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The registry editor does not work - it closes itself!


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I believe to have a virus or malware on my computer and want to clean it up in the registry. But I cannot open the registry editor - the registry editor closes upon about 5 seconds to opening it. So I keep opening registry editor and every time I opened it, about 5 seconds later it closes itself.


Many trojan horses, viruses and other malwares make changes to the registry. They may one or more of the shellopencommand keys. By changing these keys they can make themselves be executed each time that you 'open' a certain type of file e.g. if they modified the exefileshellopencommand key then the trojan will be invoked every time you start any (!) executable file.

One common trick is to disable the registry editor, so that it is more difficult for you to get rid of the trojan horse. Yes, Microsoft provides such a key in the registry - under


you will find an entry DisableRegistryTools which can be 0 or 1. By default this entry does not even exist which means you are allowed to edit the registry.

Here is an installer script which you can download and have it execute and it should restore your original settings. It does not do any magic. It will simply reset the shell open command for executable files:
.exe, .com, .bat, .pif, .scr (screensavers!)
and also for .reg files (registry data files).

Further on it will re-enable editing the registry alltogether and make sure that the application associated with registry batch files (*.reg) is indeed the official registry editor and not some trojan horse.

  1. download this file by right-clicking on the link and save it to your desktop
  2. right-click on the file and select 'install'

It will not display any success message but your registry editor will work now again.

It is important that you right-click on the link and save the file as described. If you just click on it, it will probably open in Notepad. (You could save it from there to the desktop though.)

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2007-04-04, 14:35:00 from India  
it didnt work..registry editor appears for 1 msec..pls help
2007-04-19, 22:40:29
anonymous from Philippines  
thanz a lot it really help
2007-04-19, 22:41:14
anonymous from Philippines  
thanz a lot it really help
2007-04-25, 14:35:48
for from India

your computer is infected with Spyware - download Spybot S&D anti Spyware and then it will be solved . I had the same problem try this it helped me and I hope it will help you too :)

yopu can download the S&D from this site -> http://www.safer-ne..index.html
2007-04-26, 21:13:28
anonymous from Cambodia  
i cannot run your file 'UnHookExecOpen' after i click 'Install'. How can i do? anyone
please help me!
2007-05-07, 01:18:12
anonymous from Philippines  
omg!! it worked!!! tnx..
2007-05-16, 13:58:02
anonymous from Maldives  
I tried above instrcutions but still not working.
2007-05-29, 21:59:37
anonymous from United States  
Thanks a lot ! It worked ! Does that take care of the problem or the virus will cause the same problem again in the future if it is not removed?
2007-06-02, 18:51:59   (updated: 2007-06-02, 18:55:30)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
i used unhook and now regedit stays open but theres nothing in it, its just blank. When i closed it it said it wasnt responding.
2007-06-09, 14:34:18
anonymous from Bombay, India  
Big Thank you and
Hey Buddy Keep up the
Good Cause
Thats what Net is for
2007-06-13, 20:32:47
anonymous from Hong Kong  
recently , my pc is infected with win32.parite.a my registry file cannot be opened up.

It said the regsitry fiel is corrupted, when i type regedit in run. How can i recover it?
2007-07-05, 00:36:11
anonymous from Philippines  
hey! it worked...thanks a lot man! keep up the good work..u really help a lot!
2007-07-05, 20:06:45 from Arukutti, India  
thank u very muchhhh............................thankx a was very helpul.....
2007-07-18, 00:57:54
I have used file specified by u but the reg editor appears and closes down itself
2007-09-01, 11:44:04
DOLOCASH@YAHOO.COM from United States  
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