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This category lists scammers who pretend to be single men and scam women, usually out of money. The typical story is a wealthy businessman who got somehow stranded in Nigeria and needs your financial aid to be able to come back to his home country where he promises to marry you.


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Dating scammer Stan Decker

Name: Stan Decker


operated first from NC/USA, originally from Chicago
then from Ghana (as business trip),
then from UK

his used phone numbers:
001-7165246573 (from USA)
002332-76876884 (from Ghana)
0044-7031848083 and finally 0044-7031949402 (from UK)
interesting that, when I call right now this second UK phone, I am transferred to many phone lines (with many different ring tones) and finally I end up with an answering machine in SPANISH !!! lol

Other Comments:
posted age: 48 years
loneeducational widower of 6 years old boy (name: Kelvin, sometimes Kevin..?), his wife died view years ago due to cancer,
from dating site: (but deleted his profile after 2 weeks chatting with him, unfortunately I don't have the nick anymore)
self-employeed, business: import/export of used cars

A bit of his unbelievable story: handsome guy, widower, with a 6 years old boy want to get his happiness back in life, very nice person, loving, caring, like the dream of man you have looked for. Very good english language skills, no african slang at all !! even some mistakes in writing which made me suspicious already.
After get in touch with him by chat, e-mail, phone, I felt in love very soon. Then, beginning of this year, he had to go on a business trip to Ghana. After arrival the shit started already, all his luggage + computer was stolen at the airport (first time he asked for money to support him getting up his business there and I trusted him). Then he was observed from the police there and finally arrested; was treated bad in the arrest and had some health problems. Barrister called and asked for money to guarantee his release, possible within 48 hours only, which put me much under pressure to send again money. Finally it went nevertheless to the court, again costs to pay. AFter his release, the police still hidden all his belongings... Then he was infected by food-poisoning, medical treatments in hospital, he staid 2 weeks in hospital. After this, he asked for the money to finally finaciate his returnal ticket to UK to get back to his son and family there (he said he has an uncle in UK, living there with him now). He want to make me believe that he has huge money (around 2,5 Mill USD) on foreign bank accounts, cos he was able to finalize his business in Ghana. So he is and was always a rich person, but he can not access to his money now, esp. in Ghana. I should contact a bank manager, to shift the money to my account. He would trust me and it will be for our future... of course, I refused to do so, cos I knew that all this is wrong, something is wrong with the guy (thanks GOD).
Each time I send him money, it was always to do for his sake and our future, to build up a family. and it would be the last time, then he would be able to deal with his problems his own. He even played the very very sad game with me to tell me that he will kill hisself, when nobody is willing to help him out of this mess. He is real and only all the circumstances has screwed up his life now, just in that moment, where we get to know each other..... lol. Back to UK he tried to get a loan to UK and I should pay again a deposit to get this loan. Now this loan he told me is on his bank account in UK but frozen there cos he has to pay another fee + anti terror documents to be deliver.......
After all this shit, I lost the trust to him, I stoped with all financial support now, but... i lost a huge amount of money, beeing soo stupid to believe in him, in his words. I really fall on him, it was all so nice and trustworthy and probably that what I wanted to get in a man... a dream catcher.
But, unfortunately, at that time (early 2008) I was not at all aware of such scammer stories and methods to cheat on women. STep by step I get behind all this now also due to this very useful site here. I always considered a fraud in this guy, but on the other side it was so well organised, step by step, and I really thought it could be real as well. he organised it slowly, with much time to always convince me in between and get my trust back. But when I read all similar stories here, it's like confirmation of beeing a victim.
What made me so hard to believe, that neither his family, nor his business partner nor friends will be ready to help him out of his mess, it's always only me, he can count on.... his so called sister is not willing, nor his uncle where his son is living now with him, was not willing to help.... for me unbelievable and at that time I got suspecious.
But on the other side, this so called barrister called me a lot of time, this doc in Ghana too, and even his uncle and nephew I have spoken with. And they called me too a lot of times (so not only me I had to call), and I thought if they call me so often, it can not be a fraud... but I guess they are all unreal people. I don't trust anybody anymore.

Has anybody made his own, simlar, other 'experience's as well with this guy here ?? Each comment on this guy I highly appreciate.

To all other women out there reading this: pl.s do not sent this guy money, not even a single cent to this guy, even I am not sure that he is a scammer, but it looks damn like a SCAM !!!

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