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Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers


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Are you an American or Western European man exchanging emails with a girl from Russia? I was contacted by a girl who turned out to be a scammer. Reader Derrick put together some great advice how to detect scammers.
I only have one advice (#8) to add: If a Russian girl tells you that she will get a visa to the USA instead of inviting you, that is - under the current immigration law - a SURE sign that SHE LIES.

Here is the process how a Russian woman can come to the USA:

If she is considered a relatively young/ attractive woman (let's say under 40, hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings here), then there is virtually NO CHANCE THAT SHE GETS A TOURIST VISA TO THE USA. First the Russian Federation will not allow her to leave the country. Then, even if she was getting out, the USA will deny her admission. The reasoning is that she is considered a risk. How could she not be a risk? If she had family in Russia (husband, children) or a valuable business or real estate. Most likely the woman who writes you will be considered a risk. The only way for her to get a visa into the USA is this procedure:

  1. the foreign man visits her in her native area in Russia
  2. they get engaged during such a visit - take photos of the 2 of you together
  3. he flies back and applies for a K-1 visa. A K-1 visa is also known as Fiancee visa, used for marriage-based immigration
  4. once the K1 visa is granted, the girl can enter the USA and stay there for 3 months. By the end of these 3 months you HAVE to GET MARRIED or the girl has to go back home.
  5. if you get married, the girl gets a greencard and can work
  6. after 3 years of marriage, the girl can apply for a US citizenship. That's when they interview you to find out if it's a real marriage. She also has to answer some questions about US history, political system, etc etc.

Here are Derrick's tricks (1-7) that he uses immediately from the start:
  1. GOOGLE or websearch the first part of the scammers first emails and/or 'profile'. SEE HOW MANY OTHER SITES their listed on! RECORD THOSE SITES FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. THAT alone can give you a good idea IF your dealing with a scammer OR not.
  2. GOOGLE or websearch the return email address. See how many 'hits' come from that search and also note all the sites. (many times you'll see the email end up on a 'scammers list') IF YOU FIND THE EMAIL ADDRESS LISTED ON A SCAMMER LIST - don't bother further, your only fooling yourself - no matter what excuse they might give you.
  3. FROM THE START - ASK FOR SPECIFIC INFOMATION! A full name, address, phone number - something. OFFER THE SAME in exchange, except make it a P.O. box and a CELL PHONE rental card that will protect your identity. If you see your requests ignored, which you usually will, don't waste your time further.
  4. ALWAYS ASK SPECIFIC QUESTIONS that would REQUIRE A SPECIFIC ANSWER outside the use of FORM LETTERS. IF YOU FIND your questions go unaddress in your reply emails from 'them/her' - YOUR DEALING WITH A SCAMMER. Again, don't bother further.
  5. DON'T WAIT 6 MONTHS to offer to talk with the PROSPECT by phone! WHAT A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! IF THERE IS CHEMISTRY OR APPEARS 'INTEREST' BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU - then sieze the opportunity. ARRANGE A PHONE CALL! International rates to Russia and most places are reasonably cheap. IF YOU GET THE REPLY ' I'M SO POOR I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO A PHONE' - drop the whole thing, your only wasting your time and WILL BE SCAMMED at some point in the future.

    ASK FOR A SPECIAL PHOTO TO BE TAKEN. IF YOU SENT YOURS, HAVE THEM TAKE A PHOTO SHOWING THEM HOLDING UP YOUR PHOTO IN THE PICTURE! That is a good 'scammer filter' - even the most adept with Photoshop will easily be spoted.


    AT THE LEAST - ASK THEM FOR A PHOTO of them wearing a specific combination of clothes and/or colors - something different then the usual 'model clothing' - most use to send out. OR AN OBJECT - TOASTER, ELECTRIC CLOCK, BY A COUCH, IN A ROCKING CHAIR something that would be very hard to use PHOTOSHOP to just PUT in another FILE PHOTO.

    *** IF this person is real or sincere, they won't mind doing this for you! ALSO - offer to do the same for their comfort also - that is only fair.
  8. If she talks about getting a visa or that she needs money to get a travel visa to the USA, she lies. See the proper course of action described at the top.


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2007-05-22, 15:23:17
k_B0BBY@YAHOO.COM from Saudi Arabia  
Hi! Gentlmen,
Below two E-mails the two cute Original Vodka Scammers and as for your question,the are getting Smarter.

Take Care Guys and be Well,

Bobby King.

Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 09:06:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: 'Olga Olga' <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
Subject: Re: HI!
To: 'Bobby King' <>

Kak dela? (it in Russian - How are you?)

Thanks for your letter - the higher mark. :)

You know, that I felt very gloomy today,

but when I have seen, that you have written to me,

I have really cheered up.

that fact that I am even a little interesting to you


This bit has warmed my soul, :)

Because I am really interested in you.


What to write at first?!

Hm! My ideas are turned in a mad round dance: questions, images... dreams

But as though I did not wish to know all about you. ;-)

I should tell about myself nevertheless at first.

This my main rule in work: first make any demands to yourself, then only to subordinates. :))

Perhaps I shall begin with the most simple.

Parents have named me Olga at a birth. :)

I was born on November, 12th, 1976 in the city of Yaransk of the Kirov area,

Thus I have now 30 years .

I think, that my birthday was a sunny day :)

(A trifle - but it is pleasant) :))

I have got green eyes and blonde hair. My height is 170 centimeters and my weight is 57 kg.

I have never been married and have not children but I want to have them, though.

Last 6 years I live and I work as the paediatrician in children's hospital in the city of Yoshkar-Ola .

it is a capital of Mari republic of the Russian Federation.

Yoshkar-Ola is one of the most beautiful cities of the Volga region.

I like this city

I send you a map of Russia with a designation of Yoshkar-Ola .

I hope, that you quickly will find it. :)

Where do you live?


Thus now you know where I live.

I shall tell about my biography to you next time, ok?

Now I wish to tell to you more important thing...

Why I here? For certain this question interests you...


I think, that I am here with the same purpose..

what and you are here. ;-)

have I guessed right?


At first sight I have all necessary for a life:

the friends, favourite work... but I have not partner in life,

to which I could devote myself,

to present him all tenderness of my heart, all my kindness

and love.

It sadly to live for the sake of itself. :-(

The God has created us for love.

Here in Russia I have confronted with difficulties.

I am... hmm :) I want to present my love to the special person who will appreciate my private world(with pluss and minuses), and not just my appearance.

I suffered from my appearance much.

Gangsters, alcoholics and any perverts is a hell.

They adhere to me as flies to honey. :-(

Because of them I cannot meet the normal simple guy.


and I have decided to address to the help of the Internet,

to find my second half.


Probably it will be you ;-)

I do not know still

I think, that in the beginning we should learn each other better,

and letters this are good means for this purpose


You know, I am agitated very typing you these lines.

Actually this our first date,

though also virtual... but nevertheless date

and I waited for you here with bunch of flowers

Probably something will grow from this a greater. ;-)


ok! I think, that it is enough for the first letter

I hope, that we can become Big Friends.

Tell to me about you more.

What do you like in music?

What films do you prefer?

You know, I have many questions.

because I aspire to know something about you.

So let's begin with it...?!!

please, send me some of your pictures. ok?

take care and answer my letter when you can.

Bye for now



I am sorry for my bad English

I shall try to work above it

Nevertheless I not bad speak in English.

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russia.jpg (115k) [View]
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Hi___.jpg (46k) [View]

Tue, 22 May 2007 12:13:35 -0700
From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: 'Bobby King' <>
Subject: hallo

Hello King! I have been pleasantly surprised having seen your letter
to me, and I want to correspond very much with you. But before I want
to tell about myself that you have little bit better learned me and I
also hope that you will tell a little about yourself that we have
better learned each other. I think it to us strongly will help to come
nearer to our dream and we shall find common language. I live in
Russia it very far from your house, whether also I do not know you
were sometime here. My city refers to Kazan. It is small city, but
very beautiful and me here very much it is pleasant to live. Now to me
of 28 years and I still have not found the of the partner in life,
second half. I the romantic person and not looking on that that
everyone speak that the love at first sight does not happen, I believe
in it. I want to find this person that when I have found him I have
understood at once, that it is really that of whom I always searched.
I am cheerful and almost always cheerful, I like to feel confidence.
It is pleasant for me when behind my shoulder there is self-assured,
strong and beautiful a man which at any moment can stand for itself
and for the beloved. I rather versatile girl. I can be pleased lives
and present happiness to the favourite person. All my familiar speak
that very easily to communicate with me and that I very kind and
sociable girl as speak ' soul of the company '. But not looking on all
this I and could not find to myself the man in Russia. If you knew
King last time Russian men very chilly concern to women. It is much
more interesting to them to drink or sit with friends. I was not
married, but I some times met and I can tell only one, that after
several appointments at them all interest vanishes. Also my unmarried
girlfriends also speak. Russian men degrade, him it is more
interesting alcohol, instead of beautiful Russian women and it very
much irritates me. Recently I have received the letter from the
girlfriend, she lives in USA, in state Minnesota. She has got
acquainted with the person on the Internet and has left to him. She
has written, that is very happy and has told to me that I vainly spend
time for searches here, And have convinced me to try to find the love
on the Internet. But all the same for me it is such uncertainty and a
riddle. I very much am afraid to be mistaken and disappointed. I
simply want to be happy and loved and for the sake of this person I am
ready to go on all. I shall be cares and to respect him. You know King
I also I love gymnastics and very much I like to float. I simply adore
to float in the summer on any lake, I can not get out of water hours.
I try to watch myself and the appearance because it is very important
for each woman. I as like to be alone with the nature. I like to walk
in the evening on city. My city is near to the big river Volga. And I
like to look at water and to think of the future. I very much love the
native land. Our country very beautiful, at us very rich nature and is
a lot of lakes and rivers. I very much like to look from a window at a
sunset. I very much want to have children, but before I think it will
be necessary to solve it with the beloved, only when we together shall
decide that children, only are necessary for us then and will be. King
If you want to learn me I shall answer closer necessarily write also I
to you. In the following letter try to tell to me as about itself and
the employment. If you can that have gone to me please the photo. I
wait with impatience of your following letter Nadezhda!!!

Attachments Attachment scanning provided by:


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1.jpg (60k) [View]

2007-05-24, 07:33:38
I just got my first dating scam e-mail today. Here it is (with my personal info removed, of course) for anyone that wants to play with her:

from:         amy <>
subject:     hi from amy

Do not ignore me please,
I found your email somewhere and now decided to write you.
Let me know if you do not mind. If you want I can send you some pictures of me.
I am a nice pretty girl. Don't reply to this email.
Email me direclty at
2007-05-25, 01:30:09
anonymous from Indonesia  
suck russian to close cheat me, they just copy paste email
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Dating scammer Natalia Sokolova from Yakutsk, Russia
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2007-05-26, 19:15:44   (updated: 2007-05-26, 19:21:15)
drod from United States  
Got this one a couple days ago. Thought maybe slipped a digit on the email address, so gave 'him' the benefit of the doubt.

I made a simple reply to his mail, and immediately got a response. More of the same.

Must apologize as I deleted his mail, but my replies are always saved. Of course, before opening did the IP search, came back Netherlands.

LOL, am I supposed to be gay, or a female.

First my response to his letter below.


I am 56 year old man. Who are you writing t

> From:
> To: drodxxxxxxxx
> Subject: hello from Michel.
> Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 13:16:53 +0400
> hello I am very surprised you contacted me in the first place,
> but I am pleased that you have. So you want to know more about me.
> Well my name is Michel Conrad DeWaters and i am 5'9' tall and i weigh
> 175 pounds,sorry I do not know the cm or kg that you used,we use inches and pounds.
> My e-mail: I have dark brown hair,hazel eyes and am not sure
> what else is considered to be important.
> I was put into awe with your photo,I have never seen anyone that has looked
> as beautiful as you and you fit your name.I am sorry if it embarrass you,
> but I only tell what comes to mind(sometimes it gets me into trouble)on what i see.
> But thank you very much for the picture, I will try and send one of myself but i will not be as nice as yours.
> I am what is called a Tape Edger,my job is to
> Tape(a stiff cloth fabric)the panels and the border together,that is the panel is the
> part you lay on and the border is the fabric that runs all the way around the bed.
> I do enjoy working yes,but it is the people that make it hard for me,I was not much into
> socializing when I was younger.Living in a military family made it hard to make good
> friends for very long,always moving around stopped that.I have not been to Russia but
> would like to visit there some time.
> How do you mean what do I like?Could you explain a little bit more please.
> For my free time I read,and play video games,it helps with hand and eye cordination for my work.
> I do a lot of walking at work also.Yes i like sports,primarily playing,but
> i will watch sometimes not much interest in watch tho,I like playing football,
> soccer and volleyball when I can,but not much happens around here that I know of.
> I usually like to challenge my mind more then body,so I guess boards games interest me a lot.
> I put information of myself online because I like to meet new people from all over the world.
> I really like to know about cultures and other people.I have only been to England,so the only
> way I know of is the internet.I am looking for someone who I can trust,share my love and who
> will do the same for me.I have had a very bad marriage that i was primarily a slave i guess you
> could say.I was home almost all the time taking care of my 2 children,while she was sleeping,
> working or going out to drink with her friends.I don't want to say anymore about her if thats okay?.
> All I want to say is that she has custody of them both.
> I love my 2 children,Micheal who is 7 and my daughter Misty who is 3.
> I would like more,but only if my new spouse is interested in having children of her own.
> I also own a cat and i do love dogs and plan on getting 1 of my own later.
> I think either a docshund or a beagle which are the 2 breeds i like most.
> I would love to know more about you,if you would please,and a photo of full
> body so I can get Height and weight better.It is easier for me to guess better I swear.
> I am good at guestimating things on size and weight.If you like we could probable do webcam,
> I can do that but I need to know what messenger you use,I am on Yahoo.I would also
> like to know out of interest,why you picked me out?I am flattered to say the least.
> If there is anything else you would like to know go ahead and ask,I am honest on what
> I say and will do my best to answer them.
> please send me your repay to my home e-mail:
> Michel


If you EVER ask a question that is ignored, or speak of specific things that get no response, and the letters received seem to just ramble, and YOUR NAME is 'spoken', you are corresponding with a scammer.

good hunting..........drod
2007-05-26, 21:44:44
anonymous from United States  
Drod,I got the same thing too,so did a guy on another scammer site.Can't figure out where he got that addy of mine from,I don't use it for baiting anymore and only used it with 8 of them.I sent a note too but haven't gotten a reply.If you get anymore post it. Skeet
2007-05-26, 23:26:32
anonymous from United States  
hey does anybody know this girl?....marina from kazan russia?

2007-05-26, 23:30:39
anonymous from United States  
does anybody know know this girl?....marina from kazan....she been e-mailing me and wants to come to meet me to the USA.....HER E-MAIL IS

2007-05-26, 23:33:10
anonymous from United States  
heres another scam....marine from

2007-05-26, 23:34:42
anonymous from United States  
another of the pictures she sent me from kazan

2007-05-26, 23:37:56
anonymous from United States  
2 more pictures of the russian scam....marina from

Keywords: blonde orange top on bench
2007-05-26, 23:39:10
anonymous from United States  
another one.....scam--scam---russian scam....marina from

2007-05-26, 23:47:44
anonymous from United States  
hi you eat the han?........marina from

Keywords: blonde blue shirt eating chicken
2007-05-27, 07:46:40
anonymous from United States  
hey...i gave one of this girls my home address you guys think im gonna be in danger for that? me at girl is marina from kazan...her e-mail is GIRL_TANGERINE@YAHOO.COM....CAN ANY ONE tell me if i am going to be in danger for this?....i send my home address to this girl
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2007-05-27, 08:27:25
drod from United States  
To Will,

Doubtful someone will show up at your door.

Unless it is a delivery man: mail, UPS, Fedex, etc.

If you receive ANYTHING you are not expecting (check return address), including someone you are talking to online, return to sender as 'refused.'

It does happen at times, they also use 'your' address' as the return also. If this happens, return as 'unknown.'

In any case, DO NOT OPEN. If opened, you have to pay for the return.

good hunting.........drod
2007-05-27, 10:48:43
anonymous from United States  
Like Drod said and as long as that's all you gave I wouldn't woorry too much.If it was a West African scammer you might get something in the mail or packages if you went that far with them.The one's from FSU countries usually don't go in for that type of scam,it's more time consuming AND it cost's them MONEY! Best thing to do is IGNORE<DELETE and BLOCK!
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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