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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer trudy daves miller

Name: trudy daves miller


IP Address Location Test N1 Results: IP Address Location Test N2 Results:
Address: ,

City: Marina del Rey

State/Province: CA

Zip/Postal Code: 90292-6695

Country: US - United States
Address: 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330

City: Marina del Rey

State/Province: CA

Zip/Postal Code: 90292-6695

Country: US - United States

Other Comments:

I TRACKED THES SCAMMERS IP ADDRESS TO 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330,Marina del Rey,CA

no 4 avenue street
zip code...23436

[10:04] honest_trudy002: Where are you John Am here missing you online
[10:05] honest_trudy002: But the reason for me not to be online is that the internet service here is not good but they have been doing something to it now
[10:05] honest_trudy002: I love you my husband to be
[10:05] honest_trudy002: Bye for now
[10:05] honest_trudy002: I miss you alot
[10:23] Meebo Message: honest_trudy002 is offline
[10:24] Meebo Message: honest_trudy002 is online
[10:27] lostshadow49: hello
[10:27] lostshadow49: are you still there
[10:28] honest_trudy002: Buzz!!
[10:28] honest_trudy002: Yes my husband
[10:28] honest_trudy002: How are you doing there
[10:28] honest_trudy002: Did you see my offline there?
[10:29] honest_trudy002: Hello are you there?
[10:29] honest_trudy002: Buzz!!
[10:29] lostshadow49: hi
[10:29] lostshadow49: yes im here now
[10:30] honest_trudy002: How are you doing there?
[10:30] lostshadow49: how are you
[10:30] honest_trudy002: I really miss you so much in my life and online here
[10:30] honest_trudy002: Am fine
[10:30] honest_trudy002: And you?
[10:30] lostshadow49: good
[10:30] lostshadow49: ty
[10:30] lostshadow49: wats new
[10:31] honest_trudy002: Am here thinking of you i need to ask you that how was your lawyer there have you sell the house so we can pay for the tax bill here my love?
[10:31] lostshadow49: no nothing yet
[10:31] lostshadow49: sorry
[10:32] honest_trudy002: Ok so what new my love?
[10:32] lostshadow49: nothing
[10:32] lostshadow49: just waitingf
[10:32] honest_trudy002: What are you waiting for my love?
[10:32] lostshadow49: to sell my house
[10:32] lostshadow49: im tierd of it
[10:33] honest_trudy002: But love can't you find another way or are you just kidding me about the house?
[10:33] lostshadow49: why dont you borrow money from your lawyer to pay tax so then you can come here
[10:34] honest_trudy002: My love i have try that but he told me that he did not have money on him that is why i have to fine my love and am happy that you losve me
[10:35] honest_trudy002: But i want you to know that we need to pay for the tax my love
[10:35] honest_trudy002: I want you to try and get the money i think you remember that amount my love?
[10:36] lostshadow49: well i dont know where the money is going to com from
[10:36] lostshadow49: how can i forget
[10:36] lostshadow49: 618
[10:36] honest_trudy002: But why are you saying this my love
[10:36] honest_trudy002: Yes my love
[10:36] lostshadow49: cos i dont have any money
[10:37] honest_trudy002: I know but you know that we are going to be rich immediatly i get to you but i just want you to promise me that you will love me forever?
[10:38] lostshadow49: i will love you
[10:38] honest_trudy002: Ok my love but i want to ask you something my love ?
[10:38] honest_trudy002: But you are working there didn't you?
[10:39] lostshadow49: not right now im not
[10:39] honest_trudy002: Ok....But what step are you talking for you to sell the house ?
[10:40] lostshadow49: it is listed with a reality company
[10:40] lostshadow49: why
[10:40] lostshadow49: you think i am lieing about it
[10:41] lostshadow49: i would sell if i could
[10:41] lostshadow49: stop hounding me ok
[10:41] lostshadow49: things take time
[10:41] Meebo Message: honest_trudy002 is offline
[10:42] lostshadow49: i see our love goes no further than the 618 dollors
[10:42] Meebo Message: honest_trudy002 appears offline. Your message may not be received.
You have invited honest_trudy002 to Video/Audio Call.
[10:44] Meebo Message: honest_trudy002 is online
[10:46] honest_trudy002: Buzz!!
[10:46] honest_trudy002: Hello
[10:47] honest_trudy002: Are you there
[10:47] honest_trudy002: Are you there
[10:47] honest_trudy002: Can you see now the internet service here is not good
[10:47] Meebo Message: Video/Audio Call has been added to your list of favorite applications.
[10:47] Meebo Message: You have left the application.
[10:48] honest_trudy002: I don't want you to think that am just talking about the money but you need to know that i need to get out of here my love that is why i do ask you for the money if i have see this money i would have get to you my love
[10:49] honest_trudy002: I dont want you to think anything otherwise am very curious to be with you there my love
[10:49] honest_trudy002: I really lozve you with all my heart
[10:49] honest_trudy002: Ok bye



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