting - a white stain and my
pleasure these are your letters to me are most my happy instants loved!)))
Yes now after a dinner likely to go to a sports hall - still yesterday with my girlfriends we to
agree to play volleyball yes to work gymnastics - as see today at me to eat than engage! We to meet
girlfriends in 1 hour and then all together we shall go to a sports hall!
Such plans at me for today Jason!! And you that today will interestingly do!! As to me to want to
carry out my love day with you and not only day fairly to want to live with you all life - to
embrace you and all all to kiss!! Well I was good to dream but the dream in fact always to come true
- the main thing to trust in it in fact so lovely?)))
Well I to go now up to a house and then to go in a sports hall - well?
Lovely I shall hope what tomorrow to see your answer and if you to write to me that I to try to
write to you the answer with work!
Whole it is gentle your Svetlana!
2007-05-26, 20:24:42
anonymous from Australia  
Hi mine love Jason!!
You know lovely at once in the beginning simply to want to kiss you - is not present lovely not
simply and passionately passionately gently gently so that even through that distance what to divide
us you to feel all my love all my passion to you! I so strongly strongly you love mine dear Jason
simply fairly I can not transfer words all my huge feelings to you loved - the most important that
you likely will understand - lovely you the most dear for me the person you that about whom I to
dream day and night and with ideas on you I to fall asleep in the bed and I present you with me
beside I present your embraces your kisses your caress! Thanks of thanks you my love for your letter
simply now it to read and at me such ideas such passions that my heart to beat and to not jump out
nearly from a breast - and all this about you mine Jason!! Still more and more time of thanks that
you is at me mine dear!! Know lovely I always I shall be glad a meeting with you is begin now for me
the purpose I to want to be near to you loved to want to lead with you all my life!! But how we
shall meet lovely - you can arrive to me??
Yes a gift - lovely you know if fairly to seem to me that better this money that you to want to
spend for a gift save on your trip to me - well? How you to think?
Lovely you are glad to read my letter now???)))) As at you now mood loved - all is good? How health
at you mine Jason??
Yes loved you imagine yesterday to go to a sports hall played with little girls in volleyball and I
have dislocated a leg - certainly not so strongly but now to limp a little!:) But you do not worry
lovely everything is all right now I to spread a sore point ointment and already to not feel almost
a pain - couple of days and my leg will pass - simply likely it will be necessary to refuse on
couple of weeks from volleyball and all))!!
And you lovely today to work??? Than to be engaged?? I now again on work - now at us a break to sit
to drink tea and to write to you the letter - present me lovely - I before a computer to drink tea
and to write to you the letter - have presented Jason??? Well and how?? I loved constantly to
represent you writing to me the letter!! You know so pleasantly))! Jason loved if it is fair - I am
never simple on second to not overlook about you I constantly to think my dreams only of you loved
and about the god I so to dream that they somewhat quicker to come true!:)
To me the letter is already necessary to finish well loved is necessary to start to work - and that
still will come my chief!:)
Lovely I again to send you my kiss - catch it is whether write in the following letter to catch you
it! Well?
Yours for ever Svetlana!
2007-05-26, 20:25:36
anonymous from Australia  
Greetings my lovely my loved Jason!!
It again I loved?? You are glad to see now from me the letter?? And your pictures with this poster
simply the miracle so is pleasant!)) I too to want to make for you such picture loved!! I am simple
on the present is happy - forgive yesterday simply could not write the letter all the day on work in
any way - it was necessary to prepare urgently the documentation on a department and I simply could
not write to you Jason!! But I to know and understand that you to not take offence at me!! Especially
now to read your letter your words and me so pleasantly loved simply there are no words - I so
strongly so strongly you your I love mine Jason for ever - I to think of you all the day so to want
to embrace you and all all for to kiss! I am very glad that at you all well and if well at you all
means well and at me loved!))
I ask my love do not worry my leg already almost I at all do not hurt to not feel already soon a
pain lovely!!)) Thanks of thanks is simple many thanks for your anxiety lovely!)) I so pleasantly
simply do not have words my love!
Jason mine dear you to want to meet yes?? I too am fairly fair and if I am fair to want to visit you
in your country but only I cannot pay my trip to you - if fairly for me it is simply huge sum of
money! What to do loved?? I ask solve itself well loved - I shall be glad simply happy if you to
come to me but at the same time I shall be happy if you to invite me now to you in your country and
to help me to pay trip to you! I to wait for my lovely your decision it is good?
How at you with weather lovely?? At us I can already tell to come a summer today so hot already you
imagine 25 degrees of heat I today on work to go even in an easy shirt - so!)) you Know if fairly I
such warm day and to work that to not want - you know since morning all to think of you and to
represent our walks under a hand - so to want Jason that all my dreams to be embodied in the validity
that was so we to become the most strong most happy pair in the world! YOU to want it loved?? I to
know what yes you too to dream of it is lovely and correctly speak if you to dream and is very
strong it to want to come true necessarily that it in fact so?
Yes loved you to ask that such a shish kebab?? This meat fried on coal - at you if I to not be
mistaken it to refer to as a barbecue - yes Jason?
U2 If I to not be mistaken I to write to you about it loved yes it is one of my favourite groups to
me very much to like their songs - at us lovely identical tastes yes?))
Jason my lovely - know that you all that I have I very much very strongly you love also my ideas my
my feelings desire - all this is connected only to you loved - I all all yours and only yours!!
Loved give to me the heat give to me the love and I to answer you same but in 1000 was not present
in 1000000 times more!!
Loved I again need to work well but tomorrow I to promise to write to you the letter again and I
shall wait certainly your answer!
And yes lovely I ask came to me your exact number and I shall call to you - well?
Whole gently gently and more and more time to tell - I you very very strongly strongly love mine
Jason - I only yours for ever!!
Your gentle angel Svetlana!!
2007-05-26, 20:28:49
anonymous from Australia  
Hi my love Jason!!
My loved as I to you and to promise to write I to you today the new letter - you are glad?? I know
that you yes are glad my lovely and you do not imagine as me now well and pleasantly to receive your
letter your words! Thanks mine Jason for your such prompt reply to me I was very very pleasant to
thank also you my love - your I for ever - you to know about it?:) Lovely my Jason I you very much
very strongly love loved also your I and only yours for ever!
Lovely excuse you to get and failure??? I you everything is all right loved??? You likely to break
the automobile yes a little?? If fairly loved I to not be able to drive the automobile - at us in
Russia it why that is poorly accepted - usually the automobile drive only men!
I am glad very glad that at you all well - and if all is good at you means and at me all is simply
excellent! Now Jason at me simply fine mood - you to write to me such letter such pleasant words and
on street at us simply fine weather - now at me a lunch break and I simply to run in the Internet of
cafe to you!:) you See to write at night after work and I to try to find time to write to you in an
operating time!! Interestingly yes loved?
The Internet of cafe - you know for each visiting when I to write to you the letter I to pay
approximately 1 euro these are 35 roubles! Certainly it is very expensive but me it does not excite
the most important I to write to you loved!
You know and now about the most important - I to read your letter even in the morning on work and
now before the Internet of cafe to go in a travel company!! You know to me so pleasantly that you to
invite me to yourself!! If I am fair Jason very much it to want to want to be I with you and not so
to write letters and to be with you beside and to speak all words what to write to you so looking in
your fine eyes! Love how already to tell I to go in a travel company and me to tell that trip to
your country it is possible to make very simply - only to cost it very dearly loved! To me to tell
that it will be possible to issue the tourist visa for 3 months - and cost! YOU correctly to tell
the lovely ticket of flight to you and back costs in travel agency of 1600 dollars and still it will
be necessary to pay the visa and all documents are to cost 300 dollars! And so lovely all trip to
you to cost 1900 dollars! The visa in Australia to be done from 7 till 10 days! And if you to want
lovely and if you so to think that I I can though from next week to take a vacation on work for 3
months or in general to leave to be only with you! Loved I am ready to come to you though now and
only all to depend on you and if you can help me! WELL?
Yes loved as you will carry out the days off - than you will be engaged???
I here is how always to go to the grandmother! Weather simply excellent and now spring and in a
garden at the grandmother simply is a lot of work! We shall not wait at all tomorrow's day and today
after work as all family Jason to go to the grandmother! But tomorrow I was necessary to come in the
Internet of cafe!))
Have agreed??
And lovely I to try to check up later your answer to work - it is good? If at you to arise what that
questions that you of them at once write to me - well?
My lovely Jason my my most dear I you very strongly love loved ask remember it always - well??
Excuse but is already necessary to finish this letter and to go on work!
Gentle and passionate kiss from your angel Svetlana (she put my surname here)
2007-05-26, 20:30:37
anonymous from Australia  
My greetings Jason!!
It again I lovely yours Sveta!! As well as to promise you in the last letter I now to write with work
lovely!! I so am glad so is glad loved?? So love means I today I shall talk to my director and to
take a vacation from next week - well loved?? Lovely you know likely you imagine yes imagine as I I
am now excited so is happy Jason - I so strongly to grow fond of you and soon I am already fast to
meet you my love!!
Thanks you mine Jason that you to present me this instant there is no you to give me a happy life -
thanks you for it!! I now to look at your pictures and to me so to want to embrace you strongly
strongly and all to rain kisses is simple I can not any more! If I am fair to want begin to want
your wife I Svetlana (my surname was here) I to want to be for ever loved!!
Lovely but at me only as you can transfer a question of money to me?? If I am fair nothing to know
about it!
Lovely excuse but it is already necessary to finish the letter and to work but tomorrow in the
morning I to come in the Internet of cafe and to hope to see your letter!!
Yours for ever Svetlana!
2007-05-26, 20:31:45
anonymous from Australia  
Hi my fine Jason!!!!
It again I. You know, who???:))))) And if not you know, that, for certain, you will guess... So, it
your I and only yours for ever Sveta!!! And you loved can name me and Sveta, Svetochka, Svetlanka,
Svetik - all this my names reduced and tender! Thanks loved that you even here to find and name me
so I loved very much am very grateful to you!! Again I. And again you in my dreams Jason. And again
I alone with itself, with the ideas. And again you in them. And we with you together. And it is good
us. I embrace you strong - is strong. I think, that sincere embraces should be strong... As well as
my feelings to you Jason!!! Those light feelings which I test to you. As it is pleasant for me, that
you with me in my dreams! In them we do not leave. Also we do not gather! Because we carry out the
most fantastic and unforgettable minutes together. My prince Jason, I want to give you all not spent
love which has collected in my heart. Your I. With a head and all my ideas. And you with me... In my
dreams! In them we with you shake on a swing near the huge lock remote from a civilization with a
kind on the sea, such free and boundless. The sun on a decline lays a gentle ruby path on water, and
gloomy clouds beautiful edges are drawn in the sky, as the snake. Around of the lock gardens reach
many miles from roses of every possible shades. And we look at these finest creations of the
nature... We Shake on a swing and we look at roses. And it is good us. The warm easy sea breeze
gently caresss our leather, twists our clothes, our hair. We hear weak splashing sea waves and a
rustle of trees. And I embrace you. Strong - is strong! Jason, mentally I always with you. I shall
always support you a difficult minute. You can expect for me. You hear? I with you. Know it. For now
we together only in my dreams. But, what it is dreams! They the most fantastic and light! And all
due to you. I feel you. Amazingly: even when you are far from me, I feel, that you so are close; I
feel your breath; a touch of your lips; I hear your bewitching voice. I so love it, my prince! Your
image does not leave me for a second. And now... It again with me! I see your unique eyes Jason.
They are charming, boundless, as night, alone with which I now remain. They me burns. But there is
that rescues me, covers from terrible charms of this infinite night. It you, my king. But the finest
ideas about you give me belief. Belief that we shall be together. Only you and I. And anybody
around. Both again I. And again you. And, as always, it is good us together. Jason, I want to make
you happy, to add during your life set of bright paints. In fact the love is first of all sharp
desire of happiness to the close person. And you so are close to me! I not so long ago know you, but
even for the short period of our acquaintance you became me such native. I as if know you very much
for a long time. Both even earlier. And before.. .. Probably we were familiar in the last life. In
that life we, probably, very strongly liked each other, but at severe will of destiny we could
leave. But I am not going to repeat mistakes of the past. I do not want you to release. Especially
now, when I again have found you. I believe that at us all will turn out. Together by the unsinkable
ship of love we shall float on waves of ocean of the unopened passions, we shall open doors in the
world of not executed desires.
You know lovely but now at me since morning such romantic mood simply charm and the more so when I
to read your letter - I now simply to want to write to write to you about mine to you to love about
my passion about my desire and me to stop only you Jason and only your kiss!
Jason lovely I too to want to divide with you all my not spent love all my smiles to give only to
And if I am fair to look at your children and to be proud of you loved that you such fine father
that you so to care of your boys - you the best the man in the world my love! I confident it on all
of 100 percent! Also know I to want begin to want mother of your children I begin for them that of
whom they will respect and appreciate - to want to see off them in the mornings in school and to
meet their ambassador study! Know I so to dream of children and now at me to be already such big
boys! To speak all to me that I the most loving woman that I so to love children - Jason loved I
shall be the best mum and I simply confident it loved!
And lovely I ask to not want to live in hotel I to want be with you I simply to not suppose idea
about that that come to you I shall far from you - is not present is not present there is no love I
to be with you and I ask when I to come to you do not release me anywhere you to begin begin my life
you sense for the sake of what now I to live loved! I ask trust me I always sincere with you and it
is fair also this most important in our attitudes - in fact so my lovely?
And know lovely I yesterday once again to be in travel agency and me to advise that there is such
translation system as Money Gram - you to hear about it loved?? To me to tell that through it it is
possible to translate money! I to not know as loved but to hope you to learn about it is well??
Yes and now I to go loved to the grandmother in village - well and to come in the Internet of cafe
tomorrow approximately during same time!!
Also I shall write to you letters in which I can greet again you a phrase: ' Hi, prince! It again I!
Yours for ever only yours Svetik!!!

P.s Jason lovely I am simple once again to want to tell to you - I of you very much very strongly I
like!!! :)
2007-05-26, 20:34:04
anonymous from Australia  

Cough! Cough! bullshit! Cough!
Hi my fine prince Jason!!!
How are you doing as mood?? Than now you are engaged??? You to write that probably today you will
work yes???
Lovely simply huge many thanks for your picture you such beautiful such lovely!! So to like me your
smile and your wavy hair!))
And lovely I to look for you in a framework of a photo of your children and you together with
children! They such beautiful such strange boys!!))
Thanks my lovely Jason for those words that you again to present me - thanks you my love for your
words for all that you to do for me - lovely I very simply very strongly love you Jason - lovely I
for ever yours and only yours and to live only for the sake of you loved now all that I to do all
that I to live - all to meet you loved to be with you to feel taste of your kiss and your embraces!
Now I read your letter Jason and you know - such words to me to not speak any more the person on
light - and I very much to hope that to me so you will speak only all life!!! I love you very
strongly mine Jason!!!:)
' Spiderman 3 ' lovely you to look this film yes?? I to look both the first and second part but the
third to not look yet - if I to not be mistaken now this film to go at us at cinemas - but know I
shall not look they be better when I to arrive we to look it together?? YOU agree?? But so that you
of it already to look Jason and likely second time of it will look not interestingly yes?:)
Yes I now to read lovely - but understand for me to not have value of money - money it is a wind -
with them never to find happiness - I to love you such what you is! At us in Russia speak that money
spoil people - to be not the rich but good person than rich and bad better! It is my loved Jason my
opinion and I to think you agree with it!))
Loved I to want be with you I to want if fairly to become your wife - yes lovely I already for a
long time to dream of it is you know with the first your picture which to send me I simply to fall
in love with you but simply to not speak some time to you! I always to speak you only the truth and
I am always fair with you - I agree loved this most important in attitudes and we to achieve it!
Yes I am very glad that you to find loved Money Gram to me too to tell that it is very convenient
remittance! YOU to ask what dollars?? Lovely and at you other money yes?? 1900 it is the American
dollars! Whether I to not know at all to please you with it! And what to cost more dearly loved your
money yes?
And my name really I to not write to you it? Excuse if I to not write - likely simply to overlook!
Name - Svetlana
Surname - Tsvetkova
It is lovely my full name!))
My lovely it is possible for you to write again a poem - she only for you and very to hope that to
you to like:

There is in my soul a hope,
Still heart fidelity burns.
I love you. I love you as before …
Both I all … and in me hurt all …
I to you to running also do not hide,
I approach and recede in a shadow …
Slowly and truly I am broken …
Day as night, and night already as day.
But I know - I shall destroy fears,
I shall approach and silently I shall embrace.
I and rules shall break the law
And you at death I shall select.

I love you Jason you the most dear person for me and I to not want to lose you!!!!!
Tomorrow I shall wait from you lovely the new letter - well?
Well all right I to kiss you and very strong to embrace!!!
Yours for ever Svetlana!!
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