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Letters from Rufina and Afrodita, Russia to Bill, USA


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This person on the left is a scammer. (S)he is using the name Rufina and Afrodita currently. Her email is and and dar423 (domain unknown) but that's what (s)he used on The letters are structurally indentical. (s)he uses the same letters but does spend time to alter them just enough to make them somewhat realistic. I have corresponded with (s)he for 3 months and a total of 30 plus emails. I have not let (s)he know that I know (now). I have contacted the US Embassy in Russia regarding (s)he. The pictures were of a very lovely girl who looked so sweet. What a shame. I did lose $414 through a wire transfer. Well, you live and learn (although Plato disagreed with that philosophy; reason give the best opportunity for knowledge, he believed, and in this case, despite my doubts, I failed to reason through the scenario presented.) I will further post the letters that (s)he sent me.

This is the last message that I received. We had been corresponding for 3 months. Below I also post each of the letters. She used the name Rufina this time and she actually called once.
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Hi my favourite Bill! Lovely, today my message will be small because
I have have put from my work which need to be carried out much . I
want to speak you only Bill, that I miss on you and very much I want
more likely to see you. Probably, tomorrow I shall take away my visa,
so to me the agent has told. Also I plan, these days, to finish all
affairs on my work and to take holiday. I wait for your messages dear.
my embraces and love. Now it is time to me to go, I shall write to you
tomorrow. Yours Rufina.

Here are the letters I received. Usuually, (s)he failed to respond to the questions tha I would ask her. I call this 'Anatomy of a Scam'. Yes, I was duped. Of course, its mistly my fault for failing to see through the scam. I tried to post the pictures but couldn't so far. I will try again. I hope that this helps someone else avoid what I did.

Hi! Have good day!. The computer in service of acquaintances found to
me Some structures of people which coincide with my inquiry. I
Preliminary studied them and has decided to send you to the first the
message Because your structure seems to me more interesting. I hope,
that You have time to send me some messages that we could it is better
to find out each other. I shall tell a little about myself; my age of
28 years old. I was not married and I live in an apartment of my
parents. Some years, after the ending of training I work in In
hospital - nurse! To me To like productive leisure, periodically go in
for sports for maintenance of a body. I like to travel and be in
different places, but My work does not allow me to do it frequently. I
have many friends, We sometimes together spend time, play billiards
and tennis, we have Other entertainment. I send you the picture that
you knew my person. Also I want to ask you to send me some pictures of
you. Please Ask things interesting you about me and inform me some The
information on you: what you love an entertainment? What your
character? What You love qualities in women? Whether You had the wife?
I shall answer on your questions and to inform you it is more about
itself in following E-mail! I shall be To wait for your messages. Mine
the address is Your friend Afrodita .

You received this letter? Answer please.
Hi! Have good day!. The computer in service of acquaintances found to
me Some structures of people which coincide with my inquiry. I
Preliminary studied them and has decided to send you to the first the
message Because your structure seems to me more interesting. I hope,
that You have time to send me some messages that we could it is better
to find out each other. I shall tell a little about myself; my age of
28 years old, my name is Rufina, friends name me is Rufi. I was not
married and I live in an apartment of my parents. Some years, after
the ending of training I work in In hospital - nurse! To me To like
productive leisure, periodically go in for sports for maintenance of a
body. I like to travel and be in different places, but My work does
not allow me to do it frequently. I have many friends, We sometimes
together spend time, play billiards and tennis, we have Other
entertainment. I send you the picture that you knew my person. Also I
want to ask you to send me some pictures of you. Please Ask things
interesting you about me and inform me some The information on you:
what you love an entertainment? What your character? What You love
qualities in women? Whether You had the wife? I shall answer on your
questions and to inform you it is more about itself in following
E-mail! I shall be To wait for your messages. Mine the address is Your friend Afrodita

Hi Bill! Have good day! Bill, you ask, where I live - to To regret it
is far from you. Otherwise it was not necessary for us much e-mail, To
learn each other. I for the first time have acquaintance through the
Internet. It was very difficult to me to place my structure in a
service of acquaintances, because I am in Russia, the service of
acquaintances does not accept the members from this country. I had to
specify in a structure, that I am in USA. In this letter I shall
inform you a little information myself and if the dialogue with me
will be interesting to you, I shall tell about myself in more detail
in the following letters. I live in an average part of Russia, in city
VOTKINSK. But if we shall decide to meet, I hope, that it not Will be
a problem for us because I have made a little Travel to other
countries. I was in the several countries of Europe; For example
Turkey, Italy, Germany. I made these travel as The tourist. Therefore
Bill, you should not have excitement be relative That we not beside. I
such woman, that if I shall like The person for a meeting I shall
reach even on the moon. Besides in Our days is not a problem to make
such travel. I not I worry about it and I have necessary feelings to
get acquainted and it is possible To have relations with the person of
other state. It is very interesting - Other culture, thinking,
traditions. For me this new- Probably and you Bill Can learn , that
such the Russian woman. I wait for yours e-mail, my American friend.

Hi. Why I do not see from you of the letter? I am very much upset. Why
you do not write to me? I have offended you or at you no time for me?
I wait for the answer. Afrodita.

Hi Bill. I am glad to receive again your message, every day we We
start to learn each other better and for me it is an interesting
thing, Yours e-mail. last time at me on soul is present boredom, not
Occurs any joyful things and your message now for me As a solar beam.
Bill, thanks, that you wrote to me some answers to my questions. Yours
e-mail what you the person gradually helps me to understand. Bill I
send you other picture of. I hope, that it will be To like you. Tell
to me more in detail about the family. Whether it is a lot of at You
relatives? What at you with them of the relation? As frequently you
Gather? In my family very much close relations. I to you already
Informed, that I live with mum and the daddy. We live in a cosy
apartment, where There are three inhabited rooms, and as kitchen, a
balcony and a bathroom. I have a room. I the only child at the
parents. A name my Father Vladimir, him 51 years old and he Works the
builder. My mother Olga, her 48 years old. Now she does not work some
years and Is engaged in housekeeping. We like each other, sometimes We
are chosen for city for an entertainment. In the summer we go on a
beach and on fishing. During the winter period of time we go for a
drive on skates and a ski. This good time for me! In private life I
have emptiness. Last relations at me were the last year. One was The
boyfriend, but I have left him. we did not like each other and had
various interests. Among associates of me of people I cannot allocate
anybody for serious relations. Good men to become it is ever less and
annoyingly in Next time to test disappointment when you think that has
met The suitable person. Likely therefore I also have addressed in
service acquaintances. Probably here I can find the person who will be
Me to love, appreciate and understand. It is not important for me his
financial situation and work by which he makes. I have specified in a
structure that I search more Advanced age because I think, that the
person which has lived There is enough years, already has experience
and has learned to appreciate women and to address With them. I shall
be ready to give myself all without the rest to such person and I
think, that the main advantage of the woman is fidelity and skill To
make family happy, without quarrels and conflicts. On it I I finish
the letter. Bill, write to me the ideas that I Has told to you. I wait
for your messages. Yours Afrodita .

Hi Bill. It is pleasant, that you studied my some ideas in the last
message. Bill, I usually do not tell about the deep ideas and
opinions, but to you has written, because has felt desire to open it
to you. I more independent woman, but probably sometimes am necessary
that there was one man, which can to open and trust - sometimes
frequently it happens hardly to reflect on all these things. I am
glad, that has found at you understanding me, you see it happens not
frequently. Thank Bill , that you have written to me some details
about your life and family, I closely studied it. It has helped me
more well to understand you and your life and you become closer man .
Bill It is time to me to go to do some businesses and it is necessary
to meet the friends. By the way I told by him, that got acquainted
with you, and parents too. Have good day. I wait for your letters.
Yours Afrodita.

Dear Bill! Thank for yours e-mail. your messages are very pleasant to
me. This week I have a new theme for reflection, and these new ideas
excite me. I do not know, how you Bill, but for me starts to have
importance our exchange of messages. I want to tell, that it is new
emotions, In my quiet heart. For me it is unusual to begin relations
with the e-mail. Such situation that there is a distance between us, -
draws my ideas to you. I for a long time have understood, that if is
present, some difficulties to achieve the purpose,- That desire to
achieve this the purposes increases. Probably it is one of those
things who forces me to reflect frequently about You Bill. I think,
that I should grasp your heart and you cannot struggle then with this
female magic. What will you answer me it dear Bill?. Concerning your
question: I had in life 2 serious relations. Last were finished in
November 2003. First my relations were with the man, which I Has got
acquainted, when I studied in trade college in Kirov. We lived
together, there was, that he with KIROVO CHEPETSK too. When I Has
arrived home, I have learned, that other woman waits for the child
from him. The second relations to me should be finished, as mine the
man, With which I lived very many saws and beat me, he did not respect
me. Dear Bill, I again want to set to you some questions: That there
are main values in your life: family, work, money Or something
another? What your plans for the future? Write Bill also inform your
ideas, I shall wait your messages.

Yours Afrodita.

Hi my dear! I now read yours e-mail, and it was interesting to me to
find out your opinion that I spoke you in my last message. Our
exchange of opinions is interesting to me and I think, that now I can
make some opinion on what your character. Bill, I send you a new
picture. It is made at me at work. I work in a beauty saloon!!! I
hope, that this The picture will like you. Bill, I too would want to
see more than your pictures. Dear, I would like to find out, how you
like to spend the free time. I very cheerful person also think out
Various entertainments for itself and the friends. To me to like to
help them to make life interesting. It can be different things:
Dances, cinema, parties or entertainments on the nature. But if to
speak frankly in the last these entertainments give time I have less
than pleasure. I frequently dream of romantic evening with the
favourite person, it can be a supper or simply walk. I think, that in
it there is a lot of charm. You the romantic person Bill? Whether you
think, sometimes, of such things? You like cosy evenings with the
family? I very much love holidays when all family gathers, behind one
table. It is very cosy and comfortable for me. And how you like to
carry out holidays dear? What for you makes a cosiness and rest? Tell
to me please about it Bill. Bill, excuse me for a question: whether
there is at you now any woman? I think, that you are good, as the man
and To like many women. Because at me good taste, and you to like me.
What your private life now, Please tell about it. Probably you have to
me any frank questions? I shall answer them. Write to me more in
detail about the feelings and desires, to me to like to read, when you
tell about yourself, I am ready To listen about it. I wait for your

My embraces. Yours Afrodita.

Hi my lovely Bill! I am very glad to news from you. Bill, yesterday I
could not send you the letter because I had no opportunity to enter
into the Internet. In our apartment phone is not established and
consequently my computer has no input in a network. Usually at itself
in an apartment I write down the message to you on a disk, and then I
go with it to the girl familiar to me, in pair houses from me, that
about her computer to enter into the Internet and to take away your
letters. But yesterday she was absent at home. I hope, what you Bill
did not lose me. I missed without yours e-mail. Today on work I
thought of you and, it was pleasant for me to know, that there is a
person, which which thinks about to me, reads my ideas and writes
something for me. And how you Bill? You these days missed on dialogue
with me? Today we with friends plan to have some entertainment. It
will be possible it is club or a disco. It is a pity, that now not
there are opportunities to invite you there because you it is far. I
think, that we with you could carry out perfectly together evening. I
hope, that we shall make still it in the future and we can well have
fun. I am sure, that it will be good time for us Bill! We shall drink
easy wine, then to dance, while our legs can maintain it. And after
that we probably shall reach somewhere else....., and where I shall
make with you some things. Ideas about it me beforehand raise. My
imagination very much advanced and I can represent for myself many
details of ours appointments. Probably, dear, it is time to me to
finish this letter, and I now shall write that a lot of superfluous
and I shall have then confusion before you. I wait for yours e-mail,
my lovely. Embraces and my kiss!!!

Hi my dear Bill! I am glad again to speak with you! You write me, that
you would like to be with me that evening! You did not suffice to me
too very much! Though we and not badly have had fun, but on soul there
was what that a melancholy! By the way, yesterday I had quite good
evening with my friends. We reached in one club also there were there
some hours. First we had the good supper and some glasses of
champagne, then played balling Also danced. Impressions have remained
good, only when I saw , as some my girlfriends danced and kissed the
men - I had small envy to them. I thought of you and represented for
itself, what you besideBill. That you too embrace me and whisper to me
on an ear gentle words. And you Bill, when see around the in love
pairs people, - that recollect me? As frequently you with the friends
reach in any bar or club? When you are in these places girls
frequently try to get acquainted with you? To me very much frequently
men approach and try to begin acquaintance, but I at once I help them
to understand, that with me these things to fail. Bill, I frequently I
think above your messages and I understand, that you it is serious
concerning me. I too do not look at our dialogue as on an
entertainment, and I write you some very personal words and things, as
to the close person. And I want to tell to you Bill, that I am glad,
that at me is such the person - as you! I wait for your messages and I
think of you. Mine to you gentle Kisses!

Yours Afroditaa.

Hi my dear Bill! I am glad to speak again with you! Thank for yours
e-mail. I am glad Bill, that in our relations there is a promotion and
we became more close people. I tell about you mine much to parents and
friends. They hope, that will sometime get acquainted with you Bill.
They insist, that I would acquaint you with them, my parents are
especially persevering. I have told him , that is serious I treat you
Bill, also that you the good person. You know Bill, that parents
always wish children only good and are pleased, when their children
are happy in all. The daddy loves mine fishing and he now goes pleased
on an apartment and speaks, that now he has person , which can be
invited for fishing. I for a long time laughed and have told to him,
that at all I do not know, you like it to do{make} whether or not.
Also that he early it is pleased, in fact it is possible to you not
interestingly. Also know, that he answered? he has told, that in the
summer it{he} will be going for you good fishing tackle also will
learn you to cook present to an ear. And you Bill, told to close
people about me? What they have opinion? inform me please it. You have
any plans concerning our relations? I think, that for us will be very
much it is good, if we can carry out some days together. It will be to
strengthen our relations and will help us to learn better each other.
Probably the next month we can meet. For example in Europe or the
other place. Understand me correctly Bill, I cannot yet to invite you
to itself. I live at the parents and for the present not enough I know
you for this purpose. Between us there were only we messages and I
think, that to us it is better, all over again to meet in the friend
place. I very much would want to be with you alone, to see you the
eyes and a touch to you! Dear so we can make full opinion on us to
learn about many things. Let's be to discuss it Bill. I wait for your
opinions, I miss also a kiss of you.

Yours Afrodita.

Hi my lovely Bill! I am glad to see yours e-mail. to me pleasantly to
learn , that you support idea to meet and also wish me to see and to
spend with me time. I think, that in our following messages we can
discuss in more detail our meeting and establish time and a place for
this purpose. I want to tell to you dear, that it is very pleasant,
for the woman to be convinced that exist the man which waits her also
wants to hold in the hands. Such idea influences opinions women and
her behaviour. Therefore thank you Bill, that you have given me to
feel it. And what you have ideas and imaginations about that day, when
you will meet me? Inform me please it. Dear, at me there is a plenty
of ideas, how we can to spend together our time. Also I shall be going
for you some surprises and I think, that you will be pleased it. I
shall be to inform you Bill, about some ideas in the following
messages . But you should know, that when you will be in my hands it
is not fast you can get out of my embraces. I now shall not write
about those things by which I shall make with you, but you will
remember for a long time it !!! Now I finish the letter. I shall wait
for your messages . My gentle kisses!

Hi mine dear Bill! Have good day! I am glad, that my messages
pleasant for you. How you feel yourself , dear? I - ok. I a little
excited, and yesterday I hardly fell asleep. I was grasped with an
idea about to our meeting. For me and I have this joyful event from it
much emotions. Such as excitement both the big impatience and
expectation of this day . You have brought the whole sea of emotions
in my life Bill, and it is difficult for me with it to consult, but I
can tell, that it pleasantly and gave me new push and the purpose for
life. I think, lovely, that it is necessary for us to arrange our
meeting so that there were no difficulties and inconveniences in our
affairs. I can arrange on my work, that to have some days free for me.
Bill, and your work will be to allow you to make it? Probably you
have the intense schedule with the work also you should be absent.
Then we can meet more close from you or even I could arrive to you on
some days. For me there is no problem to make longer travel. If such
way more convenient for you and my arrival to not create inconvenience
for you Bill, let's choose this plan. It for me even it is more good,
because I can see as you live , your friends, you can show me the city
and various, , that you can loved for you, a place. And if for you it
is necessary to visit the work. My work not so important also can
manage without me, therefore I do not worry about the affairs. Inform
me dear, the opinions! If it is a good way for you too I shall make
preparations for travel. Concerning your question: we do not celebrate
Thanksgiving My kisses and embraces.

Yours Afrodita.

Hi my lovely! It is pleasant for me to read your words. I am glad to
learn , that you are ready to accept me in the house. Thank, that you
trust me , my dear. Bill, I want to tell to you that in the past the
message I wanted to check, as far as seriously you treat to me .
Forgive for this lovely, but you should understanHi my lovely Bill! I am glad to speak again with you! dear, I have
good news to you. Today I have met the agent travel to learn
concerning the visa. he has explained me a situation about reception
of the visa to you. Your government has made more strict control over
entrance to the country because of terrorism and consequently to
receive to you the visa uneasy. But the agency will make it for me.
The agent has told, that they recently already received some visas of
tourists in your country. I am very glad Bill, that we will not have
with it big difficulties. I all over again had fears, that the agency
cannot it to make or for this purpose very long time will be required.
But the agent has told, that the visa will demand from them two or
three weeks. Tomorrow I will need to reach in office of agency, to
sign there the contract and also we shall decide question on payment
of them. Now it is time to me to go lovely to make photos for the visa
and to fill in questionnaires for embassy. The agent has told, it
should be is prepared tomorrow when I shall come to them to office. I
very pleased Bill, that now our preparations have begun and through
small time we shall be together! Write to me lovely ideas, I wait for
your messages. Kiss of you!!!

Yours Afrodita.

P.S. Concerning your question: If all will be in the order with the visa, I can arrive in
d me.

For me was it
is very important to know, whether you will agree to accept me in the
the house whether or not. If you insisted, that we met somewhere in
hotel or in the other place, - that to me should to think, what not
you want to play host to me because you have the wife or or you not it
is serious enough to me, and you want to meet me for an entertainment.
It check - was small precaution. I heard, that many people get
acquainted to have only sex with the new person, though in the
structure inform, that have serious intentions. Now I am sure in you
Bill, and I am glad, that you appeared really that the person whom I
want to meet! Loved, I with big pleasure, I shall carry out at you
some days. These days I shall reach in agency of travel and to receive
the information for that , to reach to you the next month. I shall
inform you for detail about it in the following e-mail.I planned trip
to you in December. I wait your messages. I of you adore mine dear
Bill! My kisses!!!

Yours Afrodita.

Hi my dear! I am glad to welcome again you and I with impatience wait,
when I can tell to you HI - personally. Thanks for your message. Bill,
my day was very intense and is very tired. I reached in office of
agency and signed with them the contract. In conformity with the
contract, the agency will prepare me for all documents for travel, to
buy for me the ticket and to deliver me to the plane. From my city
there are no planes to you and consequently I all over again will need
to reach to Moscow, and therefrom already to you. My agent needs some
information for a route of the plane, inform me dear, the address and
the nearest airport to you to which I shall arrive. This information
is necessary tomorrow that the agent could develop route and to
establish all cost of travel. Today I paid in him the first part of
money, for the visa and other documents for travel. It was in some
times more, than I thought. I planned, that the visa will cost for me
about 200 $, but because of difficulties for its reception is was for
me 700. dear, it is possible, that to me you will be required the help
for payment of other part of cost of travel. I have some money still,
and also took some money at my parents, but it is possible them will
not suffice for payment of the second part of cost, for insurance and
tickets. It will be known after the agent will develop a route. The
second part of cost I should pay under the contract, before to take
away the visa. I shall inform you Bill, if to be necessary for me the
help. I hope, that it will not be a problem for you and I can not
worry about it. I informed you all news about promotion of our meeting
and now I go to have a rest, I am very tired today. I hope, what I can
soon embrace you Bill. Dear, unfortunately I have no a home telephone
number what to call to you. I live in new area of city and yet does
not work for us in one quarter telephone station. I have for
communication only pager. I at work have telephone, but the
administration does not permit us to use the telephone in the personal
purposes, differently there can be some problems at work, and at us
very strict rules.Write to me the telephone number and I shall try to
you to call. I wait for your messages my favourite . My kisses and

Yours Afrodita.

Hi favourite Bill! I am glad to read your message and to learn , that
I can hope for your help in payment of agency. Dear, I feel itself it
is a little inconvenient. Because I had to address to you for the
help. I always counted myself the independent person, which itself can
solve all problems. But, this time, I could not all to take into
account and was mistaken that I can pay all travel itself . When I
travelled earlier, it costed for me less. But I it is happy, what now
I have you Bill, - the person, which can come to me to the aid and
help me in a life. After ours acquaintances, at me varies sensations
of. Earlier I counted myself the strong and independent person, and it
was pleasant for me to feel, that I can care of myself. And now I feel
simply the woman who requires support. But it is pleasant for me, to
feel beside strong the man which protects me from all excitements of a
life! Bill, I informed a place of arrival to you to the agent and he
expected the staying charges for me. It will be for me 1550 $. Here
tickets, insurance, road up to the airport and some other necessary
charges. With me have still remained money, after payment of the first
parts of cost. It near 1000 $, and now is necessary for me, in 5-6
days near 550 $ to pay in agency the second part of cost travel. I
hope dear, that this money not difficulty for you and you can help to
pay to me, in 5-6 days, 550 $ in agency . I shall learn from the agent
as you can send them it. Lovely, I hope, that I did not make to you
difficulty by the haste. Probably it is not planned expenditure for
you. If it so, not become angry about me please! I very much miss on
you and I wait for ours meetings. I wait for your messages Bill!
Thousand kisses.

Hi my favourite! I am glad to speak again with you Bill! How you
today? I hope, that your day is good! Bill, I want to speak with you
about many things, but probably you will be tired with the big
message. Therefore I shall be to ask now the most important things for
me. Dear, you have pleasure when you think of our fast meeting?
Whether you informed the close people that is fast you will accept me?
What they have opinion on it? My parents and friends are pleased, that
I shall meet you. They are glad, that I at last have met the person to
whom I have big respect and serious intentions. I the daddy always
spoke me, that the man in relations mainer and, that the woman should
listen to it always. And I always argued with him concerning it.
During those moments of the life when I had relations with the person,
I always tried to be the leader in these relations . But with you
Bill, I feel, that all differently. I would like to be obedient and
gentle to to you. Probably mine the daddy of the rights when speaks,
that the main instinct of the woman, it to be near to the man and to
be obedient to him. he speaks, that the woman can be happy, only if
lives thus. I have such relation to the man, as to you, for the first
time and consequently I think of it much. I think, that probably the
destiny not casually acquainted me with you! Bill, you have any sexual
ideas about me? Tell to me about it. I have such ideas about you, but
I not shall tell their the first.-OK? I very much want to learn , that
you think of me, as about the woman. I shall wait yours the story
about it! Now I shall finish the message.I wanted to arrive in Denver
approximately on December 20-21 and to fly home on January 1, but I
can not reserve the tickets because I have not enough money. 1550 $ it
is COMPLETE COST of travel. Write to me the telephone number and I
shall try to you to call. I wait your letters favourite!!! I asked the
agent in what way it is possible to transfer from you money for
payment of them. he has told, that will learn about it and to inform
me. My gentle kisses!

Yours Afrodita.

Hi mine dear Bill! Excuse, that I yesterday was absent for you. I have
been very much tired with my work and hardly got home. I lay down in
bed a little; to have a rest, but have fallen asleep and woke up only
in the morning. Favourite, I was very glad to receive your message.
Thank, that you answered my questions. To me was It is pleasant to
read your ideas on me, it raised in me some desires. It is pleasant to
me to read your words and To learn, that I attract you! Dear Bill, I
miss on you. I very much want to embrace you and to nestle on you the
body. I frequently present for myself, as we for the first time see
each other. As we remain together and we carry out together our first
night. I think, that we not let's sleep this night. I shall try, that
you did not forget it never and I hope, that you will make too it for
me. We shall be this time in bed and we shall make a break only for
coffee and sandwiches. Also, lovely, I very much wanted to take a bath
with you. We could rub there a back each other and still something. I
very much wait this time and I am glad, that it is necessary to wait
already a little. I frequently think of things which we can make with
each other. I think about it in full details. I do not write these
details to you, my confusion does not allow me to write it. To me to
have constantly to stop the ideas that there was no big excitation. I
with my imagination can represent very precisely , we shall make what
things. Even now I have some shiver in my body. And consequently I
stop now this theme in my message. now Bill, I shall inform to you
some news which I learned from the agent. He informed me, that they do
not accept, for payments, bank moving of money to the account, from
private persons. They accept such payment only from the organization
at travel by groups. Therefore I to me too should make the second part
of payment by cash. The agent has told, that in our city some banks
are engaged in moving of money from other countries. he has told. That
they make it quickly, it demands for them about one day. In our city
some systems for moving work. It ' Attract Gramme ' and ' Western
Union '. Tomorrow I shall reach there and to learn, how it to make. I
shall inform to you full details about it in the following messages.
Now I finish the letter.I to you shall call soon.I need in 550 $
approximately in 3-4 days. I hope you will not move me. I wait for
yours the message my lovely. My kisses and embraces!!!

Yours Afrodita .

Hello my dear and beloved Bill. How your affairs? I wait not up to
waited that moment when we can meet with you, embrace each other
strong strong, to glance each other in eyes and to tell: ' Hi beloved,
you are that I searched for all life, you are that I waited for all
life. ' I grieve without you, your letters, without your love.
Expectation of love is pleasant and difficult for my heart. On the one
hand it is pleasant for me to think, that I at last have found the
love, on the other hand it is very difficult to wait for our meeting,
torment itself various ideas, trying to present, that you are doing,
that you now feel. I hope on our fast meeting. I LOVE YOU!!! I AM
READY TO TELL IT to ALL WORLD: I LOVE YOU!!! I with impatience wait
for the answer. And now I should go my love. with love, your Afrodita
P.S. I need now all in 370 $. Liked it is not pleasant to me to inform
it, but without your help I can not arrive to you. I hope for you and
I believe in you.

Hi my love Bill. Yes, 370 $ it is the complete sum in which I need to
arrive to you. I give you the word and hundred percents(interests) of
a guarantee that if you will help me to pay the tickets, I shall
arrive to you, because I dream of our meeting each day. My visa was
quickly made because I made her through agency of travels. The agency
of travels gave me a complete guarantee that they will make the visa
and they have made quickly. I can reserve the tickets up to you at
once as I shall receive money and during one week I can arrive to you.
You can send money through western union on this information My the
first name is Rufina. My last name is Brylyakova. Russia, VOTKINSK,
Kirova str. 19. In agency of travels to me have said that this
information will suffice for a sending of money. Today I to you shall
call I very much I want to hear your vote. I send you 10000000000000
kisses. Yours Afrodita


Hi my love!!!
How are you?

I love you! I see your smile and it
makes me so by a happy internal part!
I like to dream of us with you.

I am a person of dreams. I live on dreams. I dream about
The future with you.
My sun raises also sets on dreams. Dreams - all I
Have left for lifes. I live during the future.
The future of miracles and pleasures!

I hope, that I can live to your expectations,
I - only the person. I always shall be kind and gentle,
But I - only the person who loves you!!!

You - the most fine, that are at me in life.
I have found the happiness, and more than nothing it is necessary for me.

I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you!!!

Yours Rufina!!!

P.S Liked today I could not receive your money,
because the banks were closed. I shall go to receive money tomorrow
and I shall inform at once you as I shall receive.

Hi my dear Bill! Have good day my lovely! Dear, I am glad, that You
have taken care of payment of agency. I received money and paid
Agency. All OK, favourite, and we be fast we can together. In The
nearest days I shall inform you the information concerning mine Flight
of the plane and date of arrival. Bill, I am very glad, that is fast
There will come our day. These are such emotions for me and the big
vanity. You You can not represent at all, how many different things
are necessary for me To be going for travel. It both the clothes, and
cosmetics and are a lot of Other trifles. Also it is some gifts, for
you, from me and from My parents. They asked, that I transferred you,
favourite, Some souvenirs from them. All of us hope, that our gifts
will be Are pleasant for you. I very much miss on you. I LOVE YOU! I
wait for yours Messages dear. yours Rufina. Thousand my kisses for

Hi my favourite Bill! Lovely, today my message will be small because
I have have put from my work which need to be carried out much . I
want to speak you only Bill, that I miss on you and very much I want
more likely to see you. Probably, tomorrow I shall take away my visa,
so to me the agent has told. Also I plan, these days, to finish all
affairs on my work and to take holiday. I wait for your messages dear.
my embraces and love. Now it is time to me to go, I shall write to you
tomorrow. Yours Rufina.

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2006-04-26, 00:35:23
anonymous from United States  
I wonder why the 'No Smoking 'sign behind her in her pole dancing pic is in italian???

Mrs. C
2006-04-26, 00:37:21
anonymous from United States  
I wonder why the 'No Smoking 'sign behind her in her pole dancing pic is in italian???

Mrs. C
2006-04-26, 07:01:52
anonymous from Canada  
She looks very similar to the saskia model...and again, most of the pictures are taken from models or stolen from the web.

I am Canadian
2006-05-03, 17:55:59
anonymous from United States  
This sick broad or whatever she is had me convinced she was who she said she was. If that is even the case probably an old fat former kgb member who has found a living as a pimp or whatever. Fortunately I didnt send her money. unfortunately I actually believed in my heart she was sincere and I thought the good Lord sent me a blessing. MY freakin' wife. But something just wasnt right and thankfully I listened to the promptings of God and did a googlesearch of the name Anzhelica Semenova. Imagine my surprise(not really) when this SITE came up first. Not only the exact same name and 'nickname' of her but also the same letters, minor details changed but essentially the same and the exact same pictures as the last 12 shown here at this on this page of the website (you know the gal that could be anna kournikova's sister or cousin). Upon seeing this site I immediately sent her an email typed 'I have wired you money my love' translated it to russian so IT wouldnt hesitate to open and then typed also translated to russian (sucker! I can bullshit too. and informed it that while my heart was broke It failed in scamming me) It turns around and sends this which just so happens to be the exact same email IT responded with when I told IT I wasnt going to send her money anyway period. :
'Lovely, I read your letter and my tears drip on the cold keyboard of
the computer, I do not know what to answer to you. I am very much
upset, such change of our dialogue, but I did not think, what is it
will touch me. I so was pleased last days, that all goes well and we
be speed we can together and now I really do not know that to me to
make, my mum has prepared to you gifts and I have bought that for you,
but I am afraid that all my dreams of speed meeting now have failed in
to be gone, tomorrow I should pay the second payment in agency and
what I there shall say? That my lovely man does not trust me from
behind it, I am afraid that on up to me will laugh simply, but I want
to say to you, that I was honour and frank in the letters to you, I
have tested many disappointments in the life and at last was sure that
has found the man, by which test the present feelings, lovely I want
once again to say to you that I love you, earlier I did not know that
is possible to test the present feelings to the man communicating with
them only with the help of the letters, but I much read about it in
the literature, and now understand why all over the world appreciate
Russian literature, lovely I has written poem, which has lighted you,
I shall try to translate on English
Hi love mine, hi
You have not learned, and it I
Your love has come to you
Searching so there are a lot of years, you one
And I here, I shall not leave
And you sit down
I should much tell, to you about that as I love
Though what for I do not want, to prove to you love
You see you see
Though it is necessary look, eyes close and in this complete darkness
By hand me mention
You hear this knock
It is hearts are knocked on paradise
And a door you do not close
And better it is wider than them open
Lovely excuse, but I can not continue, because my eyes are completely
filled with tears, lovely I am afraid of tomorrow's day, I shall lose
all my money and there will be a complete fool before agency, I do not
know as I shall go through tomorrow's day and whether I can go through
it, I shall wait your letter tomorrow, before that how to go in
agency. Thousand kisses.

Yours Angelica'

so I respond with this-(also translated to russian I always did this in the letters I believed in honest accurate communication, I did actually learn a bit of russian this way)










Look at this website: http://www.delphifa..997.shtml


-The Holy Bible


I am thankful I found this site. I hope my experience and all yours results in this bitch or bastard or whatever gets hers/his/its. And just who is the old guy with the beard, her friggin' pimp?!?

2006-05-03, 18:10:02
anonymous from United States  
2006-05-04, 11:06:18
anonymous from United States  
It's a shame that the reputation of Russian women is under the control of somekind of criminal group and as a result American guys and Russian girls are at a loss what to do. Unfortunatly we are getting suspecious on each other and let's hope that this won't create a so-called 'hidden cold war' between us again. We,Russians, really like to enjoy other things besides potatos and vodka (wich goes pretty well with caviar). It's good that we are not indifferent to the fact that someone is making money on our feelings and hopefully everyone will get what he or she deserves.
2006-05-04, 13:45:34 from United States  
It truly is sad and unfortunate. I agree with the last person (clearly russian). And I apologize if my comments made in the heat of a broken heart offended this person. I do hope everyone gets what they deserve and blessings come to everyone, and that thosethat are pulling this scam somehow find a way to get the veil lifted to what they are doing. Russia has a lot to offer I am sure and I have admired her and her women from affair for years. It is too bad the one time I attempt to make a connection with a foreign woman I am duped and hurt. At least I sent no money. Doesn't make it any less painful that I fell deeply in love with a phantom woman that doesn't exist. I must re-evaluate things as far as romance, intimacy etc. I too want to apaologize to any Christians that may have been offended by my comments. While my anger is understandable to most of you, I allowed it to associate a profanity laced tyrade with the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ and the heavenly Father. And that is certainly not a reflection of the mercy He has shown me. Anyone wants to correspond with me directly on this matter please do so
2006-05-27, 09:54:01
anonymous from United States  

2006-05-27, 13:35:44
anonymous from United States  
Here's another of the girl above:

2006-05-27, 22:42:39 from United States  
Yeah, I just got the 'send me money for second payment to agency' from Angelica. She fooled me for a while too, but I have read enough about these things to know not to send her the money. Thanks to those who posted prior to was nice to be able to confirm my suspicions. However, in spite of all this, I think a sincere Russian woman would make a great wife. JMHO.
2006-05-27, 23:14:33
anonymous from United States  
Yea TractorGuy
i bet a Russian woman would make a great wife. just as any woman would from anywhere.
I'm American and I Know I'm a damn good wife.I cook, do all the laundry, housework, work a job, and still ain't afraid to get under the hood of a car and put on a new carberater.
All this in make up and painted nails.

So guys stop beleaving the bull these scammers give you and look at the real woman around you.
I met my husband on
2006-06-11, 14:10:11
[hidden] from United States  
I have been reading Russian scam web sites for a couple of days now, and lo, and behold, I see my 'Diana' has been sending the same letters to other guys. I am so jealous of 'her'. I was 'her' one and only. I am in the 'sending money to Attract Gramme and Western Union' stage now. Of course, I have no intention of sending any money. I think I want to play around with 'her' a little while.

Guys, I honestly think my 'Diana' is much lovelier than the pics you received. I have included one for your perusal. Check her out and tell me what you think.

Anyway, thanks for the information; it is a relief to be able to read something which I can totally understand. What the hell is 'and I now shall write that a lot of superfluous
and I shall have then confusion before you'? I am more confused than my 'Diana'.

BTW, she is 28 and lives in Zelenodolsk, Russia. She first emailed me for the free dating site OKCupid, and then quickly changed email addresses after the first I sent.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

Keywords: blonde green top window
2006-06-11, 14:12:21
[hidden] from United States  
Here's a second pic of 'Diana'. What a cutie!
This image was also posted here:
Letters from Rufina and Afrodita, Russia to Bill, USA
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

Keywords: blonde coffee cup table
2006-06-11, 14:15:33
[hidden] from United States  
And finally a third pic of this very beautiful, anonymous Russian lady.

2006-06-11, 14:20:07
[hidden] from United States  
Gee, she is so cute, I just had to send one more of her.

This image was also posted here:
Letters from Rufina and Afrodita, Russia to Bill, USA
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

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