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Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers


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Are you an American or Western European man exchanging emails with a girl from Russia? I was contacted by a girl who turned out to be a scammer. Reader Derrick put together some great advice how to detect scammers.
I only have one advice (#8) to add: If a Russian girl tells you that she will get a visa to the USA instead of inviting you, that is - under the current immigration law - a SURE sign that SHE LIES.

Here is the process how a Russian woman can come to the USA:

If she is considered a relatively young/ attractive woman (let's say under 40, hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings here), then there is virtually NO CHANCE THAT SHE GETS A TOURIST VISA TO THE USA. First the Russian Federation will not allow her to leave the country. Then, even if she was getting out, the USA will deny her admission. The reasoning is that she is considered a risk. How could she not be a risk? If she had family in Russia (husband, children) or a valuable business or real estate. Most likely the woman who writes you will be considered a risk. The only way for her to get a visa into the USA is this procedure:

  1. the foreign man visits her in her native area in Russia
  2. they get engaged during such a visit - take photos of the 2 of you together
  3. he flies back and applies for a K-1 visa. A K-1 visa is also known as Fiancee visa, used for marriage-based immigration
  4. once the K1 visa is granted, the girl can enter the USA and stay there for 3 months. By the end of these 3 months you HAVE to GET MARRIED or the girl has to go back home.
  5. if you get married, the girl gets a greencard and can work
  6. after 3 years of marriage, the girl can apply for a US citizenship. That's when they interview you to find out if it's a real marriage. She also has to answer some questions about US history, political system, etc etc.

Here are Derrick's tricks (1-7) that he uses immediately from the start:
  1. GOOGLE or websearch the first part of the scammers first emails and/or 'profile'. SEE HOW MANY OTHER SITES their listed on! RECORD THOSE SITES FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. THAT alone can give you a good idea IF your dealing with a scammer OR not.
  2. GOOGLE or websearch the return email address. See how many 'hits' come from that search and also note all the sites. (many times you'll see the email end up on a 'scammers list') IF YOU FIND THE EMAIL ADDRESS LISTED ON A SCAMMER LIST - don't bother further, your only fooling yourself - no matter what excuse they might give you.
  3. FROM THE START - ASK FOR SPECIFIC INFOMATION! A full name, address, phone number - something. OFFER THE SAME in exchange, except make it a P.O. box and a CELL PHONE rental card that will protect your identity. If you see your requests ignored, which you usually will, don't waste your time further.
  4. ALWAYS ASK SPECIFIC QUESTIONS that would REQUIRE A SPECIFIC ANSWER outside the use of FORM LETTERS. IF YOU FIND your questions go unaddress in your reply emails from 'them/her' - YOUR DEALING WITH A SCAMMER. Again, don't bother further.
  5. DON'T WAIT 6 MONTHS to offer to talk with the PROSPECT by phone! WHAT A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! IF THERE IS CHEMISTRY OR APPEARS 'INTEREST' BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU - then sieze the opportunity. ARRANGE A PHONE CALL! International rates to Russia and most places are reasonably cheap. IF YOU GET THE REPLY ' I'M SO POOR I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO A PHONE' - drop the whole thing, your only wasting your time and WILL BE SCAMMED at some point in the future.

    ASK FOR A SPECIAL PHOTO TO BE TAKEN. IF YOU SENT YOURS, HAVE THEM TAKE A PHOTO SHOWING THEM HOLDING UP YOUR PHOTO IN THE PICTURE! That is a good 'scammer filter' - even the most adept with Photoshop will easily be spoted.


    AT THE LEAST - ASK THEM FOR A PHOTO of them wearing a specific combination of clothes and/or colors - something different then the usual 'model clothing' - most use to send out. OR AN OBJECT - TOASTER, ELECTRIC CLOCK, BY A COUCH, IN A ROCKING CHAIR something that would be very hard to use PHOTOSHOP to just PUT in another FILE PHOTO.

    *** IF this person is real or sincere, they won't mind doing this for you! ALSO - offer to do the same for their comfort also - that is only fair.
  8. If she talks about getting a visa or that she needs money to get a travel visa to the USA, she lies. See the proper course of action described at the top.


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2009-11-21, 14:20:15   (updated: 2009-11-21, 14:46:40)
David from United States  
It may seem cruel but I am considering not visiting this site anymore or posting because I am getting really annoyed about magnus from Sweden always posting about that thread of his. I don't come here to see the same thing over and over and over and over and over.............. I believe people people understand. Just seems to be he knows how to abuse this site. It's no better than the guys who make the exact same post half a dozen time about the same person with no new information or just posting a picture with no info or explanation as to why the picture is there. I know he was ripped off and was hurt. I'm sorry he was. But how would he feel if I went to his thread and posted two and three times a day about other threads?
2009-11-21, 14:35:59
from United States  
ok how about an easy way lets say you plan a trip to go to Russia you go clubbing,bar w.e make it easy for your self to find girls then if you find the right girl and if you think she's the right one then you are set for life all this online date ant going to help. TELL ME if that is helpful or not.
2009-11-21, 15:16:13
OJAS from United States  
@David, 2009-11-21, 14:20:15 (updated: 2009-11-21, 14:46:40)
There is no reason for you to leave delphi. Some newbie who has done you NOTHING wrong, may benefit from your contributions, far more off-setting other problems. If you think a small number of people cause you problems, there is a large number of people who DIDN'T cause any problems.

Sometimes we need to use the scroll down, and if the mouse wheel isn't fast enough, a few times the page down button, and keep moving.

I am not trying to defend and justify every action of every contributor, but one needs some tolerance for the sake of vast numbers of others.

David, my friend, I have seen many people in life who find it hard to understand that a hundred times zero, is still zero. A thousand times, still the same! They of course either keep repeating themselves verbally, or a copy / paste on the computer. They have no bad intentions, unlike the boy who cried wolf, but it is better to ignore them, until they have something new to offer!
2009-11-21, 18:29:09
anonymous from United Kingdom  
does anyone recognize,Anastasiya Zueva from Rostov-on-don.My email is,help me out if you can.Thanks.

2009-11-21, 21:08:29
OJAS from United States  
UK, Try http://www.delphifa..54#141063
It could be risky posting your email addy in public domains, it might invite spam. Request Admin to remove it.
2009-11-22, 07:05:54
anonymous from Australia  
further info on as follows the following numbers in nigeria +234018901073, +2348139621668.+2347084039989 these are all Nigerian numbers i am not sure how it works yet but like joe i am concerned about the girl or girls in the pics i have spoken on the ph at 1 point 2 a usa fem i know Mr big fat n ugly aint that good an actor i dont thinks she would be in love with me but maybe she is in danger n this is the only way she can call out for help i hope nobody gets offended here but i def neva believed it was the chick in the pics the typing never seems to be a female from usa i can be emailed dat if anyone can assist me further here email me
2009-11-22, 10:16:05   (updated: 2009-11-22, 10:18:02)
RealMadrid from Spain  

Googled Sarah Walker Badoo and got this

- sexo - Penélope Cruz, Liza Minelli y Barbra Streisand juntas o ...
17 Oct 2009 ... Sarah Jessica Parker y sus colegas van a pasear por su ciudad favorita ... creó una cuenta falsa en Badoo, una página de contactos y 'para . ...

Someone leaving out the Jessica in the name! Said they created a false account so did this Jessica use this information?

2009-11-22, 17:06:59
ww from Japan  
@R/Madrid !

Thanks ,a good info on her.
Again I will try to search for her(he?)

By the way ,Sveta is reported as a Scammer,LOL !!

see you my R/Madrid !!

2009-11-22, 17:24:42
wanwan from Japan  
2009-11-21, 18:29:09
anonymous from United Kingdom


2009-11-23, 11:42:24   (updated: 2009-11-23, 11:43:45)
anonymous from Australia  
i didn't mean to offend anyone with the info i gave i was just trying to be helpful was all and to make sure that mr big fat n ugly was not able to try scam anyone else
i live in Australia so i wasn't out 2 cause any problems or offend anyone i found the site via google so i wanted to be of more helpful than anything
2009-11-23, 13:24:48
DUCATI from Spain  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina

2009-11-23, 14:02:50  
HELLO Mike! thank you! it's good to write you again!

I think I'm a lucky girl to meet such good man as you in Internet! I hope I will be lucky enough to meet you

in the real life!!! yesterday I told my parents about you.

they said that now they don`tworry about me as before because now they know you are a kind man

and can help me if I will need your help. You can show me your city and

tell me about the life over there! I think I didn't write you I like cooking.

I will cook RUScuisine for you! Pelmeni, vareniki, blini, borsch, okroshka!

You will like it! Besides I like Italian and Mexican. I love

spaghetti and pizzza!!!!! mmmmmmm ! I can't live without it! I like

Mexican food because it's very spicy, although I don't cook Mexican

dishes too often. I've been told my cooking is very tasty!

I like to cook cakes. my favorite is cheese-cake with raspberry! You

know... when I talk about food I'm getting hungry ))) I eat everything

and I'm not on any diets but usually I don't eat after 7 pm. This

helps me not to be fat! I can cook many tasty things for you when we will meet! You know..

almost all Russian men are like bears! They are so rude, they can't be nice

and polite, they don't want to have a family. I think you are not like them.

I like to go to the cinema! I really like to watch a good movie with

my friends. 50 percents of movies in our cinemas are Russian and about 50

American. actually my favorite actor is William Smith and I like all movies with

him. I've watched 'Seven Pounds' Have you seen it?

could you recommend me any American movie so I can watch it?

What is your favorite movie and actor? Soooooooooooooooo......... what else could I say?

I have a driver's licence but I don't have a car. My father has a

russian car and he gives me his car sometimes.

I don`t like only cinema! I like theatre and opera too, I like ballet.

Unfortunately there is only one small theatre in my city and there is

nothing interesting. If I want to go to ballet, for example, I should

go to Krasnojarsk, there sometimes can come famous Russian actors and

dancers but I can't go there often because it's quite expensive.

By, the way, one thing else about my trip. Agency will help me to rent a room

to stay near my future work. I will share this room with a few girls yet,

it is usual procedure and it helps to pay the rent (it will be cheaper).

And I have a question, is it normal if we will like each other may be it is

possible to live together?of course if you or somebody doesn't mind.

As you know I will stay there for three months but If I will like there I will be

able to prolong my trip. I think I will be able to improve my english and you can learn Russian

and I think it will help us to learn each other better,who knows.Do you have a big

wide bed?(joke). And now I have some good news for you! After sending this email I will

go home, take my packed bags and go to Krasnojarsk! From there I will fly to Moscow! I`m

really afraid to fly on a plane! I hope my plane will not fall down! I'm really afraid!

It is several hours from Krasnojarsk to Moscow.

when I come to Moscow and settle down I will write you an email. I

hope today I will be able to write you. Please don't worry about me

if you don't hear from me today or tomorrow, that will mean I was not able to

find a place to stay and I will write you after tomorrow.

In Moscow I will spend a week or maybe even more, I should make all

final arrangements with my documents and after it I will come to you!

I've never been to Moscow before and I'm so nervous now... I've never

went somewhere alone and now I should go alone to such big city!

I really want to talk to you by phone, but as I don`t have a mobile

phone, I will find a public phone in Moscow with international calls.

you know... I had such great desire to start my trip already.. and now

I feel myself like a newborn kitten who has even didn't open it's

eyes... I just want to hug my mommy and don't want to go anywhere...

but I know that's my dream to start a new life and I will try to turn

in to reality! Soon you will hear some news from me from


hope I'm only for you! love you and kisses!

ps: I like bananas.. :-)

I am sending you one 'n a k' pic. I am sorry for my strange attitude.

My thought are so contradictive about us. This pic was taken by my girlfriend.

I want you to see all of my body so you know how I look and don't get too much surprised after we meet.

I understand that it is important to all men and you're not the exception. I respect men's attitude.

Once again, I am sorry and I hope you don't get me wrong for sending this photo to you.

I don't have anymore 'n a k e d' pics.

Have a good day! :)

your Marina


> very nice pictures, i dont care what age a girl is to be my girlfriend


>> Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 12:48:35 +0300

>> From:

>> To:

>> Subject: add few things...

>> hello again..!!I just want to add few things...

>> I think last time I wrote you not all my thoughts...

>> My mind is always in a mess when I write you because

>> it's hard to write everything to somebody who is so far away. I don't

>> remember if I wrote last time I've never been married, don't have

>> kids but I love them and they love me! I

>> And I want to tell you that I always wanted to find an older man.

>> Why? I have two answers..

>> Firstly, I think older men are much more serious and they can take

>> care of me, they are more experienced in life and can teach me many

>> things. Have you heard a saying 'The older the violin, the sweeter the

>> music'? I believe in it... I think I'm not that young already but I

>> don't have much experience in life and I want to have someone who has

>> more experience in life then me.

>> Secondly... maybe I'm not right about it... but I want to be honest

>> I've always had such worry... if I marry a man nearly my age...

>> and after some years I will become not that young and beautiful... I

>> think it's more hard for a woman to be attractive then for a man...

>> and he will find a younger mistress and I will become very miserable.

>> I don't want my man to be unfaithful. I know I can be faithful to my

>> man and I will never cheat on him.

>> But this is just my worries. This is not my goal. Please tell me if

>> you think you will love your woman at any age and not find a younger

>> one? Can you be faithful?

>> Also I want to tell you that I learned english in university, so I don`t

>> use any translators, and I can speak english as good as I write on it.

>> I hope we will have no problems in communications. I feel that

>> you are very nice man I really want to meet you. If you will not like

>> me or something else we can be just friends.

>> I hope I will get my work visa soon in Moscow and all documents and I

>> come to you! I don't have any area limits with this visa so I can work

>> where I want. I don`t know exact day of my arrival, but as soon as I will

>> know I will write it to you.

>> You know, I'm just trying to be honest with you and write you all my thoughts on

>> different issues. Please be always honest with me also....

>> I will write you later, I will look if I have more nice photos to sendyou.

>> Do you like my new photos? :-)

>> kiss you, have a good day!

>> Your Marina

>> > i like your pictures a lot, live in allentown pennsylvania. i would

>> > like to have a seroious relationship too and you are my type of

>> > girl. oh what's your number? and here's my picture

>> >

>> >> Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 20:51:21 +0300

>> >> From:

>> >> To:

>> >> Subject: hello!

>> >>

>> >> Hello!

>> >> Do you like my pic? I very much want to see yours!

>> >> I would like to have a serious relationship although I don't know if

>> >> that's possible in Int. so I'm looking just for a good man!

>> >> it is my first time I try to correspondence with man in Int. world.

>> >>

>> >> I want to see real life and it is impossible to see without

>> >> person who knows all sides of the life .......

>> >> I will wo rk abroad for three months or more.

>> >> Today In my country many young girls and guys also want to start a new life abroad, so

>> >> many of them used a special program for young people who wants to

>> >> work abroad. I also decided to do so and to use it. This program just helps to

>> >> register documents and gives suitable work in any state(town)of USA,

>> >> Canada or Europa (or other big country).

>> >> I just need to choose.I already started to register documents and now

>> >> I need to decide in which city I want to work.. I never been abroad so

>> >> I decided to find a friend abroad and make his

>> >> city to be my destination. I will leave my town in a few days or so.

>> >> I can't tell you everything exactly right now......

>> >>

>> >> ....I think that my e-mail starts to be too long ??? ok ;-)

>> >>

>> >> I think that it is hard enough to live in foreign town without friends !But ...

>> >> I don't want to live in my country because I have not any chances here,it

>> >> is hardly possible to explain it by the first time but I want you to

>> >> know my plans. The forecast for my country in 2009-2010 awful (war, mass disorders of workers on periphery,

>> >> Reductions of workplaces, Rise in price of the foodstuffs and clothes). It is very terrible.

>> >> The economic crisis will reach apogee...!

>> >> Im 24 years old and Im not af raid of work. I shall work in sphere of trade (food)

>> >> I think it is the right way for me!

>> >> I am full of plans and different dreams.

>> >> I have brown hair and brown eyes. I think I look very good, but

>> >> first of all I want to be beautiful inside.

>> >> I do hope that you will be not disappointed to meet me in the real

>> >> life if we will meet :-)

>> >> I would like to be sure that I have a man who waits for me there.

>> >> if you have any interest to meet me I will be more than happy to meet

>> >> you too. My be it sounds silly but I just don't want to be alone in the

>> >> evenings,and I want to be sure in advance that somebody waits for me!

>> >>

>> >> OK, I will wait for your answer.

>> >> I hope I'm your type of girl, I'm not sure ....but....!! I hope so!

>> >>

>> >> Marina

>> >>

>> >> > send me more pictures of you. maybe in a bikini or naked

>> >> >

>> >> >> From:

>> >> >> To:

>> >> >> Subject: Hi there

>> >> >> Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 02:24:25 +0000

>> >> >>

>> >> >> Hi.

>> >> >> I am mailing you regarding your ad.

>> >> >> I find your message on adult site nice.

>> >> >> I am nice looking female. I am coming to your place in few days.

>> >> >> and looking for a male to show me the place.

>> >> >> This way we could know each other better.

>> >> >> I am sending you my hot pic.

>> >> >> I am coming from European part.

>> >> >> Bye Bye!

>> >> >

>> >> >______________________________ _____________________________________

>> >> > Windows 7: I wanted simpler, now it's simpler. I'm a rock star.

>> >> > http://www.microsof..ea:112009

>> >

>> >______________________________ _____________________________________

>> > Hotmail: Trusted email with Microsoft's powerful SPAM protection.

>> >

>> >


> Hotmail: Trusted email with powerful SPAM protection. Sign up now.


2009-11-23, 14:03:39 from United States  
is that spamming
2009-11-23, 19:33:01
wanwan(WW) from Japan  
@Thank you DUCATI from Spain

A scam info on her

2009-11-23, 20:55:28
This girl has contacted me 3 times. She hasn't asked to meet up or money but she has told me that she doesn't have a home computer or phone line so she has to do everything from internet cafe.

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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