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Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers


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Are you an American or Western European man exchanging emails with a girl from Russia? I was contacted by a girl who turned out to be a scammer. Reader Derrick put together some great advice how to detect scammers.
I only have one advice (#8) to add: If a Russian girl tells you that she will get a visa to the USA instead of inviting you, that is - under the current immigration law - a SURE sign that SHE LIES.

Here is the process how a Russian woman can come to the USA:

If she is considered a relatively young/ attractive woman (let's say under 40, hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings here), then there is virtually NO CHANCE THAT SHE GETS A TOURIST VISA TO THE USA. First the Russian Federation will not allow her to leave the country. Then, even if she was getting out, the USA will deny her admission. The reasoning is that she is considered a risk. How could she not be a risk? If she had family in Russia (husband, children) or a valuable business or real estate. Most likely the woman who writes you will be considered a risk. The only way for her to get a visa into the USA is this procedure:

  1. the foreign man visits her in her native area in Russia
  2. they get engaged during such a visit - take photos of the 2 of you together
  3. he flies back and applies for a K-1 visa. A K-1 visa is also known as Fiancee visa, used for marriage-based immigration
  4. once the K1 visa is granted, the girl can enter the USA and stay there for 3 months. By the end of these 3 months you HAVE to GET MARRIED or the girl has to go back home.
  5. if you get married, the girl gets a greencard and can work
  6. after 3 years of marriage, the girl can apply for a US citizenship. That's when they interview you to find out if it's a real marriage. She also has to answer some questions about US history, political system, etc etc.

Here are Derrick's tricks (1-7) that he uses immediately from the start:
  1. GOOGLE or websearch the first part of the scammers first emails and/or 'profile'. SEE HOW MANY OTHER SITES their listed on! RECORD THOSE SITES FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. THAT alone can give you a good idea IF your dealing with a scammer OR not.
  2. GOOGLE or websearch the return email address. See how many 'hits' come from that search and also note all the sites. (many times you'll see the email end up on a 'scammers list') IF YOU FIND THE EMAIL ADDRESS LISTED ON A SCAMMER LIST - don't bother further, your only fooling yourself - no matter what excuse they might give you.
  3. FROM THE START - ASK FOR SPECIFIC INFOMATION! A full name, address, phone number - something. OFFER THE SAME in exchange, except make it a P.O. box and a CELL PHONE rental card that will protect your identity. If you see your requests ignored, which you usually will, don't waste your time further.
  4. ALWAYS ASK SPECIFIC QUESTIONS that would REQUIRE A SPECIFIC ANSWER outside the use of FORM LETTERS. IF YOU FIND your questions go unaddress in your reply emails from 'them/her' - YOUR DEALING WITH A SCAMMER. Again, don't bother further.
  5. DON'T WAIT 6 MONTHS to offer to talk with the PROSPECT by phone! WHAT A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! IF THERE IS CHEMISTRY OR APPEARS 'INTEREST' BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU - then sieze the opportunity. ARRANGE A PHONE CALL! International rates to Russia and most places are reasonably cheap. IF YOU GET THE REPLY ' I'M SO POOR I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO A PHONE' - drop the whole thing, your only wasting your time and WILL BE SCAMMED at some point in the future.

    ASK FOR A SPECIAL PHOTO TO BE TAKEN. IF YOU SENT YOURS, HAVE THEM TAKE A PHOTO SHOWING THEM HOLDING UP YOUR PHOTO IN THE PICTURE! That is a good 'scammer filter' - even the most adept with Photoshop will easily be spoted.


    AT THE LEAST - ASK THEM FOR A PHOTO of them wearing a specific combination of clothes and/or colors - something different then the usual 'model clothing' - most use to send out. OR AN OBJECT - TOASTER, ELECTRIC CLOCK, BY A COUCH, IN A ROCKING CHAIR something that would be very hard to use PHOTOSHOP to just PUT in another FILE PHOTO.

    *** IF this person is real or sincere, they won't mind doing this for you! ALSO - offer to do the same for their comfort also - that is only fair.
  8. If she talks about getting a visa or that she needs money to get a travel visa to the USA, she lies. See the proper course of action described at the top.

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2008-05-02, 03:46:09
999MoreEvil from Australia  
My hardest nut to crack as almost all questions answered but I am a very suspicious man
even sent a photo of fountain near claimed residence
Name Sveta Operates on RBrides claimed location St. Petersburg, Russia
traced ip address location Chantilly Virginia, United States email
Busted using searching photos one at a time found in Ukraine under the Name of Lidia Gatlan age 26
claimed Postal Address My address in SAINT PETERSBURG avenue Gagarina house 34 apartments 67
Using google earth found the fountain and asked for a photo there !! Busted !!

2008-05-02, 11:05:22
Tony from United States  
When dealing with people on the internet, especially those who ask for money, make sure you know which face REALLY belongs to the one who sent it!
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Scammer Jane Mabou from Ivory Coast, Africa

2008-05-03, 04:45:27
anonymous from Sweden  
I want to tell to you why I till now one!
In my life one was man. I thought that I love ithim.
I thought that he too loves me. I met him about a floor of year. All seemed that хорjшо!
But однажlы I have seen him with other woman!! During that moment at me all has turned over inside!
I could not believe the eyes! Ithe kissed and embraced another жеyщнину!
My heart has been broken! After that case I did not want to live!
To you sometime changed?? It is very hurt! Even I shall not wish the enemy to go through change!
After that case I have left him.
Since then I have understood as a lot of pain can bring love!
It was very difficult for me to go through that time!! Even now it is hard for me to recollect it!

I am glad to see your letter!!!
I shall try to think up something that we could talk through MSN or Yahoo!!
I very much would like to talk to you in real time!!!
I have now come for work and at once have checked up a mail! I am very happy that you answer me!
Unfortunately I now have not enough time! I simply wanted to tell that have received your letter!
I shall write to you during a lunch break!!

again have free minute to write to you.
I want to tell to you about that where I studied to write in English!
At school I very much was interested in foreign languages. After school I have acted in institute and have continued to study English.
I also attended rates of the English language. But I and have not finished training. I did not have not enough time for study because
I worked as the nurse in hospital! I should earn money to help mum.
Therefore I had to stop to study this language.
Probably I do many mistakes. But I can freely talk in English! It was always easier to me to speak English than write! Therefore I am sorry,
that in my letters so it is a lot of mistakes.
Sometimes I use the translator correctly to write words! Therefore sometimes my ideas can be incorrectly expressed in words!
If you do not understand something in my letters, ask that I have explained to you!!!
Also do not become angry if I do not answer some your questions! Sometimes I cannot correctly understand your question therefore I do not answer on it!
If I have not answered your question from the first set to me still! I shall try to answer!!!!!
My sister now to study as the translator. She{it} too studies foreign languages! Now to her of only 23 years.
And you know Russian?? Speak that Russian very difficultly to learn.
So it is pleasant for me to write to you letters. It seems to me that we are familiar with you a lot of time.
Now I would like to eat. I shall write to you after a dinner.

Now at me on reception the small child was! I surveyed him and appeared that he is very sick! At him a pneumonia.
To me began so it is a pity him! It has come to hospital one! I have asked where his parents, He has told that they at home - drunk!
It is very awful! Parents do not bring up the child! he requires medical aid and to parents on it to spit!
I was in a shock when it have heard! To me began so it is a pity this child.
Now I have put him in chamber on treatment. he should recover.
To me has carried that I have family! My mum always tries to help me.
I already spoke you about the father. Recently he started to drink very strongly vodka. I many times talked to him that he has ceased to drink.
But he does not listen to me. My mum too tried to talk to him. It is very hard for me to look as my father every day drinks.
I never drink vodka. I drink only on holidays a few fault.
I do not understand as it is possible to drink vodka every day. What for people have thought up alcohol? Alcohol has brought to
people so much burning! You with me agree? It is important for me to
know that you think in this occasion.

I hope I do not write to you too many letters!
Now I have finished work and now I shall go home!!
I shall try to write to you the letter from a house in the evening!!
I live far from work!Sometimes I go home on foot! To me 45-50 minutes are necessary to go on foot approximately!
Therefore after work I at once leave home! Now at us very quickly darkens! I am afraid to go at night!
In Russia different crimes very are frequently made! Therefore I am always very cautious!
And how struggle with criminality in your country?? I heard on the TV that at you few criminals! It is the truth??
Now I have run! I hope you will answer my questions!
Irina! bye-bye:)))

Hi my friend!!!
As I also promised I write to you as soon as was released.
Unfortunately at me a tough job and I spend a lot of time for it.
But for you I shall try to find a free time always.
I have overlooked to tell to you about the work! I work as the children's doctor!!
I the pediatrist!! I like my work!!!
I very much love children therefore have chosen this trade!!! Children - flowers of a life!!
Therefore we should care of them!! You love children??
Where you work?? You like your work??? It is very interesting to me to know where you work!
I I hope do not set to you too many questions? I hope to you not difficultly to answer my questions?
Simply it is very interesting to me to learn about you more!
Now I should come back again to the work so I shall write to you on later.
Irina !!
hello !!!, I was very glad to receive yours e-mail because it speaks me, that I too have interested you.:)
You liked my photo??? I hope, what yes, and I shall send to you of more photos later.
My friend, at me to you is a lot of questions. I want to set them in the letters, I hope you will answer me sincerely?-ок?
oh excuse, but it is time to me to accept the next patients.
I shall write to you later!!

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2008-05-03, 09:06:42   (updated: 2008-05-03, 09:10:04)
anonymous from United States  
howdy, been dealing with one was sure was a scammer. info here has been useful [ is my first time]. appears to be workin some one else that suspects same as a few pics have been checked here before. E-mail is claims name is yevgeniya mutyuryova of Gorodets, RU. Asked for visa money, expenses to Moscow, etc. . Had old price for visa app., started claiming to be 30 and changed it to 34. Sent pic of a mother that earlier letter said has been dead 8 years. Girl in pic didn't look 8 years younger, though. I asked for a new pic from digital camera with her in recognizable background with a prior date, told her I coud doctor it and put my pic in it to look like I had been there with her. Haven't heard from her since.
heres some pics, anyone recognize her?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer alhassn(alison)karimu

2008-05-03, 22:33:04
Tony from United States  
Anybodt else heard from this woman? I know of two she has wriiten besides me. Uses the Bat as seen below.

X-Message-Delivery: Vj0zLjQuMDt1cz0wO2k9MDtsPTA7YT0x
X-Message-Status: n:0
X-SID-PRA: Ekaterina (Internet cafe) <>
X-SID-Result: Pass
X-Message-InfR00BdL5giqqR9opigvG4s9E9Mt4VYc3b08H1H4e18kz0qP6Q0Is+ y7Ht25Sm3Sm30H5i/DbaVZdlxQ9eZkixsi/7FWK1H1NggQQ
Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.2668);
    Sat, 3 May 2008 14:36:58 -0700
Received: from ( [])
    by (Postfix) with ESMTP id 855CB1BA13B
    for <>; Sun, 4 May 2008 01:36:57 +0400 (MSD)
Received: from (unknown [])
    (Authenticated sender:
    by (Postfix) with ESMTP id A621184442
    for <>; Sun, 4 May 2008 01:36:19 +0400 (MSD)
Date: Sat, 3 May 2008 20:59:46 +0400
From: 'Ekaterina (Internet cafe)' <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.01) UNREG / CD5BF9353B3B7091
Reply-To: 'Ekaterina (Internet cafe)' <>
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>
To: David <>
Subject: I shall wait and hope for your sincerity to me!
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 03 May 2008 21:36:58.0880 (UTFILETIME= [D0F0C000:01C8AD65]

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

I shall wait and hope for your sincerity to me!
From: Ekaterina (Internet cafe) (
Add contact
Sent:Sat 5/03/08 8:46 PM
Reply-to:Ekaterina (Internet cafe) (

To: Anthony (

Security scan upon download 26787495.jpg (390.3 KB), 26788374.jpg (307.8 KB)

Hi Anthony!!!There has passed a lot of time since that moment as we have gotacquainted with you Anthony on a site of dating. Has passed to meenough time seems that you could forget me Anthony, but I cannotforget you till now. You have seemed to me which very interestingperson I would like to learn with the great pleasure. You will notbelieve as I long thought what to write to you and easier to write toyou or not! Because I very much am afraid that it is all it can appearcrash! But if you are valid as is interested that I will learn me withhuge pleasure to have the big acquaintance to you Anthony! Now inRussia there were many holidays successively on April, 27th at usthere was Easter! As on May, 1st there was a holiday which Day of workis called...... And on May, 9th we will have a DAY of theVictory......Give so, I shall tell a little about myself and if I shall be reallyinteresting to you also you ask to me the questions and I shall answerthem. I want to tell to you, what in this first letter to you I shalltell about myself, it is good Anthony? I shall be frank in allletters and I shall demand the same relation to, on the equal rightsof the man and the woman. I hope, that it is clear for you Anthony!Well I shall tell to you a little about myself and that I present asthe person. To me of 32 years and my day a birth on June, 17 1975. Atme brown eyes if you see I use not enough cosmetics and I do not liketo render a lot of cosmetics on the person. My growth of 172centimeters. I want to tell, that I the open girl for allconversations.I never was for the husband and now I want to getacquainted with you for this purpose, to understand as far as weapproach each other. My former relations with the man from Russia wereshort, I was disappointed in it. To itself the man on the Internet formy acquaintance also has decided to look. I work as the children'sdoctor and my work takes away from me a lot of time and forces. So,that I ask to be patient with me as I shall write to you time to 1-2days. Even at the work I constantly watch the taste and I try to bealways in the form and a tone. To go to work as the children's doctorto me it was necessary to study at university and only having finisheduniversity I began to work from hospital. Also to pay my university tome it was necessary to work much to pay my study. I sold ice-cream, Iwas the croupier in a casino. Understand Anthony, that I had not tochoose in work as my parents could not pay my study and I had to workindependently. At school I 5 years was engaged in volleyball and wasat city competitions. I am able to be pleased lives, in the life I hadto meet a deceit much and consequently I shall not allow to deceivemyself. I heard, that it is a lot of people on the Internet deceiveand consequently are afraid to get acquainted. I do not know even howto explain, but I for the first time on the Internet.I do not know as you on it will react, but I would like to know youropinion on this account. On it I shall finish the letter Anthony andI shall wait for your letter with impatience. Therefore as you havewoken in me hope, that we can be special to each other. If you it isvalid so consider, I wait for your letter on this boxkatyareicka@rambler.ruI shall wait, that you to me write, yours faithfully Ekaterina!P.S. Also I ask you ask the questions in your letter do not hesitate.I am very much interested in our relations. Would like to know yourfull name!

2008-05-03, 22:33:46   (updated: 2008-05-03, 22:43:43)
Tony from United States  
The other picture she sent. Neither showed up on the photo check.

2008-05-04, 03:49:00
Fjellhare from Denmark  
@ Tony from United States never saw this woman before, but due to the second picture that day it was made, she was 100% sure very very near to the Baltic Ocean.

The fish shown is 90% a small salmon or 10% a small seatrout, from this distance you can see the difference at the backfin, only and this is destroyed, means the fish was caught with a net, that will say as well the body shape and the fin colour, it was dead in water for several hours!

Because it is not cleaned, you can not transport it very be sure near Baltic Ocean.

good hunting to you all

2008-05-04, 08:31:43   (updated: 2008-05-04, 08:32:26)
Tony from United States  
Thanks Fjellhare from Denmark. I received this today telling me she uses a translator service. I used one from the web to write her back, saying she doesn't need to use it since I can translate everything. Let's see what happens now. Also, if you will notice, in the gretting she calls me Tony. In ther body of the email she calls me Terry. A typo?

On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 5:57 AM, Ekaterina (Internet cafe) <> wrote:

Hi my friend Tony!

Was very glad to see your letter. It was very pleasant to receive
again the letter from you. I hope, that you do not object to my
questions which I now I shall set. Because that we continued between
us the correspondence very important as far as the person can listen
to you and turn to you attention. And so my first question, what I
would like to know than you are engaged in general? Your work? Than
particularly you are engaged? Your hobbies? What would you like to
make in a life? Why I ask on such with a kind simple questions
attention. Because when you will start answer them I can to understand
about you vital representation as you behave and in the life. I wanted
you to inform, that I use services of the translator. And please I
very much ask to be patient to me because when you ask any question
and I do not answer on it I ask you that you to me about it have asked
more particularly.
To me 32 years Terry and me the age of the person to me is not
important its private world and its kind heart is important!
Tell to me about the work? Than you are engaged? How many you receive
money from your work? In how many you rise for the work? How far to be
your work from your house?
Now I shall tell to you a little about the work. At once I shall tell,
that it very much the tough job and demands the big attention in
relation to other people. I work as the doctor in hospital where women
result on light of new people!!!. And main my duty is service of the
personnel that my patients were under correct supervision of their
attending physicians. My fellow workers also are considered with me
and with my correct decisions when to me my work is necessary to do.
It happens, that from my patients I should accept flowers as that
their treatment has passed fruitfully and very successfully when they
did not hope at all for such result. I watch that all was carried out
in conformity with rules of the schedule from A up to Z. You
understand Terry, that I on the work should be firm with the
patients and the personnel but when you are houses simply would like
tenderness of love and caress from loved the man. Frequently when I am
I am free on the days off like to read fiction. At me not so big
library of a house and I frequently take books from city library to
fill the life the fine moments.I to like to do things itself to sew on
the sewing machine it to look in full as bought in shop. I
independently to learn it to do. I do not like to waste time simply
and never I do any acts before I shall not think of it well. Very
important value which I adhere ' Be dear and respect opinions of
others (let even they do not deserve it) '. Now you understand
Terry why I have decided to write only to you? I respect opinion of
other person and I think, that the criticism is a good thing which
sets the person thinking that you do, and whether correctly you do it.
I allow to you small representation about that what I there is
actually that have a little understood, that I for the person. I hope,
that you write to me and will tell to me more about myself directly.
Thanks for your attention. On it I shall stop, and I shall write to
you later. Yours faithfully in all sincerity, Ekaterina!

2008-05-04, 08:47:53   (updated: 2008-05-04, 08:49:05)
Tony from United States  
Here's the email I wrote her/him in their own language.

Мое дорогое. Вы - действительно красивая молодая женщина, и я действительно хотел бы получить известие от Вас снова. Я могу спасти Вас деньги даже при том, что я не мог заплатить за обслуживание. Однако я могу перевести ваши письма, таким образом Вы можете прекратить использовать обслуживание. Надежда получить известие от Вас скоро.

I used the free service here.


Have a good one!
2008-05-04, 10:03:36
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  

Here's some info on IP (Yoshkar Ola, but forged):






IP address:
Reverse DNS:
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Could be forged: hostname does not exist]
ASN: 0
IP range connectivity: 0
Registrar (per ASN): Unknown
Country (per IP registrar): RU [Russian Federation]
Country Currency: RUR [Russia Rubles]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: High
City (per outside source): Yoshkar-Ola, Mariy-El
Country (per outside source): RU [Russian Federation]
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No
Link for WHOIS:


2008-05-04, 10:27:45
Tony from United States  
Thanks Dirk. I figured it was phony.
2008-05-04, 14:15:12   (updated: 2008-05-04, 14:20:12) from Denmark  
@ Tony

'Thanks Fjellhare from Denmark'

A pleasure...I think delphianer have to help each other......

I left as well an answer on the threat I am posting!




I am not from Denmark...LOL....ask OJAS
2008-05-04, 14:57:39   (updated: 2008-05-04, 15:05:00)
Tony from United States  
Well, I don't really care where you are from as you do a good job here. I keep up where I am from and that's enough. Ok, so sometimes the wife has to remind me. Celebrated my 17th wedding anniversary with the wife yesterday. Yeah, she still puts up with me. (Leave it alone OJAS lol) Cheers to all and thanks for your help! One other thing Fjellhare. If you like you can contact through my email and I'll send you some talking pictures I do sometimes to mess with the scammers. Many find them interesting. Just a hobby of mine. My email address is all over the place here. Later!
2008-05-04, 20:22:00 from Phoenix, United States  
This woman contacted me out of the blue. Maybe because I have a profile out there on the foreign ladies web page. She is the same woman in previous page ( E-mail is claims name is yevgeniya mutyuryova of Gorodets, RU )

Her name is Zhenya and the first contact with me was on April 22 and her email is
Here is her first very long email to me.

Hello my new friend Elmer!!!
I am very glad to the beginning of our dialogue, that you have found time and have answered me. I wish to write at once in the beginning of the letter to you about all gravity of my intentions to get acquainted with the man on the Internet. That at you did not arise what questions in this occasion. I live in Russia, and I the first time try to get acquainted with someone through the Internet, with the man from other country. What it is possible to write about itself not to sink in this boundless sea searching and thirsting? Probably, here it is necessary to write, that I all mysterious, I take a great interest in far galaxies or something in this sort. But, I the usual girl, sense of humour am available, I am able to listen and I can maintain itself any conversation, I am respectful to people and for the same I wait concerning myself, I like to read and even more to find out something new. About me people who know me long time, say, that I am unpredictable.
Only it does not mean, that I am superficial or thoughtless. To find out me is better with me it is necessary to get acquainted! I am lonely, but not one, at me it is a lot of friends. I happen different. Vigorous and inquisitive, quiet and counterbalanced.

I am engaged in the interesting business connected with art and people. What do I want? I search for serious relations. To love the man, to care of it and to indulge. Always I wish to reach impossible and often it I receive. It is a little about itself. My name Evgeniya, but my short name Zhenya. I was born on May, 29th. My growth of 165 sm, weight of 64 kg. To me of 30 years, I was never married, no children I have. The womanly. Gentle. Vulnerable. Live. Emotional. Lonely. Relations with men I concern very much and very seriously. I hate, when to me lie, and itself I do not deceive people, even in the comic form, though with sense of humour at me everything is all right. I think, that time of acquaintances in the street for me has passed for a long time already. I the serious adult woman and very much wish to meet the unique and unique man, from the big letter - the Man. Which I so long searched, which will be magnanimous, kind, generous, and during too time is firm character. With a strong shoulder, in all senses of this word on which I can always put the tired head. I do not know, who exactly is necessary to me... No, not so. The image is approximately made. But, maybe, having communicated to the person, I in everything even most irritating before lines, will find something lovely and heating I smother. The most attractive, clever, gentle, unpredictable and with excellent sense of humour. The ideal man does not drink, does not smoke, does not play jumps, never argues and consequently the such do not exist. Therefore... I the open, sincere girl search for the pleasant, positive man with whom it will be interesting. I very much like expression: do not allow to the Woman to begin to cry, because the God considers her tears! The woman has occurred from an edge of the man. Not from a foot to be humiliated. Not from a head to surpass. But from a side to be side by side with you to be equal with you. From under hands to be protected, And from heart to be favourite. It is pleasant to me: a thunder-storm, smells of a fresh typographical paint and ice-cream in hot summer day. To me do not like: the same buildings, hypocrisy, stereotypes and fairy tales with the bad end. I like a smell of a rain and a warm wind, noise of the sea and a flaring decline. I like to travel, but, unfortunately it often remains in dreams. All our life - game. All our life - game. A lottery.

Who will manage the happy ticket? I think, only to the one who very much wishes it to extend. And there can be it at us in hands? It is important to see happiness which lives near to us. Lives in me, lives in you and in each new day. Also can be, what we have found each other it already well and this acquaintance and is the happy ticket for both of us? XXXXX, whether you trust in the God? I very much think much of the belief and outlooks on life. I the Christian and me parents so have brought up, that I have grown the good person. And it seems to me, that the god too has helped me, and I have found you and have written to you and here now we find out each other! I liked your profile and I have understood, that I wish to get acquainted with you! You know, when for the first time from the girlfriend have learnt, that it is possible to get acquainted on the Internet I have smiled and have thought, that it is all nonsense. That only the defective, clamped people with any complexes which makes huge complexity there write to
>> get acquainted in a real life. But after many time, my girlfriend has left to the elect to Germany and there they have got married, and she to me has told, that as her husband she could not meet such man in our real world. And even if he would go along the street she at all would not pay to him any attention. And that that in our country such not to find. > This one, and another, that through letters they could learn and open so much in each other, that it
>> has helped them with a real meeting and now they are very happy. And I have decided to try! 'It is impossible!' - the Reason has told. 'This recklessness!' - has noticed Experience. 'It is useless!' - cut off Pride. 'Try...' - the Dream has whispered... Also has met the dream! It is not obligatory to read it, it is simple to me this parable has very much sunk down in soul and I want that you too have read it!....

Very much for a long time there was an island on which there lived all Feelings and cultural wealth of people: Pleasure, Grief, Knowledge and others. Together with them a vein and Love. Once Feelings have noticed, that the island plunges into ocean and will soon sink. All lodge in the ships and have left island. The love did not hasten and waited until the last minute. And only, when she has seen, that on rescue of island there is no hope, and he all has left under water, she began to call to the aid. Has by floated the magnificent ship of Riches. The love asked to take her on the ship, but the Riches have told, that by his ship it is a lot of jewelry, gold and silver and for Love of a place are not present. The love has addressed to the Pride which ship floated by... But in the answer the Love has heard, that her presence will break an order and perfection by the Pride ship. With entreaty about the help the Love has addressed to Grief. 'About, the Love, - has answered Grief, - to me so is sad, that I should remain in loneliness'. By island has floated Pleasure, but she was so is occupied by fun, that at all has not heard Love entreaty. Suddenly the Love has heard a voice: 'Go here Love, I will take you with myself'. The love has seen the grey-haired aged man, and she was so is happy, what even has forgotten to ask his name. And when they have reached the Earth, the Love remained, and the aged man has floated further. And only when the boat of the aged man has disappeared, the Love has thought suddenly... After all she at all has not thanked the aged man. The love has addressed to Knowledge: 'Knowledge, tell to me who has rescued me?'. 'It was Time', - the Knowledge has answered. 'Time?' - the Love was surprised. Why it has helped me? ' The knowledge has answered: 'Only Time understands and knows, how the Love' is important in a life.

I wish to find in the person you the charming, strong and clever man who trusts in beautiful and confidential relations. Which, is not afraid to show the initiative. Which, will force me to believe in miracles one occurrence in my life. Which searches for me and which was found by me! XXXXX, I ask at once, if you have a purpose of a disposable meeting and acquaintance not what for to wound to the person a soul and I ask not to write to me more! Probably it is time to finish the letter on such a little to a sad note, but I hope, that you the decent man and I hope shortly to see your letter. I will wait. I send to you some my photos. I hope that they will like you.
Yours faithfully your new friend from Russia,


2008-05-04, 20:35:06 from United States  
I haven't answered her yet but she is persistent and a second email has landed. This time she sends me 5 different pictures of herself. I did not get her IP address because it was snrt to my Yahoo email.


I am glad to see again your letter. I so have a little told about myself, that I would like to write all and in a head from it all thoughts were mixed. I do not know from what to begin. I was born in 1974 in a usual family. I was born and have grown in the Fine City of Gorodets which to be in the Nizhniy Novgorod area. It in the northeast from Moscow. If it is interesting to you, I have left usual school, together with usual sports, have then arrived in the State Theatrical University and have received a speciality the Actress of theatre and cinema. I am able to speak in english. I have received knowledge of the english language at school, and then we learnt it at university. But my knowledge of it language was not tiresome to me while I have not got acquainted with you. I hope, that I was not the bad schoolgirl and still something I remember from the occupations and I hope, that you understand my letters. Now I work at theatre, and I very much like my work.

We have many performances, tours, meet and work with interesting people. It is very a pity, that only our salaries leave to wish the best, but it too not the most important thing in our life. I do not despair and I believe, that in my street too there will be a holiday! I live one, in apartment which I remove in city centre. My parents were lost in accident eight years ago. I one in this world. I have only a work, friends and here now you. My work to be very close from my house. Much to our regret, I do not have personal computer the house, work and consequently me to have to write to you of the letter from the cafe Internet. At leisure I run there to check up mail. Till this time I waited for the letter only from the girlfriend who lives now in Germany, but now me still excite and please your letters. And I too with impatience will always wait for them!

It would be healthy to correspond with you directly from the house! But I do not know, fortunately or unfortunately I do not have such possibility. xxxxx, write to me about itself. Where you work? About the city tell, to like it or you you wait for something the best in the life. Write about the family of what you dream also everything that I could find out more close you! I love during free time from rehearsals to go to cafe which are located directly open-air, to enjoy a beautiful landscape, and to drink coffee with chocolate or with chestnuts, and in hot summer days ice-cream with juice. The nature at us in a city, yes in all area simply surprising. In a city many green zones, parks, groves, and green lawns where it is possible to arrange picnic. You probably would like to find out about me all?. For me the main thing in a life - the House and the Family. In the most global sense of this word. I have grown in the good house and a decent family. I always dreamt, that my life was similar to a life of my parents. It is very a pity, that they are not present now with me nearby! I do not search for supernatural love and rough passions. Adrenaline and search of new entertainments is not for me. Rest and comfort, gentle attachment and reliability, heat and human mutual understanding is that I search in the man and that I can give. As the woman, I have flexible enough character, is ready to be arranged under the partner if we coincide in the main thing. The basic lack (and for someone, maybe, advantage) - I madly love an order. Everywhere and in everything, both in things, and in people and in relations.
>> I the person conducted. I am able to respond, but I am not able to entice. Very much I am able and I like to observe of people, behind their relations and it is a little to philosophise. But only not to climb in another's affairs and problems. My credo - all that becomes, all to the best. Also I think, that that that we with you have got acquainted it too the best, for all my last time. So long! it is time To me to run for work, at us today. Write, I miss and I wait for the letter! It is more about itself and the world.

Your girlfriend Zhenya.

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Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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