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CareerBuilder Job Scam - payment processing


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The following is in reference to, an online jobs board, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

CareerBuilder Job Scam

I posted my resume on; I was solicited by a potential employer affiliated with CareerBuilder, Niamax Limited. The email was sent on CareerBuilder letterhead, as are many emails I receive from the CareerBuilder site. The soliciting company's website is; this company is listed as doing business in the United Kingdom.

After expressing my interest with their company, I was emailed a legal document (employment contract) to email or fax back to them. The employer then conducted a preliminary "background check" on me and offered me a job. I agreed to work part-time for them as an independent contractor, processing payments from their customers in the United States. I was instructed that I needed to process these payments through Wells Fargo Bank, and would need to obtain a Wells Fargo Bank account if I currently didn't own one.

I accepted two payments (online transfers) into my Wells Fargo Bank account from two other Wells Fargo Bank customers that were supposedly Niamax customers. I was instructed to send the bulk of each payment to a specified business associate, after subtracting my 6% commission, and the Western Union transfer fee. I sent both payments to business associates in Athens, Greece by Western Union; both payments were picked up same day. One man's name was Cornet Deglos, the other was Cleys Mercken.

Wells Fargo Bank has now reversed the initial online customer transfers into my account, stating the transactions were unauthorized (hacked from the accounts of other Wells Fargo Bank customers). I am now responsible for the gross amount ($1977.30) of both unauthorized transactions into my account because I withdrew the money and sent it on, as instructed by my employer, Niamax Limited.

Wells Fargo Bank is not interested in discussing the fact that their system was breached by a hacker, or the fact that I only processed the payments. I asked Wells Fargo Bank why holds were not placed on these online transfers into a NEW account, but they gave no answers, and didn't provide me with an explanation.

Additionally, I notified CareerBuilder's Integrity Team regarding their affiliation with this employer. The representative stated CareerBuilder can't screen all employers utilizing their website, and that I should have read their fraud disclaimer, which is obscurely located in fine print on their website.


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2007-05-27, 13:45:32
anonymous from United Arab Emirates  
I also received the same email with the exact offer

Clare House, Coppermill Lane, Harefield, Middlesex, UB9 6HZ
Aberdeen, United Kingdom
PHONE: +447961875104
2007-05-29, 15:52:55
anonymous from United States  
I received an email through Career Builder for a part time job as a Financial Business Manager. The email was from Daniel Randall of RanMed LLC. The position offer a base salary of $2,500.00 per month and a 5% commission on each transaction processed. They also sent me an employment contract and asked that I open a Wells Fargo Bank account to begin processing payments. I have not sent anything back to them and after reading the other complaints I don't plan to. The email seemed too good to be true and of course it is.
2007-05-29, 19:29:10
drod from United States  
sounds like big time laundry

good hunting
2007-05-31, 15:26:06
anonymous from United States  
2007-06-02, 18:46:24
I sig up for the BMM Secirity an I have recieve a check and I want to know should I process the check or I should just trash it. They said they would send me a 1099 form at the end of the year so I can pay taxes for all the moeny that I recieve so do you think it is a scam or is it the real thing.
2007-06-03, 00:02:38
[hidden] from United States  
I've seen those ads. Can't the bank track it to see if its good? Is this company listed on the stock exchange oversees or here. If it's not...I don't deal with them. Plus, are you giving them you address and social security info? Better research.
2007-06-03, 00:17:54
anonymous from United States  
I would look up anything on google you can. This company could be scamming these people to give you money so you can be the patsy.
Call someone in London like the better business bureau.
2007-06-05, 07:10:03
anonymous from United States  
I hope FBI finds those scammers and puts an end in thier business. I recieve three emails from this guy: Daniel Randell. He offers to pay me $2500.00 bi-weekly and 5% commission for each transaction. For two weeks I was trying to figure out who he is, I was unseccessful to get some details about him. However I checked google this morning and I found the true business of this guy.

To all of you who will read this post, Beware of Daniel Randell.
2007-06-05, 22:17:16
Rod from Las Vegas, United States  
I got the same thing but I applied trying to make a little extra funds for my family while being Deployed but being dum this Manuel Martinez
General Manager

saw an easy target and with out my wife saying this doesn't look right then me checking for the senders of 2 checks I just received almost $2000.00 each then finding the name & address didn't match just funds and account numbers so I'm going to return this items.

Thanks for the info

2007-06-08, 06:29:32
anonymous from United States  
I get dozens of these offers as well. This one is sneakier than most as they also have a website which looks legit. In fact they have several websites which all leas to the same place. I thought if I googled i would see it was a scam but apparently this has not been determined or found out yet. BE CAREFUL if you receive anything from Its amazing to me that this can go on and NOOONE does anything to stop it. If you know who I can send this to to stop it it owul dbe great. Career Builder shojld have a class-action law suit launched against it for allowing this to go and plague people's legit lives. This is all very very sad!!!!!

Paulus Kluchevis' <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: 'My name
Subject: Job offer for Myname
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2007 05:03:26 -0400
Dear Myname !

Your resume posted at the jobsite indicates that you are currently seeking employment
Your profile matches the kind of employee we are looking for.

My name is Paulus Kluchevis and I am pleased to offer you the chance to become involved with an
exciting and profitable new employment opportunity, as a 'Payment Processing Agent' with Trading Dynamics LLC

As you can see from our website ( ) we are experts at national, local,
and international sales of goods on eBay, and other leading internet auction sites

Now you can become a part of our team of Specialists. We are currently searching for Specialists in several different fields of merchandising activity.
If you really know your field of business, and if you are familiar with the rules of working with leading online auctions,
then we would like to Welcome you to our team!

Even if you do not have not experience with Internet trading, then you can be employed as Payment Processing agent

Some of our sellers (including those under age 18) cannot accept payments from buyers.
A large number of buyers who would like to pay by check only or bank wire transfer cannot make payments to unauthorized sellers.
That’s why we are looking for Agents who can accept and forward the payments (bank transfers and/or checks, PayPal payments etc..

If you would like to work as payment processor agent please reply on my email and we will respond within 24 hours with
information how to get started. And remember - you do need not to pay any money or setup fee in order to get started!
Also You do not need PayPal or eBay accounts

And even you are currently employed, you can earn some extra money by working with us on a part time basis.
You can work from home. You set your own hours.
This employment position is not full time job, you can work from home.

The estimated salary range $800-$1200 per week.

If you have any questions, feel free contact me at any time. Also our support staff can be reached in the icq network

If you familiar with icq just add our UIN (325-408-175) to your contact list.

If you interested in this opportunity and would like to know more just reply on my email.
We will respond within 24 hours.
Find out how you can be employed in a professional on-line trading agent or payment processor and begin making money today!.

Paulus Kluchevis
Employment manager
Trading Dynamics LLC.

2007-06-19, 14:38:26   (updated: 2007-06-19, 14:40:53)
anonymous from United States  
Anyone who was scammed by these guys is probably out of luck. The people that run these scams are usually internationally based and it isn't worth it to try to bring it up in international court. Honestly, Wells Fargo is not responsible for your actions. You need to realize that the internet is full of scams and need to keep a more watchful eye.

'I run a legitimate business but I can't open a bank account in the US to receive checks automatically so I need someone to take 10% of a cut just to deposit checks' is NOT a legitimate job.

Best Advice out there:
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't.
2007-06-19, 14:44:10
Sadly, these cases almost always go unsolved and unprosecuted. They are almost 100% not based in the US and are protected by many layers of international treaties and legal issues. The best defense is knowledge and no matter what any resume sites do, they won't be able to prevent all scams. The previous posters seem to have quite a bit of blind faith in complete strangers on the internet which needs to stop immediately.
2007-06-23, 08:55:57
hi yes theres another scam involving men only it looks like a recruiting campaigne from canada. i cant make it out yet.but it seems to do with marriage to women in canada . it sounds like you have to pay for it up front .this girl as contacted me about it and she says after the marriage to a women she will arange some house job relocation. still cant make it out. as anybody come across it and her. she looks russian to me. name tammy gardener.

2007-06-25, 09:44:34
anonymous from Philippines  
thank you for this web page for i was almost convinced for the job offer and it really shocked me when i saw lots of comments about this offer.
hope this will stop for some people would be very excited to have a highly paid job and just pay the cash as required in this letter without checking the recruitement agency first.
please block this email for the convinience of the innocents and those who would never have a chance to seek for the legallity of this offer.
thank you
2007-06-30, 15:10:50
Dear all,
You are about to hear from someone who has and is still facing the music of such frauds.
The only thing is that i didn´t deposit the money and perhaps have saved the loss but all the turmoil and problems are just not worth it. I can tell you my story, and based on that you should decide only one thing - protect yourself from these frauds, don´t even throw a second glance on such offers.. They are just a pack of lies and will rip you of your money before you know it as happened to me...

I received the same job offer from some Oliver Giebler and although skeptical (but shall say lured to the great amount of money), i registered (the biggest mistake!!! Never ever disclose your particulars to them). Thereafter i received an account payee´s check with my name and a really big amount. My commision was 7% of this. It was too good to be real, i kept on playing the game thinking what do i have to lose?? A lot!! Firstly, a lot of money (the amount that you receive to be precise!!) and peace of mind and not to mention a lot of time. Moreover, you are very likely to be lawfully punished or can go to jail for such things.

Now, I deposited the check into my account as i was not suspecting anything and had thought if i receive the money, than this is not a fraud but real. But beware! This is not so, the check that they send you can be real... because most probably it is issued by a real customer to whom this fraud is posing as a seller over the internet (on sites like ebay for eg) and so he asks the customer to send you the check and in turn asks you to withdraw cash from your account and send to him (after deducting your 7%) to him ONLY through Western Union (so that he can´t be located later on and the police only gets you, whose account was used). As soon as he receives the money, the fraud shall have nothing more to do and simply elope with the money (you can bet your life, you will never hear from him again). Well now what? You think the money was anyways not mine. Well the fraud never sent the article that the customer thought he was buying so the customer will demand his payment back. From who? From you!! Because he sent it to your address (which was given to him by the fraud who introduced you as his 'Payment processing agent') and then you will be LEGALLY bound to return the amount sent to you by check to the customer. Since you used your account to deposit the check it is not hard to trace you and grab you by the neck. You have no choice. The bank shall not listen, nor accept any explanations. Neither the police.

In my case, i have access to the money sent in the check but the day i withdrew the money and was on my way to transfer it (man i was so close), i had this bad feeling and returned without depositing. And upon researching found the real identity and story behind such offers. But I don´t know now what do i do with the money in my account (that does not belong to me) and how i return it to where it belongs.

I am going to see how i get out of this soup but meanwhile tell each one of you to be aware and also inform your friends or anyone you know not to fall for such things.

They can destroy you.

best regards,
one cheated guy
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