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Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers


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Are you an American or Western European man exchanging emails with a girl from Russia? I was contacted by a girl who turned out to be a scammer. Reader Derrick put together some great advice how to detect scammers.
I only have one advice (#8) to add: If a Russian girl tells you that she will get a visa to the USA instead of inviting you, that is - under the current immigration law - a SURE sign that SHE LIES.

Here is the process how a Russian woman can come to the USA:

If she is considered a relatively young/ attractive woman (let's say under 40, hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings here), then there is virtually NO CHANCE THAT SHE GETS A TOURIST VISA TO THE USA. First the Russian Federation will not allow her to leave the country. Then, even if she was getting out, the USA will deny her admission. The reasoning is that she is considered a risk. How could she not be a risk? If she had family in Russia (husband, children) or a valuable business or real estate. Most likely the woman who writes you will be considered a risk. The only way for her to get a visa into the USA is this procedure:

  1. the foreign man visits her in her native area in Russia
  2. they get engaged during such a visit - take photos of the 2 of you together
  3. he flies back and applies for a K-1 visa. A K-1 visa is also known as Fiancee visa, used for marriage-based immigration
  4. once the K1 visa is granted, the girl can enter the USA and stay there for 3 months. By the end of these 3 months you HAVE to GET MARRIED or the girl has to go back home.
  5. if you get married, the girl gets a greencard and can work
  6. after 3 years of marriage, the girl can apply for a US citizenship. That's when they interview you to find out if it's a real marriage. She also has to answer some questions about US history, political system, etc etc.

Here are Derrick's tricks (1-7) that he uses immediately from the start:
  1. GOOGLE or websearch the first part of the scammers first emails and/or 'profile'. SEE HOW MANY OTHER SITES their listed on! RECORD THOSE SITES FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. THAT alone can give you a good idea IF your dealing with a scammer OR not.
  2. GOOGLE or websearch the return email address. See how many 'hits' come from that search and also note all the sites. (many times you'll see the email end up on a 'scammers list') IF YOU FIND THE EMAIL ADDRESS LISTED ON A SCAMMER LIST - don't bother further, your only fooling yourself - no matter what excuse they might give you.
  3. FROM THE START - ASK FOR SPECIFIC INFOMATION! A full name, address, phone number - something. OFFER THE SAME in exchange, except make it a P.O. box and a CELL PHONE rental card that will protect your identity. If you see your requests ignored, which you usually will, don't waste your time further.
  4. ALWAYS ASK SPECIFIC QUESTIONS that would REQUIRE A SPECIFIC ANSWER outside the use of FORM LETTERS. IF YOU FIND your questions go unaddress in your reply emails from 'them/her' - YOUR DEALING WITH A SCAMMER. Again, don't bother further.
  5. DON'T WAIT 6 MONTHS to offer to talk with the PROSPECT by phone! WHAT A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! IF THERE IS CHEMISTRY OR APPEARS 'INTEREST' BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU - then sieze the opportunity. ARRANGE A PHONE CALL! International rates to Russia and most places are reasonably cheap. IF YOU GET THE REPLY ' I'M SO POOR I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO A PHONE' - drop the whole thing, your only wasting your time and WILL BE SCAMMED at some point in the future.

    ASK FOR A SPECIAL PHOTO TO BE TAKEN. IF YOU SENT YOURS, HAVE THEM TAKE A PHOTO SHOWING THEM HOLDING UP YOUR PHOTO IN THE PICTURE! That is a good 'scammer filter' - even the most adept with Photoshop will easily be spoted.


    AT THE LEAST - ASK THEM FOR A PHOTO of them wearing a specific combination of clothes and/or colors - something different then the usual 'model clothing' - most use to send out. OR AN OBJECT - TOASTER, ELECTRIC CLOCK, BY A COUCH, IN A ROCKING CHAIR something that would be very hard to use PHOTOSHOP to just PUT in another FILE PHOTO.

    *** IF this person is real or sincere, they won't mind doing this for you! ALSO - offer to do the same for their comfort also - that is only fair.
  8. If she talks about getting a visa or that she needs money to get a travel visa to the USA, she lies. See the proper course of action described at the top.

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2009-07-14, 13:50:30
wanwan from Japan  
@my boys !!

Today,,,,I give you ''The Ed Sullivan Show''.
Today's guest is coming from Russia !
Her name is ''Albina Vasileva ''
Occupation=Scam Artist !!

Part 4 !!!!!

(Albina and I have come to the money payment stage=final stage.)

Today I received your beautiful letter. It touched me to the depths of the soul. I understand you're the only person with whom I share my whole rest of his life.
In your letter you also asked me questions about XXX. I must tell you. that I did not have XXX. Therefore, I can not answer your questions.
My only dream of - so to be with you. I think every minute of this wonderful moment.
You just told me about a way to send money. My favorite, you can send me money via money transfer Western Union, it is - a very good and the quality system to transfer money.
To do this, you can send me 420 euros to you, I need to have full data. Using these data you send me money through Western Union.
My dear to you my full address, with my full name and surname.
Country: Russia
City: Cheboksary
Street: Pushkina 50 - 45
My full name: Albina
Last name: Vasileva
And for that I have to get your money here in Russia, after you send them to me, I shall require your complete data.
Your full name and surname.
Your complete address to which you now live.
And still as soon as you send the money through WESTERN UNION to you, there will desyatisimvolnomu code MTCN and you, the same must send it to me.
I hope that you did everything correctly, I will hopefully hear from you, and I hope that you can send me money.
Always your Albina

(When you will find the words '' Western Union ,it is a scam sign!!)

(I tried teasing her.I asked her for showing me her travel agency's URL !!
Of course I knew her agency was a phontom company !! So she never showed me
the agency's URL.I kept playing with her .)

Hello my love ,Pee!!!
How are you doing?
In your letter you asked me to give you a link to my travel agency. Today I decided to visit my travel agency.
There, my manager gave me e-mail address of my agency:
Tourist company 'Cheboksary-Voyage'

If you have any questions, you can describe them in your letter. And the manager to answer your all your questions.
I love you! I see your smile and it
Does me so by a happy internal part!
I love to dream of us.
I live on dreams. I dream about
The future with you.
I hope, that I can live to your expectations,
I - only the person. I shall be always kind and gentle,
But I - only the person who loves you!!!
You - the finest which are in me in a life.
I have found happiness, and it is more than anything, it is necessary for me.

I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you!!!
Yours wife Albina!!!
(What I requested her was just only that agency's URL.But she kept playing innocent.
Quit acting! )

(Albina asked me '' the airport '' ,,,,,it is a scam sign !! She tried playing a double role.
Please enjoy this ''incorrigible ham''.)

Hi my love ,Pee !!!
How are you? At me all is good. How weather at you?
In your letter you told me, they wrote a letter to the travel agency. As you know, I contacted my agency and told me that you always explain in detail the plan. Be sure the manager required the agency to consider your letter in time.
In your letter you just wrote me that the most successful will be the airport 'JFK International Airport'. I am confident that the travel agency will take your request.
I must say that on the flight plan is still early to tell. In fact, I do not have a visa and passport. Without these documents, I can not go out of my country. There is no need to book tickets for the flight and book a hotel if I have no visa and passport. I hope that you understand the need to obtain these documents.
You just told me that going to make a money transfer. I am glad to know that you want me to help me. In fact, the sooner I can get the documents, the sooner we will be able to meet.
I expect division of your strong embraces in Morning, stretching my back. Good Feelings. Ah!
I can see you, sending magic air kisses a hand! You - such happy, delightful person!
I imagine our lips concerning also with breath Excitement as you write. My blood rushes through
My veins! I caress your cheeks with my hands. your ears with my nose.
I examine me so successful to meet such a The remarkable, playful, happy person it is similar to you.
I expect our marriage together to hold You here with me for ever.

YOURS Albina!
(To tell the truth ,I am an ''incorrigible ham'',too.Because I just only know '' JFK airport !!.
I don't know other famous US international airport.)

(When we came to final stage=money payment stage,scammers became sprout wings.
They had read our mail very carefully and they emailed us back very often !)

HI my love ,Pee !!!
How are you? How weather at you?
I am heated in heat of your letters and dreams about Day, that I can hold you in my hands and show you it
I worry about you and I love you. I feel warm heat your soul, and I feel
The strong need for you to have an effect and IS SHOWN, that you Like.
Your letters always bring to me huge pleasure, my love ? I feel to you a huge attraction and huge love,
Which reduces me from mind. I so wait for our meeting with you !!! I dream of our meeting !!!
I wait for our meeting with you !!! I want our meeting with you !!!
And I want to tell you, that I love you !!! I finish my letter to you with ideas on you !!!
Yours Albina.
(She said '' I worry about you ''.ha,ha,ha,ha,,,,,it is a lie ! Scammers never worry about our life.
They have to say '' We worry about just your money '','' We love only your $$$$$$ '')

2009-07-14, 14:43:49   (updated: 2009-07-14, 14:58:01)
wanwan from Japan  
@my boys !!

Today,,,,I give you ''The Ed Sullivan Show''.
Today's guest is coming from Russia !
Her name is ''Albina Vasileva ''
Occupation=Scam Artist !!

Part 5 !!!!!

(Albina was very busy scammer in Yoshkar - Ola!!
She had to play a double role.''incorrigible ham'')

Hello Mr Pee !!!!.
This is a travel agency and agent swami talks on flights Jeanne Andreyeva.
We are very pleased that you chose our travel agency, and we'll be very happy to assist you and provide any information.
I understand you would like to learn or refine the issue of flight girl named Albina Vasil'eva is not it.
I immediately apologize for the delay in writing but it proststaya formality, we now have a lot of work and because of that, you had to wait a bit.
I would like to tell you that we will be able to send your bride is in the airport, so below I have put all information about it.

Departure: MOSCOW (DOMODEDOVO) 12:35 Wed Jun 10, 2009
Arrival: WASHINGTON (DULLES INTL) 15:30 Wed Jun 10, 2009
Flight: UA 965, the aircraft: Boeing 767-300/300ER
Departure: WASHINGTON (DULLES INTL) 22:03 Wed Jun 10, 2009
Arrival: NEW YORK (JOHN F KENNEDY) 23:32 Wed Jun 10, 2009
Flight: UA 7166, aircraft: Canadair Regional Jet

Total travel time: 18 hrs. 57 min.

I hope that you will make such an option because other options we do not, and perhaps they do, may not be, so we need as quickly as possible to resolve the issue on the fly to your bride, I hope that you agree with it, and if you something will not understand, you can once again appeal to me.
With all respect for Jeanne Andreyeva.
(My boys !! How do you think of this flight plan ? And ''Jeanne Andreyeva'' is who ?
ha,ha,ha,,,,,it is an Albina !! And ''incorrigible ham'' !!!!!!)

(This is so honey love letter !)

Hi my love, Pee !!!
How - you? In me all is good. How weather in you?
In us weather, today simply excellent, shines the sun. My parents transfer you big and hot congratulations,
And also hot embraces. They are very much interested as in you business.
You already simply a member of our family. My Mum of you very much love mine.
Each day asks to transfer you congratulations, And also strong embraces.
Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, And also my most passionate magic kisses,
And also my hottest embraces from my heart of love. I very much miss on you, my love.
You are absent on me, my charm? I very much would like, that you were close to me, my love.
Each day I dream of our meeting to you, my love. Each night our meeting at the airport dreams me.
I dream of the first kiss with you. When I shall arrive to you, my love I give you
The longest kiss which very much is pleasant to you, to my Prince.
I am sure, that our first kiss will be my love, lasts very long. You trust in it?
I dream of our first kiss in the airport. And also about the first strong embrace.
I always present our meeting to you, as in a fairy tale. I very much want, that our meeting remembered well.
I very much would like it, my love. You for me an ideal of the person.
Each minute of reflection about you brings for me huge pleasure.
I shall expect your letter. I shall write to you tomorrow . I love you!!! I want you!!!
I very much miss on you, my charm!!! You are very necessary for me.
Your bride Albina!!!
(I don't like Russian Dating Scammers, because what they say always seem to set my teeth on edge.

( It is '' My '' turn !! I asked for her some documents'' forged passport ''.)

Hi my love, Pee !!!
How are you? At me all is good. How weather at you?
I very much miss on you, my love. You miss on me, my charm?
In your letter you asked me about my flight plan. Excuse me, but I did not understand the meaning of your question. I must tell you that in order to realize this plan, I first must get the documents. I need to get a visa and passport. These papers are 420 euro. My dear, you can help me? Without these documents, we should not think about the plan. I hope that you will be able to help me.
I constantly dream of our meeting with you, my love. I very much want, that when I have arrived to you
We have lead pleasant evening at any restaurant Also danced slow dance under music.
You would like it, my love? I very much would want it.
I so want to embrace you at first our meeting with you, my love. I very much would like to present you a longest kiss,
That has felt all sweet of my fine lips. I very much want, that you have felt my gentle and strong embraces.
I always dreamed of such person as you, my love. And I very much would like, that we were near to you, my love.
I feel the small girl who has fallen in love with you without memory.
To me it is very sad without you, without your embraces and gentle, tender kisses.
I very much want to be with you, my Prince!!! I so want it!!!!

With huge love and with all my tenderness yours Albina.
( I am not a PRINCE !! I am a Donkey in Japan. By the way Russian scammers like to use this words
'' Documents ''. It means ,passport,VISA,etc.It is a scam sign !! Be careful !
I asked for her forged passport but Albina asked me for money to pay for documents.
It is a ''chicken-or-egg question'',,,,William Shakespeare said,,,,,sorry it is my funny joke !
forget it please ! )

I have enjoyed an ''offense and defense '',but never forget that this is my revenge for our DOC !!

to be continued ,my boys !!

2009-07-14, 17:20:40
OJAS from United States  
Swami is an Indian word, has nothing to do with Russian!
2009-07-14, 20:50:33   (updated: 2009-07-14, 21:23:12)
DOC from United States  
Hi wanwan,
I love Albina Vasileva Part 5 it is very funny, that travel agency seems
very confused. LOL.

What do you think of scammers using the word ''congratulations'' as a greeting?
scam sign? You point out ''I am not a PRINCE''. Recently I was a prince in the
first email on the dating site. Would a real girl that never seen my face call me
a ''prince'' in the first mail?? or ever!?!? I am like you, I am not a prince!
I think if she calls you a ''prince'' this is another scam sign.

2009-07-15, 00:04:25   (updated: 2009-07-15, 00:10:43)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

If a woman, You have never met and has never
seen, You before and addresses, You as Prince or
start's off with anything that sounds like she buttering,
You up.
You can bet its a scammer.
Now someone will point out a exception to that.
But as a general rule of thumb if a total stranger
comes on all sweet and sounds like she is trying
to marry, You or starts out with they think they would
be perfect for a long term relationship based on, Your profile
they just saw posted on Delphifaq. LOL
Its got to be a scammer.
I actually have one exactly like that.
It came today in fact.
Run like Hell away from the scammer.
If, I have a profile here anywhere would someone
please tell, Me where, I can get a look at it. OK LOL
Are scammers getting dumber or does it just seem like
they are ?
Well just like the Childs tale what the Spider said to the fly.
Anyone who starts off running without ever starting should
be avoided.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

But Honey, I'm the Prince just like, You said, I was !!!!!!!

2009-07-15, 09:50:34   (updated: 2009-07-15, 09:51:14)
wanwan from Japan  
Russian Dating Scammers like to say '' You are my Prince ''.
But please see this picture below.
Is this a PRINCE?
Lately I like to send this one to scammers.
If she was a normal Russian,she never said '' you are my PRINCE ''.
Prince,,,it is a scam sign,I agree with you,DOC!
She never want a penpal but an easy target .
Choose victims who look like an easy target



2009-07-15, 11:11:11   (updated: 2009-07-15, 11:54:50)
wanwan from Japan  
@my boys !!

Today,,,,I give you ''The Ed Sullivan Show''.
Today's guest is coming from Russia !
Her name is ''Albina Vasileva ''
Occupation=Scam Artist !!

Part 6 !!!!!

(Hi my readers !! I am a Prince !? I enjoyed an offense and defense.I emailed Albina,please see that one)

Dear my Russian Apple,Albina !!
Just now I have got your Flight Plan from your friendly travel agency.
Thank you.
I see this is a reasonable plan,good planning.
Now I look up the flight plan.
And how much of this flight plan?
Tell me ,please !!
I love you,
your body,eyes,legs,arms,
all are mine.
I love you,
see soon,
from your truly '' Pee '' in USA,

(By the way I had got a hoax mail from a fake commonwealth bank of Aussie.
That was a phishing identity scam.So I had put Albina's e-mail address on that
phishing identity scam mail.What happened to her?)

Hello my dear, Pee!!!!
I have a very urgent message for you.
The truth is that my email account hacked. And now you wrote letters to fraudsters.
But now all the problems solved. But if you notice in our correspondence, something strange, then let me know.
With love, your Albina
(I laughed my head off,ffffff!!!!!!!)

(Albina emailed me back ,and again tried scamming my money.)
Hi my love, Pee !!!
How are you? I'm fine. How is the weather at you?
In your letter you asked me about the hacking of my e-mail. I must tell you, now all the problems sorted out. And now we should not worry. I helped service internet cafe in addressing this problem. Now my e-mail in order. Now I want to ask you, my dear about our meeting. Can you help me? You can help me in obtaining necessary documents?
I also want to ask you your phone number. I really want to hear your voice. Give me a phone number where I could get to you the first time. As I enter the international code, so I was able to reach you.
At us weather today warm and solar. My mum asked me that I transferred you
Big and ardent greetings, and also strong and ardent embraces.
Accept and from me my most passionate embraces, and also the strongest and hot kisses.
I very much miss on you, my love!!! Is not present seconds in my life that I did not think of you!!!
I very much wish to be with you, my love!!! I cannot stop to think of you!!!
I do not wish to stop to think of you!!!
Each minute of dreams about you brings to me huge pleasure, my Prince Pee!!!
My love to you grows every day, my charm!!!
I very much wait for our meeting with you, my love!!!
Yours Albina!!
(Please notice !! Albina asked me for a phone number !! It means this crinimal group has a complicity of female.They are organized.Principal offender is a guy ! But his wife,lover,sister,relatives,hooker ,
complicity !! By the way she asked me for my phone number !!It stumps me!!!!Because I can not speak English very well !!!!!! Help me !!!)

(She asked me for a phone number again !! Help me !! What shall I do ?)
Hi my sweetheart Pee !!!
How are you ? At me all is good. How weather at you?
My dear, in my last letter I asked you your pin number. The truth is that I really want to hear your voice. Can you give me your number? So I ask you to give me an international code to call you.
In your letter you just wrote to me that going to help me. I am very happy to do so. You can tell me the exact date when making a money transfer? This date is needed for my travel agency.
I am very grateful to destiny, that I have found you, my love!!! Each day brings to me huge pleasure when I see your letter!!!
Your letters for me something the greater, than the letter !!! For me is a huge happiness to see your letter in mine E-mail!
What for you my letters mean ? When I wake up I think of you, my love !!!
When I fall asleep I think of you !!! When we shall be together with you I shall be the happiest woman on the Earth!!!
I very much want to be with you, my love !!! You want, that I was with you ? I very much miss on you !!!
You miss on me, my love ? I think, that it is very good when you really like and appreciate persons !
And for me the most important person is YOU !!! I LOVE YOU And I shall LIKE !!!
(Sweetheart,,,,it is a scam sign.And she said ''When I wake up I think of you, my love !!!'' It is wrong !
She had to say '' When I wake up I think of your MONEY, my love !!!)

(I said '' I am deaf'' ,she accepted me !! Then I said '' Instead of me,my mum wanted to talk to you.So let me know your phone number. She made excuses !!)
Hi my love ,Pee !!!
How are you ? At me all is good. How weather at you?
In your letter you told me that I want to be talked to your mother. I would, too, was pleased with her talk. But unfortunately I do not have a cell phone. My phone crashed, when I go to friends to skate. So I ask you to give me your phone number. I also want to ask you. How to contact your mother? As its name? You just write to me about our wedding possible. My dear, I must say that I do not want to pre-create any documents. I want to come to you, to know you better and then start the paperwork for the wedding. I hope you will understand me. My dear, do I need for my arrival 420 euros. I look forward to your help.
Your letters bring to me huge pleasure. I want, that we were happy with you !!!
It is my most important dream in my life !!! I think, that ours two destinies should be together.
If the person likes, this already huge happiness !!! I want, that we woke up in one bed, ate one food,
drink one water !!! The happiness consists in that two loving hearts were together !!!
I LOVE YOU !!!!!! I WANT YOU !!!!!! I ADORE YOU !!!!!! I NEED YOU MY LOVE !!!!!!!
Yours Albina.!!!
(If you can get her phone number,you can trace her real address.Of course it is not 100%)

To be continued,my boys !!

2009-07-15, 12:36:02
OJAS from United States  
Prince http://www.delphifa..?p=1#88963 If you search the word prince on this site, you will see Dirk was made prince several times, long before you guys! LOL! ;D)
2009-07-15, 13:26:05
wanwan from Japan  

It is me !!

2009-07-15, 19:45:39
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  

2009-07-15, 23:16:16
anonymous from Japan  
@my boys !!

This is a hoax and trojan mail !!
Those attachments are all TROJANS !!
Never OPEN!!

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your mouse ?

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For Full Details please read the attached .html file

To Unsubscribe please read the attached Unsubscribe.txt file

添付ファイル×2 — すべての添付ファイルをダウンロード
1K Google(TROJAN ZIP FILE !!!!) ドキュメントとして開く 表示 ダウンロード
1K Google(TROJAN ZIP FILE !!!!) ドキュメントとして開く 表示 ダウンロード

Delivered-To: ついに自爆解散か?
Received: by with SMTP id s13cs552384qas;
Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:43:32 -0700 (PDT)
Received: by with SMTP id y3mr1965076wff.302.1247697810940;
Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:43:30 -0700 (PDT)
Return-Path: <>
Received: from ([])
by with SMTP id 22si15170585wfd.8.2009.;
Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:43:30 -0700 (PDT)
Received-SPF: neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by domain of client-ip=;
Authentication-Results:; spf=neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by domain of
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 19:37:05 -0400
Reply-To: 'Clicked Cash' <>
From: 'Clicked Cash' <>
User-Agent: Mozilla 4.7 [en]C-SYMPA (Win95; U)
MIME-Version: 1.0
To: <阿呆太郎と一緒に死ねるか?>
Subject: Take paid phone surveys - $20-$100 per survey!
Content-Typmultipart/ mixed;

This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

Content-Typtext/ plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding:ng: 7bit

Mail header is forged.
I could not trace their IP address,,,,.
Be careful !!

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anna Ogannisyan

2009-07-16, 13:36:45
wanwan from Japan  
@my boys !!

Today,,,,I give you ''The Ed Sullivan Show''.
Today's guest is coming from Russia !
Her name is ''Albina Vasileva ''
Occupation=Scam Artist !!

Part 7 !!!!!!

(I tried scamming her agency .)
Dear sir.
Thank you for concerning me.
I will remit about flight costs,documents costs from
US to Russia on 6/30,2009.
So I hope you will make a flight plan ,
departure on 7/10.
You will book the ticket at 7/10,possible ?
I want to take a precise flight plan.
Please make the one for me.
Please send the one as soon as you can.
I am waiting .
regards to you .

from American Pee

Hello American Pee!
Our agency is very pleased to see your letter again. With your agent negotiates Jeanne Andreyeva.
I understand you would like to clarify information about the cost of your flight bride Albina Vasileva.
We provide you with a list of the cost of flight:

The visa - 280 euros
The passport to enter the country - 140 Euro
Tickets to Moscow - 720 euro
The cost of air tickets to New York - 1270 Euro
Hotel accommodation and meals - 430 Euro
Payment for travel agency - 210 Euro

This is the final list of all expenses.
You want to postpone your flight plan on the date of the bride's 7 / 10. This is quite affordable. Our agency will provide you this service. Albina Vasileva flight plan will be carried over.
You are also asked to send you a copy of the visa and passport. We must inform you that this is impossible. Now all documents for the flight in our travel agency. And we do not have the right to send anyone other than the owner of the documents for this information. Therefore, our agency can not provide you with visa and passport Albina Vasileva.
All questions were addressed. If you poyavyatsya further questions, then our agency will be happy to help you
C respect Jeanne Andreyeva.
(Scam agency said'' protect members' personal data '')

(Instead of scam agency ,Albina again answered me)
Hi my love Pee !!!
How are you? At me all is good. How weather at you?
My dear, I have no visa and no passport, because you still have not helped me to obtain them. If you send me 420 euros, then I get a visa and passport. My dear, when you smozhtnt help me. Tell me. I very much look forward to our meeting. I very much want to kiss you and hug you, my dear Pee.
My dear, I think we are still early to talk about the wedding. First of all, we need to think about our meeting. I think this is the most important task at the moment. And we can prevent additional costs.
My dear, I thank you for what you send me the name of your mother. It gives me great pleasure to talk to her in reality. To do this, please send me your phone number at which I can call you. I will wait for your phone number. I really want to talk to your mother. Please send me your phone number. Also send greetings to your mother.
I think, that our meeting with you is close. I so miss on you, my love!!!
I so wait for our meeting with you, my Prince!!! And I very much would like, that our meeting with you
Was the most unforgettable moment in our life!!! You would like it, my love?
I think, that we shall be with those happy people on the Earth!!! I believe in it!!!
I want it!!! And we shall be happy with you, my love!!!
My mum transfers you ardent and sincere greetings, And strong embraces!!!
Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, my hot kisses, And also my most passionate embraces!!!
I so dream, that two loving hearts will be together!!! And these two loving hearts are our hearts!!!
Yours Albina!!!
(I said '' I want to make a marriage certificate .The reason is why I need your passport,visa.''But she denied)

(I suspended my correspondence.)
My dear Pee !
Where are you? I have a very long time not seen the letters from you. And so I decided to write to you herself. My favorite Pee, why do not you write me? Are you all right? How your health? Please write me. I very much do not have enough for your letters. I will wait for your letters.
Your Albina

Hi my love Pee !!!
How are you? How weather at you? My mum asked me that I transferred you
Big and ardent greetings, and also strong embraces. Accept and from me my sincere wishes of good mood,
My most sincere hot kisses, and also my strong and hot embraces. I very much miss on you, my love!!!
I so want our meeting with you, my Beloved Prince!!! I all life dreamed of such person, as you.
For me to think of you each minute is big pleasure!!! To think of the loved person is a great pleasure!!!
My ideas about our meeting do not give me to me to sleep!!! I so want to see you, my love!!!
I very much want, that when I opened eyes in the morning you was always with me beside!!!
You would would like it, my charm? I expect day when I shall see you, my love!!!
To me my love would be desirable to present you full pleasure of our first night with you!!!
You would like it, my beloved? My love to you grows with each minute!!!
And now I finish my letter with ideas on you, my love!!!
Yours Albina!!!
(Passion doesn't count cost.passion for gambling .)

(I tried scamming agency .)
Dear sir,
I have read your plan,and thank you very much.
I appreciate your good job.
Already I have told you,
I will remit on 6/30.
So please book the flight ticket on 7/10.
I would like to know that you will book the first class.

Then I hope that you will send the copy of the flight ticket.
A copy,it is very enough for me.

And may I ask you ?
I will remit you ,travel agency,
how do I remit ? by Pay-Pal,or by credit card?
What kind of remit by do you want ?

I would like to hear from you,thank you.

best regards

(I enjoyed the head game '' Chicken or egg question ''.She said '' Without money,I can not get some documents''.Please remember this point !! )
Hi my love Pee !!!
How are you ? At me all is good. How weather at you ?
In your letter you asked to send you a copy of my passport. Okay, I will send you a copy of my passport along with a letter. I hope that will help you a copy of my passport.
You said that you want to pay all my expenses for a flight through a travel agency. I agree to this option. Today I was raised in a travel agency. I was also discussing the issue of payment. I agreed. For me it would be very convenient not to participate in such operations. Now I do not have to deal with all the money things and you will communicate directly with the managers of my agency. I am grateful for your help.
Also in the travel agency told me that my flight on 7 / 10. The news I was very pleased. Now I will start full training for my departure.
I very much miss on you, my love !!! I very much wait for our meeting with you, my charm !!!
My ideas constantly about you, my sweet ! Each minute brings to me huge happiness when I think of you !!!
I have found the love - and now I the happiest woman on the Earth !!!
And I very much want give to you all my love and tenderness, That we were happy with you !!!
And my love to you grows with extreme force !!!
And my love to you gives to me huge forces !!! I so want to be with you, my love !!!
Yours Albina!!!

(Chicken or egg question,,,,,,,How does it end?
The answer ,,,here is )

2009-07-16, 14:51:33   (updated: 2009-07-16, 14:54:18)
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ Agent 86
Regarding 'Your profile they just saw posted on Delphifaq. LOL ' I've also received many such emails.
The one sending you the scam email has either bought your address from the one that has
used an email harvesting program, to collect it. Or has just assumed it (email addy) is from a
dating site, (being one of the most common place to harvest addresses from).

I have notices that dating scam emails are sent in waves (to me at least). I've then assumed
that it (my addy) has been sold to another scam business owner. Or passed to the next down
the line. Then as you know they use form letters and just fill in the missing bits.

All I can work out about the harvester program is that a web address must come with the
email address. They have then assumed that it was collected from a dating site. Thus
delphifaq is (as far as they are concerned) a dating site.
2009-07-16, 15:48:43   (updated: 2009-07-16, 15:52:21)
OJAS from United States  
Agent 86 unintentionally posted his address, forgot to check the box to hide it. It is too late for him. He helps us connect with others by temporarily re-posting the same e-mail address.

With Dirk, it is always intentional. Borises claim see his structure (= profile) in delphi, and believe it or not ... One of them recently began with a salutation for him ''Hello my new friend OJAS'' ;D))

Re: Wanwan passport above. Russian internal passports are in Cyrillic only. They can use it to travel to only 3 countries, Belarus, Ossetia and Abkhazia. All international passports of all countries must be at least in 2 languages. U.S. passports use English and French.
2009-07-16, 16:20:52   (updated: 2009-07-16, 16:23:13)
wanwan from Japan  

This is Japan passport sample.
Japanese language and English language in .
This image was also posted here:
Various dating scammers

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