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Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 4

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Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 4

Letter 16:

Hi  mine  dear Peter! Have good day! I think. That we should not worry
concerning mutual understanding. I perfectly understand that you write
to  me!  I  now try to improve the knowledge of English language. I am
glad, that my messages pleasant for you. How you feel yourself , dear?
I  - ok. I a little excited, and yesterday I hardly fell asleep. I was
grasped  with  an  idea  about  to our meeting. For me and I have this
joyful  event  from  it much emotions. Such as excitement both the big
impatience  and  expectation  of this day . You have brought the whole
sea  of  emotions in my life Peter, and it is difficult for me with it
to  consult,  but  I can tell, that it pleasantly and gave me new push
and the purpose for life. I think, lovely, that it is necessary for us
to  arrange  our  meeting  so  that  there  were  no  difficulties and
inconveniences  in our affairs. I can arrange on my work, that to have
some  days  free  for me. Peter, and your work will be to allow you to
make it? Probably you have the intense schedule with the work also you
should be absent. Then we can meet more close from you or even I could
arrive  to you on some days. For me there is no problem to make longer
travel.  If  such  way  more  convenient for you and my arrival to not
create  inconvenience for you Peter, let's choose this plan. It for me
even  it  is  more good, because I can see as you live , your friends,
you  can show me the city and various, , that you can loved for you, a
place.  And  if for you it is necessary to visit the work. My work not
so  important  also  can  manage  without me, therefore I do not worry
about  the  affairs. Inform me dear, the opinions! If it is a good way
for  you  too  I  shall  make  preparations  for travel. My kisses and

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 17:

Hi  mine dear Peter! My dear, fine the man! Forgive, forgive me for my
delay  with  the  answer. I have mad days on work! Really it is very a
shame  to  me. But I hope, that you forgive me! First of all I wish to
answer  your questions! With my mum all is good. she sends the regards
to  you!  I  do not like to drink Margharitas. If it is fair, I do not
like to drink alcohol. Though I sometimes presume a glass of red wine.
My  favourite drink is an orange juice. I very much like to sleep! :-)
But  I  work  since morning and consequently should rise early. In the
working  days  I  wake  up  approximately in 6 o'clock in the morning.
Though on days off I like to luxuriate in a bed. Generally I the night
person. As, for example, I can watch on TV till late night interesting
transfer or till the morning to read the book if it is pleasant to me.
I  very much hope, that your problem with rent of your house safely to
be solved. Here in Russia too it is a lot of people who lose sometimes
for last money. For example I am not the hazardous person. By the way,
I  looked  your album of photos. They have very much liked me! Thanks.
To  me  also  it is very pleasant, that you are interested in my city,
that  it is interesting to you to learn about that place where I live.
I  should  you tell, that Kazan is big city with ancient history and a
lot  of  historical  monuments.  Recently  to our city it was executed
1000!  Photo  where  I  am on a background of blue spruces it has been
made  in  Kazan.  At  us  many such trees. But they do not grow in our
woods in a wild kind. They are brought and grown up here as decorative
trees.  Now  concerning  travel.  Your  offer to meet in Germany so is
unexpected.  I  am  not assured, whether I shall have time to legalize
all necessary papers to have time to arrive to Germany. I will need to
make  out  the  visa. I already thought of plans of travel. I thought,
that if I shall make out a trip to you to America I shall have time to
make  it  approximately  to  the  middle  of  November. I do not know,
whether  I shall have time to legalize all necessary papers for a trip
to Germany. But I can learn about this. You as want? Understand, month
November is month very convenient for travel as at this time I without
effort  can  take  holiday.  In December and January it will make more
difficultly  as then I shall be occupied on work. It will be connected
with  New  Year's  and  christmas  holidays.  You know, what in Russia
Christmas celebrate on January, 7th? I very much wish to meet you. And
if  it  is  fair,  I very much would like to make travel with you. Let
small. I now am afraid to state all of you the feelings to you as I am
afraid,  that  it  can confuse you... But I shall not hide that I very
much  wish at to meet you! What do you think concerning my ideas Where
you  wish  to  meet?  By  the way, fur-trees you are excited with this
question  with  my parents there should be no problems. I told it{him}
about  you much. They consider you as the fair, open and noble person.
They  trust  you  and  consider, that I with you shall be in safety. I
already spoke with them about this. Eventually, I already adult woman.
You are not shocked with my boldness. I do not want, that you thought,
that  I Silly the girl who is simple so can depart on a meeting to the
unfamiliar  person.  Simply I courageous, I trust you, I wish to trust
you!  I  want,  that  a line with me was the person whom I shall love.
That  you  will tell about my ideas. We should solve together where we
can meet. I with impatience look forward to your reply.

My kisses and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 18:

Hi  my  Dear  Peter.I ask to excuse me for absence. My grandmother was
unwell  also  I should visit her. I very much hurried up and could not
inform  you about it earlier. Now with my grandmother all is normal. I
think  you  do not become angry with me for unexpected absence? I very
much  missed  without you! Today at night remarkable dream has dreamed
me....  It  was  fine  dream  about us with you. To me has dreamed, as
though  I  and  you walked on quay. We had a bottle of champagne and a
few  fruit. We for a long time walked at territory of the sea, then we
have stopped in one very beautiful place where there was no person. We
have  settled  down  about  the  sea...  We  have  opened  a bottle of
champagne...  Small  balls  of  gas  of  champagne  played as if small
luminous  moths... They were poured on the sun, everyone by the color.
It was magnificent. And during that moment we were the happiest people
in  the  world.  To  us  was so well, that us all world around did not
interest...  Our  hearts  fought  on  one  frequency...  We  embraced,
kissed... We were close on so much, on how many it only is possible...
I  was  happy  that was very good us. But when I have woken up, I have
understood,  that  it  was  only dream. I did not want to wake up.. ..
Because  I  know,  what you are not present now with me beside, but it
will proceed not for a long time as we soon shall together?

Letter 19:

Hi  my Dear Peter. I studied English at school, from the most 1 class.
Then  I  studied  English when studied for work. I from the very first
class liked the English language it very soft, I tried to study German
but  it  has  not liked me, it little bit rough. I can easy talk but I
think  that  English which I studied not such which you speak. I think
that  a  pronunciation  at  me  not  so  good.  Yes sometimes I do not
understand some phrases. Then I should use the dictionary correctly to
tell.  Last night I long looked at stars and thought of you my gentle.
I have named your name the brightest star in the sky. And now if to me
I  become sad simply I leave in the evening on street, I shall see the
necessary  star  and  to me at once it becomes easier love mine. Now I
frequently  shall look at stars may to be to me it will be possible to
think  of desire. I already know that I shall think. It is very a pity
to  me  that we are divided with thousand miles. I so want to feel you
all  body.  I would like to embrace and kiss you. When I close eyes to
me  it  seems  that your hands concern my body. They slowly slide from
the top downward on my gentle skin mentioning intimate places, Leaving
pleasant  sensations. To me near to you I very much would be desirable
to be lovely. I sincerely want to make you the happiest the man on the
ground.  Also  believe  me I can make it because I love you more life.
You  my ideal you the most fine and most gentle person for me. On it I
shall  finish  the letter. I hope you pay attention to these words and
on  my recognition. I shall look forward to hearing from you my gentle
prince. My kisses and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

Letter 20:

Hi  my  Dear  Peter! My dearest. I am very glad to receive your letter
and  very glad, That you at me are. Your letter will calm me and makes
by  stronger.  Last  days  I  thought  of us and about our life. And I
understand, that our life leaves also we do not notice it, my love. We
feel like young and we do not notice, that to us already more and more
years. It may very good, that life goes so quickly. But she flows away
as  water in the river and back it to not return. I am very glad, that
I  have  you, my second half, my heart. I want to tell, that only your
letters  support  Me  and  my  good  mood  because I without you so am
lonely.  I  live  ideas  only about you, my love. I so do not have not
enough your embraces and a kiss. But I know, that we shall be together
and  I  very  much  wait for this time, my love. I wish you to lead to
Germany  well.  Send  the  regards to your parents! Happy journey. You
will  write  to me. While you in Germany? Love only for you. My kisses
and embraces.

                                      Yours Barbi.

I had queried Google for the phrase " that to us already more and more" and found this: Letters from Russia. Then I decided to post these emails here.
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2006-11-27, 18:15:36
anonymous from United States  
Anyone been scammed by this chick from Russia?

She never asnswered any of my questions, and her emails were word-for-word from a set of scam emails from the internet. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but one hot body

2006-12-02, 15:07:48
from United States  
Hi everyone,

Let me start off by saying I have a lot of experience with these Russian dating scams ever since I put my profile on This is how you will know if they are scammers:

1) If they contact you first
2) If it is through a dating service like and their profile says their from some city in Florida for example, but they are telling you they are from Russia
3) They want you to contact them using their personal email address instead of going through the dating site
4) After a few letters they fall in love with you and want money to get a visa, passport and plane tickets to come and visit you

If this happens to you report it to the russian womens blacklist at Unfortunately, the pictures of these woman that you receive are not who you are really talking to. These pictures are taking off the internet, usually by men trying to scam you. most of these women don't even know that their picture is being used. If you want to have some fun, just give them a phony 10 digit western union MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number). Do this a few times and you will never hear from them again. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY!!!!!!!!!

I want to leave you with something to think about. After doing some research, I have come up with a theory. These scammers are actually TERRORISTS that know this is one way they can extract money from thousands of Americans and other countries to fund their terrorist training camps and their mission to eliminate the infidels as they like to call us. They need money, and the power of the internet is the most inexpensive and fastest way to reach millions of people. THINK ABOUT IT!!!
2006-12-03, 04:01:09 from Netherlands  
RE, the post above:

I agree totally with these signs that tell us that they are scammers.
I like to add one sign that i noticed also with every scammer. (that btw did the exactly the things you mentioned above too)

They are signing out of the dating site within 1 or 2 weeks after contacting you.
When I open my 'inbox' now, i see imediately who were scammers....they all heave
'UNREGISTERED' after their name.

*thinking about the terrorist-theory*
2006-12-06, 09:04:17
anonymous from Germany  
I also agree with you totally
2006-12-06, 11:26:30 from Canada  
I have stored binary files for Russian women here:
It is my belief that all of them except for Karina and Yulia are scammers, and the photos could be that of the scammers themselves, or of innocent women, whose photos are being used for the scam without their knowledge or consent. I think there is also the possibility of the women allowing use of their photos to scam people as well.
I would like to know the whole story of the women in the photos before passing judgment. It is possible that not all the women in the photos used by scammers are scammers themselves.
2006-12-08, 14:41:12
[hidden] from Kuwait  
Do you mean that ' KARINA and YULIA ' are not scammers ???
2006-12-14, 04:59:27
anonymous from Germany  
tatyana Korotkova or Svetlana Ryabinina

takes new photos and changed some times the name. but it is the same person

Keywords: blonde blue dress computer
2006-12-22, 15:22:02
WOLF_06_08@YAHOO.COM from United States  
2006-12-22, 17:15:37
anonymous from Canada  
8 women to every man? Where did you get that statistic? According to UN estimates the human female population of the Earth stands at 52.2%. Maybe my math is not so good.............Does that equal 8:1?
2007-01-17, 04:30:11
anonymous from Mexico  
OK, It seems that 'Olga Dunaeva' from Kazan keeps trying! :-) There are some of 'her' letters (because I feel it is a stupid man behind the pictures), and some pictures, some of them repeated (she uses the same tricks again and again).

Read the full story!

Olga Dunaeva <>
Responder para:     Olga Dunaeva <>
Enviado:     terça-feira, 5 de Dezembro de 2006 15:32:29
Assunto:     WWW.CROSSROAD.RU: member's request
        |         |         |     Caixa de Entrada

Dear Brigante da Regua!Member has tried to send a Letter:First Name : OlgaLast Name : DunaevaCountry : RussiaEmail : olenka@decmailbox.comLetter : Hi!!!My name is Olya , I very liked your profile. I am 27 years old, I single girl I hope that you will answer my message. you canwrite me on my E-mail: I will wait your ans. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------This results are produced by www.crossroad.ruDear member.We are sorry if you have got spam.If you get spam through the site, please let us know urgently by ot call us +78127406132We will do our best to resolve it ASAP

Hi Brigante!!!!
Many thanks for your letter, it is very pleasant for me. Whether today I went
the Internet of cafe and thought of that I from you shall receive the answer to
my short message.
I shall tell under the truth did not expect to receive the letter,
but I very much hoped for it and my expectations were justified also I am glad.
I want to tell that I have very small experience of conversation through the
it is possible to tell it practically was not present! And for me now opens new,
not the familiar world for me and in this new world I have found you.
I am very glad that my profile and my letter have interested you. I hope that
now we learn about
each other more and I think that we shall find much in common between us. I want
to tell
to you a little about myself that you had the best representation about me.
As you already know my name is Olga. I live in the Kazan city, republic
Tatarstan, Russia.
I am 27 years old and my birthday 6 of March, and I shall become more senior for
one year.
I have blue eyes and I have blonde hair. My growth of 172 centimeters, my weight
is equal to 56 kgs.
I very active person and I do not like to sit on a place. I work as the manager
on sales of home appliances.
It is work interesting to me and it demands the creative approach to it and I
give a lot of time
to the work. I also like to go in for sports and I am engaged in fitness.
Employment by sports help me to feel like better and relieve of excess weight.
Also I do not smoke
and I do not take alcoholic drinks. I think that cigarettes bring very huge harm
to the person.
I have a lot of interests in life: dances, sports, rest, clothes, cookery.
I will tell about them more in following my letters to you, if you not mind. I
am now lonely,
and I want to begin new page of my life and I search for the person with whom I
could begin this life!
Maybe this men will be you? The time will show to us and I think that we have
taken the first step to this.
What do you think? Brigante, I would like to learn about you more, write me more
about myself,
about your work, about your interests. I think that so we can learn about each
other more and it will allow us
to understand better each other and to become closer!
Brigante, if you will have questions to me you can ask to me them, I will answer
Now I finish the letter and I will wait from you answer.
Your Olga.

Hi Brigante.
I so waited your letter. But you did not write.
I thought that you do not want to communicate with me more.
But today I have received your short message and so was delighted.
I am very glad to receive from your letter today. I think that we now start to
know each other.
Thank for your picture. It is a fine picture. You such strong and handsome man.
Forgive, that I such immodest. I very much like this picture. It is wonderful,
when a man combines force and charm. It happens so seldom. Once again forgive me
for my frank words.
But I always talk what I think. I think there is nothing bad in it.
Today I want to tell to you about my life and my hobbies. I was born in Kazan
March,6, 1979 in good family. My mum - she is doctor, her name is Katerina
Vasilievna, my father,
Nikalay Sergeevich, he is an engineer. I have finished school and entered in
the Kazan State University and have finished faculty on a speciality the manager
and now
I work as the manager on sale of home appliances. I live separately from my
I have my own apartment which to me my parents when to me 20 years were executed
have presented and
since then I live separately from them. I very much love my parents, they helped
me in many things,
and I very appriciate them for helping me. I am one child in family and
all love of parents have been certainly directed on me. I had very happy
childhood. Now as I told you,
I live alone, i am independent girl. Now I want find the person with which I can
to find happiness
and with whom I can connect the further life. I very active person, I do not
like to sit on a place.
I very much love sports and a lot of attention I give the figure and beauty.
Each girl wants to look beautifully and wants that the man paid attention to her
and I am not exception.
I can safely tell that I put my appearance on the first place and I try to look
always beautifully.
I am engaged in aerobics three - four times a week in one of sports clubs Kazan
and it is pleasant to me.
Also I am fond of dances, and I can tell that I very well dance. I also visit
night clubs,
but now my interest to them gone, there can be it from for my age,
I can has matured and have decided to think of the life????
Yes, in life of each person I think there are such moments when he reflects on
life, about that he has made
for the and about that he should make. I now dream of family and about happy
home life.
Brigante, you dream of it?
Unfortunately I do not have own phone, but I am going to buy in the near future
to myself mobile phone.
But if you want to hear my voice, can send me the phone number and I shall be
very glad to you to call.
Also I give a lot of time to reading of books, I think, that reading of books on
much more useful than
to watch TV, and the more I read, the more I learn and I raise the knowledge in
this or that area.
I read the greater measure Russian writers, and I like to read books of writer
Ahmatovoj most .
As I live one to me it is necessary to cook myself I cook itself and I for these
years have learned to cook
very well, is especial my 'kitchen' it is pleasant to my parents. They come to
me on a visit
and we spend the days off together. Brigante, tell to me about the family, about
the hobbies, I think,
that too very much much interests you in life.
Now it is necessary letter to me close. I shall wait from you the letter.
Sincerelly yours Olga.

Hi Brigante.
I today very much hastened to come in the Internet of cafe to write to you the
I want to tell to you fairly that I thought of you and I waited for your letter
today and
I am very glad to see your letter in my letter box. I have read your letter
and thought of what to you to write and I have decided to write to you about the
about that is pleasant to me in the person and that I do not like!
I can assert with confidence that I very quiet person. I do not love noise,
I like when my life goes moderately. It is very easy to wound, offend, afflict
me, but at my
insult quickly passes. I was very shy in relations with the man,
and I never undertook nothing to make a first step on a meeting to the man. And
in due course
my character has changed, now I became more open. I think to this my work
because work
of the manager is connected to dialogue, and the main thing in this work skill
to communicate of the person,
its skill to find common language with clients (with buyers) promoted, but in
relations with
men I have remained the same modest girl. I have girlfriends. And they are
surprised to me and
ask ' as such beautiful girl as I cannot find to myself the man? '
Yes, I agree with it, many count me beautiful and I also think that I beautiful,
but external beauty
of the person for me not the most important. I think that in the person all
should be beautiful
and first of all his heart!!! Presently people have very strongly changed,
they have overlooked about the heart! Now people think only of the benefit and
pay attention only
to appearance of the person, now it is not important for them what actually the
his position in a society is important, his bank account, his money is
Actually money for people now began to have determining values! Sometimes my
girlfriends speak that
I live in the other century, that at me old representations about life, they
speak that I am romantic.
Yes, I am distinguished from the girlfriends, for them now the most important
beautiful life
and they try take all from the young guys that they can. I have got used to
achieve all.
I think that I early started independent life from the parents though they
always spoke that they can
the help to me, but I tried to pass vital difficulties itself both I devoted
much time to work
and I have absolutely forgotten about the private life. For me on the first
place there was my work
though I receive not the big money. At that time when my girlfriends walked with
the young steam rooms
I sat at home and developed new ideas about that as it is possible to increase a
sales volume.
Now it seems to me ridiculous but then for me it had prime values and now for me
my work has big values,
but now I want to start to build the private life I want to love and be loved!
I want to find good man which I shall love on the present. Who knows maybe this
man you?????
I also very kind person, I always help people when my help is necessary for
Sometimes even in harm to! I love honesty in people, I always speak that that I
I always speak all in all sincerity. And I do not like when me deceive, I always
speak that better the bitter
truth than sweet lie! I very strong person though there are minutes when would
be desirable me
that me have regretted, sometimes I would like to be cried to somebody in a
waistcoat and these minutes
it is very difficult for me. But we shall not be about sad. At me very good
sense of humour,
I like to be pleased lives both I like to have a rest and I like to travel. In
the spring I was in Finland.
And there very much it was pleasant to me. Brigante, you like to travel? Write
to me about your character,
about that what you the person! It will be interesting to me to know about you
I hope to receive from you the letter soon!
Yours Olga.

Hi my dear Brigante.
Today we have rainy day and cold weather, but due to your letter I have a smile
on my face.
I think that you have learned much about me from my last letter and you now know
my character both that is pleasant to me and that I do not like. I today want to
tell about that
what I see the future, I dream of what future! As I already wrote to you in the
previous letters
I want to begin new page of the life. I want to build the private life.
Certainly I dream of family. I think that each person wants to have the family,
will have the house
in which it come and in which it will be met by his or her favourite person! I
wrote to you
that I search for the person with which I shall continue the life with which
I can share the pleasure and grief with which I shall pass the life. I want to
leave in marriage
and I want to have 2 children! It is my dream and huge desire, but at the same
I think that in the modern world is possible to live and be together I do not
enter a marriage.
I think that this decision should be accepted in common by the man and the
You agree with me? And I also very much love children and they reciprocate to
As you already know I was never married also have no children, but I had to
bring up my niece and
it has been very much adhered to me and I liked a role of mother.
I think that for children the most important is an attention on the part of
It is a pity to me of which those children of their mother leave in children's
homes and
they never test parent love. It is a problem I think all world from which it is
necessary to struggle!
I shall give a lot of time to children, I shall bring up them very well and when
they become adults that will tell ' mum many thanks to you for that you so have
well brought up me!'
I spoke these words to my mother when I have finished university and have
received the diploma.
Certainly the question on children too should be solved the husband and the
They should solve for themselves: whether 1. They want to have children?
2. if they want to have children, how many?
In matrimonial life for me the most important value will be had by family. I
shall be very good wife.
I think that in family should have the main place the man, the head of the
family! He should earn money,
and the wife should be the keeper of a home. During too time I do not want to
sit all time of a house,
I too want to work and benefit the family, but I shall try to find such work
which will allow me
to more time to give the husband and children. I think that in family everyone
should be equal,
even children, even their opinion should be taken into account at
which concerns directly him. All should be under construction on mutual
understanding and
all disagreements in family should be solved in common. The man should not get
puffed up and put itself
above the wife only because he the man, the husband and he has on this right.
I think he should ask always opinion of the wife, he should respect her opinion.
Certainly in family all should be under construction on mutual respect and love.
I think that if spouse
they love each other that will overcome all vital difficulties and will live
happy home life
and I dream of such happy home life. Brigante, I am interested with your
representation about the future,
I want to know you want to have family, children?
Brigante, I have decided to admit today to you that you like me also I think
about you and
I wait from you the letter every day.
Sincerely yours Olga.

Hi my dear Brigante.
I am very glad to receive from you letter today. How you have lead the days off?
I have lead them well, but weather was cold. I want to admit to you that
Yes I the religious person and I Orthodox and at us Christmas on January, 7.
I am waited these day to receive from you the letter and to write to you the
All these days I thought of you and I have missed on you, under your letters.
I think, that we became closer each other! And I start to feel attachment to
You have such feeling? I want to tell to you that I am modest girl and
I am very cautious in the words and acts, but to me you would be desirable you
to tell these
words ' I like you very much? ' I hope that I have not confused you with the
I do not know why to me with you very pleasantly and easily to communicate.
I can speak you all frankly and I do not test constraint, though I very
It can because we communicate with you with the help the Internet and
we do not see each other to face? In fact to speak looking in eyes to other
person it is very
difficult. But that it nevertheless seems to me not for this reason? I long time
was one
and with anybody so frankly did not speak about itself, about the private world
and about itself,
but I why now would like to know more all about you, to understand you better,
I want to be for you more than the friend! For these years when I on the first
place had my work
I has forgotten such words as love, a kiss, embrace, heart, ideas about the
lovely person.
All my efforts have been directed on that prove to the parents that
I could to live independently because at younger age all of them time solved all
for me and
tried to make all that I anything I did not require also felt like 'princess'
in the deputy for all these years I have got loneliness. Certainly I have
but they are girlfriends. I did not have lovely person and all my girlfriends
were surprised to this.
Probably I was very correct for all and guys were afraid to approach me?! Now I
became more open.
Now my life in my hands. Each person himself creates the happiness,
he builds the destiny and as far as he will make his future life will correctly
You agree with me?! Though to me now 27 years, I do not think that I have the
big life experience,
but I now know that I want from life. I want to love and be loved. I want to
have family and
I want to be the happy woman! I want to find 'prince' and now for such long time
the feeling has appeared that I have found him! Brigante, I want that you were
this 'prince'.
I all heart want that you have told 'yes'. Now I shall wait your answer to this
I shall think of you.
Kisses and hugs.
Yours Olga.
P.S. My adress:
My full name Olga Dunaeva.
Adress: Russia
420012 Republics Tartarstan,
City Kazan,
st. Butlerova, 100.

Hi my lovely Brigante!
I am glad to receive from you the letter today. Today I have such feeling as
I was born again, new world has opened for me, and I even had such feeling that
the sun began to shine on other, is brighter and smiling!
At you very interesting dog, I always dreamed to have the dog.
I today recollected the life in the morning, have recollected the childhood,
school days,
years of study at university, and years of work! I at all did not know that
time goes such fast rates, I only recently was the small beautiful girl
and now I already mature young lady, with the vital principles and with the
of life! Time flies very quickly. I am not skilful to appreciate time earlier,
and now I start to realize value of time. I did not understand sense expression
' time - is the money ' earlier, now I understand that this expression means!
Yes, people start to appreciate only that they lose, and time lost by me now is
a little bit
a pity to me! Brigante, you regret lost time? But I also know that all that is
all this only to the best. And I have a lot of optimism. I always look at life
and optimism helps me difficult minutes of life! Yes, I believe that my life
will soon
change also all this due to you Brigante. Now I know that I have found which
that person
I searched for long years! You have brought to my life new in life.
Now I am glad to each minute mine lives, all around for me seems beautiful and
I feel that I love you, it maybe so? Each time when I start to think about you
on my person there is
a smile, and my heart starts to beat faster and blood on my veins runs faster.
I cannot describe to you at all that that I feel!!!!
Probably I love you????

Never Have I Fallen

Your lips speak soft sweetness
Your touch a cool caress
I am lost in your magic
My heart beats within your chest

I think of you each morning
And dream of you each night
I think of your arms being around me
And cannot express my delight

Never have I fallen
But I am quickly on my way
You hold a heart in your hands
That has never before been given away

Rex A. Williams

Sincerely, yours Olga!

Hi my lovely Brigante!
I already for a long time planned to write to you the small letter which would
as the bulletin of my feelings to you.
I have written this letter to you yesterday at night before I went to bed also I
want that you have
read this letter.
In the beginning, I would like to tell in several lines to you that I mean a
word 'love'. The love is
a unusual feeling, extraordinary strong. Under its influence the person can
change the character,
outlooks on life and many other things - a word all that has been strongly
established in its outlook earlier.
I think, what exactly under such influence has got also I. The love forces me to
think only of you,
to dream of our future.
Each minute, lived with you, soon leaves in the past, in the sweet memoirs,
forcing to shudder heart and soul.
I very for a long time searched, not knowing, that I search. It seemed, I had
all for usual existence,
but I all the same for that - that waited from destiny, that it will throw to me
a particle of happiness.
I wandered on unknown me to the world, dreamland or is simple the feelings
running in the disorder.
But I have found in the wanderings at last true. Now I have you most expensive
in this life. And I do not want you to lose,
lose that I with such work have found. Believe me, that I love you, I love your
eyes, your sight gentle
and thoughtful - all that inevitably enters into sweet minutes of life.
There is such belief: « occurs nothing simply so, it happens nothing vain ».
Means, you are in my life a guiding star
which is lighting up my life, reserving the long laid trace in a heavenly
empire, an empire of stars
on which I shall follow to the destiny.
Conduct me in the empire, an empire of love and happiness. And what such
happiness? It when you near to the favourite person.
I very much love you. We related souls. You my half which so did not suffice me.
It is the midnight. It is not audible anything, except for those words, that I
write on a paper.
Be not surprised! Simply only in that case it is possible to formulate all
correctly, when you alone with the ideas.
I wait for a dawn, inevitably I wait for the new letter on you, from the person,
borrowing all my ideas and coming to me in my house.
I love you my Brigante.
With love your Olga.

Hi my lovely Brigante!
Do you know expression ' If stars light, it means to whom - that is necessary.
If people meet, means, their vital rivers merge to be ocean of life. '
I think, that our meeting in boundless open spaces of the Internet is not
it is destiny. I thank destiny that we have met you. « Life is one.
Also it would be desirable to live it so that it was not painfully hurt for
aimlessly lived years ».
Now I cannot present, how I could so for a long time live without you?!
And how to live in general without you? I love you. Now in my heart something
is created unimaginable since that moment as I have fallen in love with you!
My heart has lost rest ever since, but, that is interesting, it does not want to
find it again!
I speak all this to you not because today it is necessary to speak it that is
what be silent I I can not! Each my section shouts how it madly loves you!
I want to shout to you about it always, since morning when I wake up, in the
afternoon when
awfully I miss you or to sleep in the evening when inflow of my love does not
give me!
But I in fact not from evil, and all because I madly love you!
Brigante, you became my necessity, need! Without you I would not like anything,
even to live!
As I can live, if not I can speak about how I am sincerely sick as to me has
prompted a computer,
I love you! And in general, what for to me such boring life! The sun, you likely
already know,
but all the same I shall tell, that you the most light person in my life!
My sun! I even cannot think without you, I become silly - silly! To me even to
it would not be desirable without you! You are need for me as air! Without you
so it is intolerable
it is stuffy, and you it is impossible to inhale! You such far and such close
You are far only on distance, but always at me under heart. I feel you the
Now between us the big distance, but I know that will not be fast this distance
between us.
I very much want it!!! It is a pity, that now we are not together. But you know,
recently I have come across very interesting idea in any book: « Ancient counted
the sky a symbol
of unity and eternity. When people look at stars even if are far apart, during
this moment they together ».
So let's look at that stars.
Kisses and hugs.
Sincerely yours Olga!

Hi my lovely Brigante!
I am glad to read your lovely letter. They each time bring to me pleasure.
Brigante, I want to inform you some information which is of great importance for
Brigante, I shall receive holiday next week from the work and I shall have a
free time.
Please send to me your phone number and to I shall necessarily call you.
I this year had no holiday and I want to spend the holiday together with you my
lovely Brigante.
I for a long time thought about it and I think that we should meet.
Our meeting has very big value for me my dear.
I think that due to our meeting we become closer each other and we learn about
each other more.
We have such expression in Russia' better once to see, than hundred times to
' You agree with this expression? We know each other not long time, but I have
such feeling,
that we know each other already long time. Now you know about my feelings to
You know that I love you!!!!!!!!!! For me it was difficult to admit to you it,
in that I love you,
but I any more do not want to hide that I feel to you. You are a great
importance for me now.
You became for me the dear person, the person with which I want to connect the
I think that I have found second half, Brigante - you are my second half.
I think that the following step in our relations should become our meeting.
You agree with me? I think that this best time for our meeting.
I have learned about that is necessary for our meeting. It is necessary for me
to have the visa,
the passport for travel abroad, the ticket aboard the plane.
I want to make the tourist visa to a meeting with you. Term of the tourist visa
is equal 15-20 day.
The travel agency can make the visa in current 7 day. Cost of the tourist visa
in the Mexico is equal $400.
I should give some documents for reception of the visa: a copy of the passport,
the passport for travel abroad, the information on incomes, photos.
I have the passport for travel abroad already and I should not do it.
The employee tourist agency has told to me that I should not have problems with
reception of the visa.
He also has told that I can get tickets aboard the plane in this travel agency.
Now I want to learn your opinion. What do you think? Also I want to know,
can you render some help for my arrival to you?
I kiss you. I love you Brigante.
Sincerely yours Olga.

2007-01-17, 04:31:56
anonymous from Mexico  

Keywords: blonde white top pink flowers
2007-01-17, 20:25:43
anonymous from United States  
I have read many letters and comments on this site. I am not writing this to blast anyone, ... but to inform you. If any of you had done your homework and research on Russian and Ukraine women you would have found out that VERY FEW if ANY can EVER get a Visa to leave the country on their own. The US Embassies in these countries know that they will never return to their country if they give them a Visa to get out. The Embassy turns down 99.999% of them that apply. I true Russian or Ukraine woman will never ask a man to send them money, why?, because they are a proud people and do not want you to know that they are poor and how they have to live. True there are scammers on different sites, but my advice to all is to never reply to a women that sends you an email from a RU address. Most women in Russia or Ukraine can not even afford the extra money for an internet connection, internet cafe', much less a computer. Electronics are very exspensive in these countries and it would take about a years salary for women to be able to buy a computer, they only make about $200.00 to $300.00 a month. If you want to meet a sincere woman wanting to meet a foriegn man you need to go through a reputable site. A reputable site does checks on all the women that is has on their site. True, ... you have to pay to join the site that you choose, but it is much cheaper than sending money by western union or some other sourse and getting nothing in return. Again, ... I did not post this to belittle anyone, ... just to inform you.
2007-02-01, 14:11:31
Does somebody this girl she coming from oekranie
2007-02-01, 14:23:25
Does somebody know this girl
She living in ukranie
This image was also posted here:
Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 4

Keywords: redhead pink top chair
2007-02-02, 13:29:40
Does somebody know this girl? From Cheboksary, she call herself Irina.

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