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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Taisiya

Name: Taisiya


Sunny hello to you,
Your letter is a little present for me today and i like learning more about you.... it's nice to be able to open your world to someone else who may be so different from you but very mutual.... I can't judge about us right now but i want to have such a chance a little bit later.... everything should happen in its time and our communication is developing that way it should be!!!! There are always lots of ways but I'm wondering why each of us can choose only one of them... do you think it's fair? Don't worry about the number of questions which i ask you ... i understand that it's almost impossible to answer all of them but i can't keep from asking you about everything because i don't know you well enough to make some suppositions what you can think on this or that ... and this is the natural way of communication to be interested in another person.... moreover, you are doing absolutely the same and i like it so much!!!!!!
I really feel that your mail and you are like a unite because i feel those words coming from heart and not from brain - it's better to be open and what also attracts me a lot is that you are not afraid of being yourself..... i can say that it's worth of respect!!! i pay attention to this fearute because i also have it and it should be presneted in evereyone's character!!!! you definitelyr have it and once more it underlines your male features which are brightly expressed!!!!! When i close my eyes, I see myself next to you and it gives the shivers because your energy is burning and killing from inside..... just tell me if i'm right with this impression.....
I also want to interrupt you with your thoughts about men in my country - they are ghreat and they are gentelments, there is nothing with them!!! The level of life is also different here and i'm not looking for a man who can help me to relocate somewhere, i honestly say that I'm here for meeting my soulmate because I decided just to enlarge the possibility to meet someone who really matches me...
Today a bride has come to me for doing make up for the ceremony.... Jay, i looked at her but I've seen myself instead of her.... and i clearly could see a man like you next to me..... certainly, I've done the best work i have ever done and it was such an event for that girl!!!!! I've done that work better than usually because at that very moment you were in my mind and I didn't deny the idea taht one day i could take the place of that girl.... I mean only the status of the bride..... Tol do my work better, i always try taking the place of my visitors..... this time your help was necessary as well as mine... So, thank you for good job!!!! And don't be scared - i don't propose you to marry me - certainly, it;s too early for discussing such things - but i 've just told you the truth , as I promised!!!!
This morning before going to work, i had breakfast with my parents and they have been laughing at me because i looked like a sleepyhead - i'm always surprised with one thing - why my parents are always so active - I can't understand their secret of such a rythme of life!!! I asked them for lots of times but they don't open it to me the only thing which they say is that i will find it out when i meet my partner - then everything should be clear!!!! but i can guess if you were with me at that moment, we would be able to realise what is the puzzle!!!!! As i've already told you before, i hate puzzles that is why my mood was spoiled a little bit but not for a long!!!! Why???? I started thinking of you and i forgot about all the other things!!!!! i've just remembered what you wrote and it putted smile to me face because i can't be indifferent to the man who isn't a copy of all te otehr man...... i thought about the reason of my being here and i realised that Internet is the greatest thing which could have ever exist because this is our chance to get acquainted but not to build relations because everything what can be strong should be build in reality!!!! I addressed the internet because i wanted to try to find real love and not just pen-friend, so, that is why now i'm thinking seriously aboutwriting a few mails to each otehr and then about planning the meeting because i'm here for real relations instead of virtual ones!!!!! The whole picture will be clear only when we lookinto each other's eyes!!!!
Please, continue telling me your thoughts not only what I write and ask you about but what you find me to have to know - as usually, be yourself and you won't have problems with winning my heart!!!! Please, also don't forget t tell me more about the events of your last day and we will see how we would be able to combine our lives one day if this desire appears and it's impossible to resist its realisation!!!!

Dream about me,
feel my presence,


Other Comments:
This idiot sent me three letters and I found there details on this website, they even put my name in on every sentence, also they sound very convincing

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