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Banner Exchange - how much traffic does the other site really have?


I want to exchange banners 1:1 with relevant travel sites, the question: how can you really know if they have the traffic they say they have? Can you find out how many visits they actually have in order to make the exchange fair? Of course I don't want to exchange with sites with very different traffic amount (specifically with low traffic sites)


Are you going to host the banner? If so, you can determine how often it is viewed from your logs. You might want to consider making remote hosting part of your requirement for sharing (as opposed to giving them a file to put on their server).
Have you checked traffic rankings section on The data there is not perfect, but it is something...

If you know anyone with a Hitwise, Nielson, or Comscore account they would be able to quickly look up the site for you. It's not much effort on their part and won't cost them anything extra, unless they have a restricted subscription. These people are often working for ad agencies.

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