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About purchasing and investing in Real Estate. From mobile homes, studios to single family residences.


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How do you feel about renting to Section-8 renters?


I have a single family residence that is currently vacant. How do you feel about renting to Section-8 renters? Any recommendations?


You need to check with the city's Housing Authority about the section 8 program which is officially named Housing Choice Voucher.

There are several benefits:
  • Typically you will get more rent from section 8 tenants than from free market.
  • In some states (e.g. California) when the section 8 tenant moves out, the government (city housing department) will pay for the repairs.
  • From what I hear, section 8 tenants tend to stay longer than regular people.

The only downside is that before you can rent to section 8, a city inspector will look at your property. It needs to be up to code. I do not know the extent of the inspection but I think a leaky roof or a missing window would have to be repaired.

Just google for 'your-city-name housing authority' and call them.

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