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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Irina Ryabinina

Name: Irina Ryabinina


Volzhsk, it located on the Volga river, near Kazan city

Other Comments:
Name: Irina Ryabinina
Address: Volzhsk, it located on the Volga river, near Kazan city
Date of birth:

I was a bit suspicious when she said she did not speak English. Yet, some of the singers are obviously English-speaking. She never said she uses translation services despite my questions. And I checked. Well! What a surprise. A substantial portion of the content of these letters have been posted on this site (with the same name but with different pictures) and on another in other site - simply known as Irina (Cheboksary, Russia).



your letter today make me happy! Thank you so much that you are in my life, and you like to correspondence with me. My life start to get sense, I'm sorry for my doubt in your intentions, I felt that you are good person and I was right! I'm so glade that you are really interested in me. I really like your picture, you are very handsome man.

I like music very much. Most of all I like Madonna, Era, Enigma, Maraya Carey Enya, Beyonce, U2, Jusin Timberlake and different dance music and slowly music too. I like east motives, one of them the song that take first place last years on Europe contest. I like jazz, but this sort of music is good then you hear it in real life. It is not so nice then you hear it on the record. My parents are very hardworking people and they tried to give me all, but was some time when we had not money even for meal, but another time my parents gave me everything as I want. I was happy child, because I have never see anything bad between my parents.

I want to tell you my view on husband and wife. Most off all, as I think, in every relationship important understanding, love, caring... for me it is very important to see my man as partner for all life. I would like to be near with careful and kind person, whom I will present happiness and family heat, care and home comfort, love and tenderness. It is very difficult to allocate concrete qualities which for me are important, I perceive people as a whole, but it would be desirable to have understanding between us, this is main thing. I'm absolutely ok with inter-racial and inter-cultural relationship and marriage, this is nice when people find each other in different part of the world. I want to know you better and I have so many questions, I'm sure that you like to ask me a lot of things too, please, feel free yourself and ask me, I will reply to you. I live in the little town, named Volzhsk, with my old grandmother, my parents live in the village 70 km far from my town, and usually I visit them at weekend. I have cat. I like pets, they give fun. I have degree equivalent bachelor degree in your country, I studied 5 years in Economics University, but I don't want to make a career, for me at the first place is my family. I work as accountant for local firm, it produce paneled doors. My parents are very kind and supportive people, my father retired from military my mom retired from school, she was the teacher. They always support me and love me. When you will come here, you will like my parents a lot. I will be waiting your letter with impatience, I love to read them, this is so pleasant. I kiss you, Irina


Hello dear XXXXX,

I'm so glade to get letter from you again. Thanks a lot for the reply, you are really good person and for me is so pleasant that you would like to get to know me better. I like your picture, you are very handsome man. Sorry, may be my question for you will seems not too modest, but I would like to know what kind intentions do you have? What kind of relation are you looking in the Internet? This is because I'm looking for a man for creating family, and I think serious about this. I was married ones.

My marriage was very early, and 2 years ago we have got divorced. My ex-husband, as this often have place in Russia, is alcoholic, and after this experience I don't want to try again this a Russian man, I just had too many bad. I'm sure that you are not the same; I know that you are decent man, and just hope that you have serious intentions and not correspondence with me just for fun. I'm looking for a man for creating family, and I want to build happy family, where will be love and understanding, I will always support my future husband, care about him and I hope he will reply mutually to me. I'm tired to be lonely and I want to give my love, tenderness, warm and weasel kind and good man. Please, if this is just a game for you, let me know about this now, I will not be mad at you. I understand that some people spend time this way, and I just don't want to be wounded. I'm sorry if I offended you by my questions, I hope you are serious and I would like to continue our correspondence.

My full name is Irina Ryabinina (Ryabinina is my surname, family name). I work as bookeeper for local firm. I have Bachelor Degree. My town name is Volzhsk, it located on the Volga river, near Kazan city. I think you understand from my letter that my intentions are serious. It is some difficult to tell about all my hobbies, but I can tell you about my favorite things. I like swim, like sun and hot weather. I want to see ocean in the future. I like camping and nature. And I like cooking, clean and decorate my home, stay at home, I like lie in bath with spume on weekend. I may be as daisywheel, simple and kind, warm and gently.... I will be waiting your next letter, with my best wishes, Irina


Hello my dear XXXXX,

thanks a lot for the reply. I use Internet for dating first time, my girlfriend offered me this way, and I little distrust that this is really possible to find a second half here. But, I'm optimistic person by my character and always believe in success, so I would like to try this way also. I'm single lady and I live in Russia. Sorry, I little confused you, because at the site my location is the same as your country, the matter of fact is that this site not accept users from Russia, and all my attempts to place my profile with my true location Russia were failed, so I left in my profile another information for just join to this site. But, I didn't want to confuse somebody, I'm very sincere person and I just couldn't have another possibility to left my profile. I hope the distance between us is not too big for you. If this upsets you, please, let me know, I would understand you because we are really far from each other and not every person are ready for this kind of relationship. For me this distance is not important, I want to get to know you better, more so you seems to me very decent and clever person, and I hope you would write t o me again. With my best wishes, Irina

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